Hung king temple festival places to honor Hung kings

Hung king temple festival places to honor Hung kings

Hung king temple festival is one of the major festivals taking place every year to commemorate the Hung Kings. Each year, Hung King temple festival takes place to attract a large number of Vietnamese people to the festival to express their gratitude.

This is one of the important festivals that everyone should know about. So to know where the Hung King temple festival takes place and when, what it means, let's find out through the information shared below. Also, you will gain more knowledge about the history of Vietnam through some of the following information.

King Hung Temple festival with many unique beauty

King Hung Temple festival with many unique beauty

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Where is the Hung King temple festival?

Not everyone can know where and when the Hung Temple Festival is held. But do not be too worried because the following information will help you gain more knowledge about the venue and time of the Hung King temple festival.

King Hung Temple, also known as Hung Vuong's death anniversary, is the day when descendants express their gratitude to the Hung Kings who have contributed to building and defending the country so that our country can have it today. Temple of the Hung King took place at that time on the tenth day of the third day of the third lunar month. On this day is also a public holiday for all students as well as government officials so that everyone can attend the Hung King Temple Festival.

Every year the hero temple festival is held in the hero temple of Phu Tho province, this is the place where people come to the most crowded, but there are still some other places also held but the scale is not large and not attractive. participants like in Phu Tho.

It is the time and venue for the heroic temple ceremony that you should pay attention to to get a trip for yourself.

Every year, a lot of people flock to Phu Tho

Every year, a lot of people flock to Phu Tho

King Hung Temple Festival happen like?

You may not know that the Hung Temple Festival is divided into 2 parts: the ceremony and the festival. Partially attracted a lot of people to expect but perhaps the part is the part that people are most interested in because there are many interesting games in the section.

First place will be the ceremony. The ceremony was the delegation of solemn incense offering rituals at Hung Phu Tho temple. The ceremony must take place in a solemn and proper manner. After completing the ritual, tourists can go to Hung temple to burn incense and worship ancestral Buddha and Hung kings.

The one that everyone expected most was the guild part. The Assembly is held around the Hung temple area. The atmosphere of the festival will be extremely bustling and jubilant because there are so many games full of Vietnamese folk and culture that the organizers have arranged very carefully.

Some experience when participating in the Hung King Temple Festival

Coming to Phu Tho, you should visit many other places to get more feel. Hung temple relics area is an architectural complex including Thuong temple, Trung temple, Ha temple and Hung king's tomb. So when coming to Hung temple you can also go sightseeing around those locations. Especially you should not ignore that is visiting the Hung king Museum next to the big old tree.

In addition, when traveling to Hung Phu Tho temple festival, you can visit the beautiful scenery of nature here such as Fairy stream, Ao Gioi. In addition, when you come here, you can also participate in some other festivals that are also taking place, or you should also immerse yourself in the folk songs here. These activities are quite meaningful and fun.

The travel may also be a problem so you need to prepare some personal belongings. You need to bring sunbathing equipment such as sunscreen, hat if coming in the dry season and rain gear if coming in the rainy season. An umbrella is a good idea for all weather but also quite compact.

Besides, when you come here, you should also bring mosquito repellent, medicine for common diseases, insect repellent if accidentally burned by these animals.

King Hung Temple Festival takes place in a crowded way

King Hung Temple Festival takes place in a crowded way

Also if you intend to camp over the day you need to bring tent, jacket and necessary food.

The festival of Hung Kings Temple is a place for children to express their gratitude to the kings, so to remember your history, you should come here to show your heart. Coming to hung king temple you will also be visiting to experience many interesting things and have more knowledge. Hopefully, with the information shared on hung king temple above can help you have more knowledge and information about the heroic temple festival and prepare yourself for a trip.