Suggestions for 10 locations should go to Cat Ba

Suggestions for 10 locations should go to Cat Ba

Where should Cat Ba travel?

Cat Ba in recent years has become a tourist trend of young people. However, not everyone knows how to travel to Cat Ba and tourist destinations should go to Cat Ba. Today, Cattour will introduce you to interesting tourist destinations in Cat Ba to answer the question "Where should Cat Ba travel?"

I. Introduction about Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island consists of 367 islands, large and small, of which Cat Ba Island is located in the south of Ha Long Bay. Cat Ba is the largest of the 1969 islands on Ha Long Bay, a convergence of forests with the sea. Previously, Cat Ba belonged to Cat Ba district. It was not merged into Hai Phong city until 1956. Cat Ba archipelago tourist area today with lots of attractive destinations, let's find out.

Cat Ba is picturesque

II. Cat Ba tourism should go where?

1. Cat Co Beach

There are up to 3 famous Cat Co beaches on Cat Ba island which are Cat Co beach 1, 2, 3. All three beaches are only a few hundred meters away from the town center, which is a favorite point that any traveler Guests who come to Cat Ba are not to be missed. From the center of Cat Ba town, you can easily move to Cat Co beaches 1, 2, 3 by motorbike or tram. Three beaches are not too big but discreet, the sea is clear and warm. The beaches are connected by a small road along the mountain side. In all three beaches, Cat Co 1 beach is the most wide and beautiful, lying around the mountain, all year round waves, clear blue sea and fresh air are the places where many tourists choose to relax and bathe. Cat Co 2 beach is more peaceful and carries something mysterious. Cat Co 3 beach also has modern colors, many waves and quite deep suitable for good swimmers. At 18:30 every day, no one will swim here to ensure safety because the tide is very fast.

Cat Co beach 1 clear blue sea, waves all year round

Sailing in Cat Co 2

Cat Co 3
2. Monkey Island

Monkey beach, also known as Cat Dua beach, is a small island located 2km from Cat Ba town, a beautiful beach attracting tourists and is the first destination in the tour to explore Lan Ha bay. Previously Monkey Island was called Cat Dua Island because there were many wild pineapple trees on the island, but the fruit looked delicious but could not be eaten, the fishermen often come here to take soak for drinking water or dry to make medicine Healing. Currently this place is called Monkey Island because on the island there are 20 monkeys released, they are quite natural for tourists so this is also an attraction to tourists here. Monkey Island has a circumference of about 3 km, this is a mountain-shaped island with sandy beaches formed over millions of years of waves and wind bringing sand, rocks, corals, marine shells such as shells and shells. oysters, shrimp, crabs on the foot of the mountain form a sandbank stretching for kilometers. Here visitors can walk with the lovely monkeys or drink beer with it, you will feel like being immersed in nature, enjoying the fresh air and playing with the monkeys making the trip. Go more interesting.

On the island there is Cat Dua beach about 1km long, is the most beautiful beach in Lan Ha bay. Cat Dua Beach is located in a convenient location with long and gentle white sandy beach and is quite unspoiled so many tourists choose to come here to rest, visit and swim. Although the service on the island is not much, it has not served the high demand of tourists but this is also an ideal destination in the journey to discover Cat Ba.

Coming to Monkey Island, in addition to swimming, visitors can also experience climbing activities to take a panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of large and small islands growing on the clear blue sea with white sand beaches far away. eyesight.

Indeed, Monkey Island has become a bright spot of Cat Ba tourism with what nature offers, bungalows and tourist services will give you a vacation as expected.



3. Tung Thu beach

This is also a beautiful beach of Cat Ba but not really known by many people because it has just been used in the last few years. Surrounded by successive cliffs, Tung Thu beach in Cat Ba Amatina project is completed and put into operation officially. This is also one of the first beaches planned and built with modern and quality services in Cat Ba with outdoor stages, world-class resorts and resorts.

Besides, here the blue sea and the waves are quieter than the other beaches, the golden sand stretches, the cool breeze from the sea blows in with the coconut trees connecting each other to the beach will hold any leg Which guests come to Cat Ba. Sitting on the boat, dropping your soul into the sea, playing with the clear blue water or enjoying the dishes of the Northern region will bring you a more interesting journey.

4. Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is extremely diverse in ecology, including marine ecosystems, terrestrial forest ecosystems and each mangrove ecosystem. The national forest is located about 30 nautical miles east of the town, about 60km from the center of Hai Phong city. The national park has a total area of ​​26,240 hectares including islands and seas, converging many different ecosystems. Plant composition here is about 741 different species, many kinds of precious timber trees such as mussels, chestnut flowers, slices of flowers, limbs, treat, kim giao, white type, 23 species of mangrove plants, seaweed 75 species and phytoplankton 199 species. In particular, in Cat Ba National Park, there are 60 rare and precious animal species included in the Vietnam Red Book.

Coming to Cat Ba National Park, you seem to be able to escape from daily life with anxiety, busy roads, smoke ... to mingle with nature, mountains, plants, scents of wild flowers. , listen to the sound of birds chirping, the sound of flowing streams ... Don't be surprised if on the way you see mischievous monkeys that may be rare species left only here.


5. Fortress Fortress

Shen Gong Fortress is a historical testament to our people's resistance. In addition to the two cannon cannons is an extremely complex observation system and trench. Built on the top of the mountain, the buildings are still nearly intact despite experiencing war and time. Here, you will be surprised with the military architecture from the old resistance with large cannons and an observation system like an observatory between the sky. The Fortress of the Citadel is a historical site located at the top of a 177m-high hill, consisting of a large-scale naval cannon and a fortified tunnel and trench system built in the 40s of the 20th century.

A very interesting thing when you visit this tourist destination is to enjoy coffee in an airy, cool space. There are few places where people are so close to nature, giving us a sense of generosity when standing here.

From the fortress fortress, you will have the opportunity to see the sights of Cat Ba archipelago from many angles. At this altitude, Cat Ba Bay also appears extremely lively and crowded with hundreds of fishing boats anchoring and floating houses on the sea.



6. Viet Hai fishing village

Viet Hai fishing village is nestled in the middle of the sea, surrounded by Cat Ba National Park and towering mountains. Previously, Viet Hai village was almost separate from the outside world, remote, wild mountain forests and unspoiled natural landscape as a picture of ancient Vietnamese life. The Viet Hai villagers still retain the original "original" lifestyle. In Viet Hai village in Cat Ba island, you will have the opportunity to encounter a peaceful but happy life, charming scenery of a northern village. Here, the whole commune only has more than a dozen motorbikes to run on newly poured concrete roads. Located isolated from the vibrant world in Cat Ba town, Viet Hai fishing village is like a peaceful oasis. It is worth noting that very few domestic tourists come here, but attract many foreign tourists. Here life is simple and quiet, you can even leave a motorbike overnight just off the street and not worry about losing it. And the evils here are almost immune, because there is not any evil.

Located in the middle of primitive limestone ranges, the Viet Hai villagers are also quite sensitive when they embark on tourism, they also send people to big cities like Hanoi and Saigon to learn how to apply tourism. for the village. A few simple motels, some restaurants serving tourists are also being completed and put into use. Foreign tourists come here and visit around the village will rest at the restaurant and be served by the people from home-grown dishes, made from diligent hands of the villagers. Perhaps so, Viet Hai village has become a community ecotourism destination attracting many domestic and foreign tourists.

7. Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located in the eastern area of ​​Cat Ba Island, overlooking the Van gate and adjacent to Ha Long Bay. Lan Ha Bay is surrounded by more than 400 small islands that create an extremely poetic setting. The density of rocky mountains here is also quite thick, surrounded by caves with extremely stalactite stalactites. Unlike Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has 139 small and extremely lovely golden sandbanks like the "green straits" that invite tourists to explore. There are many sandy beaches stretching between 2 rocky mountains, which is really a dreaming beach. Under the clear blue sea are colorful coral reefs such as Van Boi and Van Ha beaches ... Quiet waters such as Monkey Island, Sen Island ... are places where visitors can snorkel and watch coral.

