Chung cake Vietnam is a traditional dish of the Vietnamese family

Chung cake Vietnam is a traditional dish of the Vietnamese family

Chung cake Vietnam is an indispensable dish on Tet holidays for Vietnamese family. This is a cake with a long history in Vietnamese traditional cuisine that has been legendary.

Surely, everyone knows how to pack and cook banh Chung, sitting soup and Chung cake on a fire stove, which has become a custom and a culture of Vietnamese families every Tet to spring. Therefore, this can be considered as an indispensable room for Vietnamese families during Tet holidays. Let's learn more about how to make Chung cake Vietnam and its meaning or history.

The Chung cake is meticulously wrapped

The Chung cake is meticulously wrapped

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How to make Chung cake Easy?

Ingredients for making banh Chung

To make a Chung cake VietNam, the first important thing is to prepare the ingredients. Ingredients for making Chung cake are also easy to find but you need to choose really fresh ingredients.

First you need to choose leaves to pack. The leaves are usually fresh dong leaves or banana leaves but mostly they choose dong leaves to wrap.

The main indispensable raw material is glutinous rice, which is selected for large round and round grains, so the newly harvested sticky rice should be selected for wrapping banh chung.

Lat tie is also essential for wrapping cakes, crackers can be soaked with salt water or steamed soft before wrapping cake.

To make Chung cake become more fragrant and delicious, you can choose to add more that is choose green beans and pork.

Also you need to prepare some other spices to be added to the banh chung.

Steps to process ingredients for making banh chung

Preparing dong leaves, you need to wash each leaf cleanly on both sides and wipe it dry, washing will help the cake look more delicious and fragrant, also for longer. Before wrapping, do not forget to cut off the stem along the back of the leaf to make it less hard, drain and should be steamed to make it softer and easier to pack.

About sticky rice, it is necessary to prepare a little bit of kyc, pick up and remove all moldy rice grains, gravel, then wash, soak rice in water with salt for about 10-12 hours depending on the type. Rice and depending on the weather, then take out and drain.

Grind, soak warm water in green beans for about 1 hour to soften and hatch, remove all outer shells and remove them. Boil mung beans into cooked pieces, then take out chopsticks, beat it thoroughly, and then divide into individual balls when wrapping the cakes for each year. There are also some places that have pork in the middle of the beans.

Pork washed and drained, cut meat into medium sized pieces that are not too large or too small and then marinate with thinly chopped shallots, pepper salt or monosodium glutamate for about 1 hour for the meat to infuse.

It is indispensable for Chung cake in Tet holiday of Vietnamese people

It is indispensable for Chung cake in Tet holiday of Vietnamese people

Phase into the Chung cake package

Banh Chung cake in Viet Nam is meticulously and meticulously wrapped by an adult to get a nice and suitable cake. There are 3 stages to get a complete piece of cake: press the cake and store it.

The first is the cake wrapping stage, when adults usually wrap cake to put two leaves on the road, lie the length of the leaves on each other, pay attention to turn the top of the leaves out to the outside and the less blue side into. put a leaf down first and then spread like the first turn but perpendicular to the first turn and i have to do the opposite, turning the leaf upside down, the less green side, facing down.

Next, glutinous rice you need to do as follows scoop 1 filled bowl into the center of the cross-shaped cross to create a square that suits your desired size.

Next, you grab the green beans prepared from the pistachio and put them in the middle of the rice. Then take 1, 2 pieces of pork, finely sliced, spread evenly in the middle of the cake and place on the green bean paste.

Attractive Chung cake during meals

Attractive Chung cake during meals

Take another handful of green beans and squeeze gently to cover them all over the meat

After filling, add 1 cup of glutinous rice to the top and cover it evenly, covering all meat and beans

Finally, when the rice and the kernel was filled in, fold the 2 upper layers of copper foil, folding and tapping to create a square shape.

Continue to fold at the same time the two lower layers of leaf into the upper layer, both folded and compacted.

Finally, use flat ties to form a cross. That's it, the cake wrapping phase is completed and the next stage continues.

When the package is finished, you bring it to boil, after boiling it is necessary to remove the bread to drain, press the cake and store in a cool, dry place.

Chung cake Vietnam is not only a pure cake but its taste is also very delicious. Chung cake Vietnam is definitely an indispensable thing for Tet so if you do not know how to pack Chung cake Vietnam, you can refer to but the information is shared on. Hope it will help you to have delicious cakes.