Located adjacent to Ha Long Bay, the islands of Lan Ha Bay carry their own colors. The islands here, big or small, are covered by green trees or vegetation. Nature here is extremely peaceful. If you intend to take a boat to explore the whole bay, it will take a few days, but with no long time, you can ask boat owners to choose their destinations for the most reasonable schedule. Specialties in Lan Ha Bay are green mussels, comedy, cobia, crabs and crabs. There are many fish raft houses on the bay to serve as a place to visit and to provide fresh seafood sources according to the culinary needs of tourists. daily guests.


8. Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village is truly a unique masterpiece of fishermen. Cua Van fishing village belongs to one of the 16 most beautiful fishing village in the world, keeping its original and romantic features. In Cua Van floating village, there are more than 200 households living, the households only build rafts along the edge of the stone islands to stay. The daily life of the fishing village residents takes place very excitingly with the typical verses and verses of Ha Long Bay area. There are no loud car horns, only the sound of each other calling, asking each other, the sound of a knock on the boat chasing the fish after the mountain returns. Cua Van fishing village originated from Giang Vo fishing village and Truc Vong fishing village along with large and small islands that have become a part of Ha Long Bay now. Going to Cua Van Floating Cultural Center, you will see and learn hundreds of archeological artifacts, including the tools and means of catching seafood of the ancient Vietnamese, many images and films. materials, publications on folklore, the lives of fishing village residents living on Ha Long Bay in the past and now ...

Guests will be easily attracted by the beauty of the boats, bamboo poles parked in front of the house, small rafters are tied to each other to fight thunderstorms, honest fishermen but extremely hospitable, but the sunburnt child but the smile was innocent and innocent ...

Coming to Cua Van fishing village, tourists can not only see the natural scenery, but also enjoy sailing around the village, discovering the cultural life of the people here when night falls. Following the village of fishing villages, under the moonlight, visitors can spread nets to catch squid fishing, bringing them to their own taste. More specifically, on festivals or weddings, you will hear teasing songs, rowing songs ... All will create unforgettable experiences for each person.


9. Quan Y Cave

Quan Y Cave in Cat Hai District, located on Cat Ba Island, is a tourist destination you should visit if you have the opportunity to visit this island district. You will be extremely surprised because of the magnificent scale of a field hospital in the mountains. The entrance of the cave is still in the same manner as the previous day with a wooden staircase that can be destroyed when an enemy is alerted. You will be taken to the cave for VND 15,000 / person by the local "guide". Quan Y Cave is also a historical place - a place of refuge and treatment for soldiers during the American War. The area of ​​a hospital within a large square 2000 m2 with a capacity of more than 100 people, is full of functional rooms equipped with modern equipment compared to that time. In the hospital there is a tunnel system. traveling, electricity, ventilation, directing the perfect light from the entrance to the back door. The hospital was built with a door to the east and a door to the west. In the middle of the cave there are 3 separate floors with 17 large and small rooms and a swimming pool. In the past, to enter the cave entrance, one had to go through a small hidden path in the old forest along the mountain and climb a wooden staircase. The door to the hospital corridor is made of solid, curved and rough steel with anti-bomb function. In particular, there are many very narrow places on the first floor and the second floor. At the end of the tunnel are two large iron doors against the enemy's raid and raid. This is also the door to the back of the mountain of the cave, which is assembled in large stalactites. Quan Y Cave is not only the pride of Vietnam military and medical industry but also a destination to attract domestic and foreign tourists.


10. Green Valley

The type of camping tourism in Cat Ba is favored by many young people, and Green Valley Camp is the most attractive campsite with reasonable price. The space here is airy and cool, almost separate from the outside world, so you can wish to temporarily escape the noisy life out there. The entire campsite is like a valley of Mongols decorated with vintage style and fresh air, surrounded by rows of green trees to make you feel like living a nomadic life in the middle of green. Camping, burning, BBQ party in the evening with relatives and friends in this poetic natural setting will surely be interesting colors in your trip.


Please book Cat Ba tour with to have many fascinating experiences from the sea, forests, historic revolutionary areas to private spaces between beautiful nature. Because of the beauty of Cat Ba as the most beautiful jewel of the Gulf of Tonkin, please come to Cat Ba at least once in your life!