15 charming cafes in Da Lat for photographaholics

15 charming cafes in Da Lat for photographaholics

Looking for a café with fantastic views in Da Lat for check-in photos and to make an album about Da Lat? Followed are a list of stunning Da Lat cafés gonexp.com recommend for you, check it out now!

Top beautiful cafés in Da Lat

To select out 5 or even 10 beautiful Da Lat café is extremely difficult. Most cafés in Da Lat are paying their full attention to their interior decoration and front view, all trying to make them look so chill-out and charming for such attractive check-in photos.

1. Bui Van Ngo Coffee

  • Address: 31, April 3th Street, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

If you are looking for a Da Lat cafe where you can enjoy the whole atmosphere of the city, Bui Van Ngo Coffee is a perfect choice. Located on the poetic Robin Hill, this is a romantic place for such couples and those who look for quietness and peace.

Watching the lush pine forest

Watching the lush pine forest

The view is beautiful, with one side looking out to Prenn Pass, and the other overlooking those densely green pine hills. There, tranquillity is in the air. Its luxurious interiors are also of much attractiveness, with simpleness comes delicacy.

Bui Van Ngo Coffee

Bui Van Ngo Coffee

Drinks there are held in high regard, the menu is diverse with several unique drinks and wonderful Di Linh coffee. Specially, cakes and food there are 100% homemade, delicious and one-of-a-kind.

Cakes served there are very delicious

Cakes served there are very delicious

2. A Little Hoi An Coffee

  • Address: 23, Thu Khoa Huan Street, 1 Ward, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

If you are looking for a Da Lat café with deep sensitivity, this is the place you need. The name A Little Hoi An itself has somewhat described this café’s style, a miniaturized Hoi An in the heart of Da Lat.

A quiet place to stay away from the city hubbub

A quiet place to stay away from the city hubbub

The café possesses such cozy and ancient atmosphere of Hoi An Ancient Town, try to visit it once and you will have a HoiAn-travel-like album full of exquisite photographs.

A Little Hoi An Coffee is famous for its specialty that possibly first appears in Da Lat: the combo of detox tea and chouchou Hoi An.

Have some tea and biscuits

Have some tea and biscuits

Detox tea will be served with baked coconut cakes and Chouchou Hoi An Beans, which you surely have not heard about anywhere else before.

The beans are processed with secret recipes, having over 10 different flavours such as cheese, seaweed, garlic chilli, cafe, black sesame, white sesame, coconut, caramel, tamarind, passion fruit, durian, etc.

A side-road café

A side-road café

From antique furniture, little cutie stone lotus pots to transparent glass teapots, colourful candles and Hoi An ancient ceramic teacups, all are greatly cared to satisfy the check-in photographing need of customers.

A Little Hoi An Café

A Little Hoi An Café

If you are a faithful fan of “deep chill” style, A Little Hoi An is an excellent choice.

3. Cafe Me Linh Da Lat

  • Address: Located on 725 Provincial Highway, pass Ta Nung Pass, which is among the most poetic roads of Lam Dong Province.

Me Linh Garden Coffee earns its fame as the most stunning mountain-viewed café in Da Lat. Its speciality is very well-known and expensive mink coffee.

Cafe Me Linh Da Lat

Cafe Me Linh Da Lat

Coming to Me Linh Garden Coffee, you will definitely be captivated by its scenery. “360-degree view” is the right word to describe the view there, where you can sit still, watching the valley from afar, interweaving with pine rows that whisper to the wind.

Gazing into further space you will see the rolling hills, and as the vision extends, the landscape stretches out too, seemingly endless.

Watching the producing process of mink coffee

Bored with sightseeing, you can go down to visit the garden and watch how mink coffee is produced. Walking over the other sidewalk you would see such a vast field of yellow cauliflower, sunflower, etc. to photograph to your heart’s extent.

This is regarded as one of the most beautifully viewed cafés in the suburb of Da Lat City, also one of the top stunning cafés in Da Lat.

Photographing to your heart’s extent

Photographing to your heart’s extent

Review Cafe Me Linh Da Lat

Review Cafe Me Linh Da Lat

4. Acoustic Café Memory – Trinh Music Café in Da Lat

  • Address: 24/7 Hung Vuong, 10 District, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Da Lat Memory Café has long captivated tourists from four world corners with its own original charms. As the name suggests, Memory Café has been retaining the most concealed essence of Da Lat; from the magnificent view of thousand pine trees to ancient wooden villas and black and white photographs recalling the old Da Lat, all of them evoke in the heart of every visitor a sense of pure nostalgia.

Acoustic Café Memory

Acoustic Café Memory

What impresses most is the acoustic tea room. Coming there, you will have the chance to unwind in a soundproof room, listening to such nostalgic Trinh love songs while having some tea and cakes, and letting your soul float among the serene rhythms of life in this highland city.

Main meals are served there as well. Specially, tho da noodle of Memory Café is highly praised by the public. Besides, diners also have various other choices such as sturgeon hotpot, strawberry salad with wine sauce, artichoke bone broth ... with extremely reasonable prices. A meal like in the below picture is only 200,000vnd for 3 people to have full stomachs.

 A café full of greenery

A café full of greenery

5. Horizon Coffee

Horizon Da Lat Cafe

Horizon Da Lat Cafe

 appears in the middle of this poetic woods like a paradise, having long been known as an excellent location for excellent check-in photographs.

Horizon Coffee overlooks such misty distanced mountains that are filled with immense rows of pine trees, the very famous plant in Da Lat.

Further in the field of vision is the poetic dreamlike beauty of the horizon, with cable cars of Pren Pass also of high visibility from the café.

6. F Café, Da Lat Flower Field

  • Address: F Café Flower Field, Refuge Road 1, Mimosa Pass, District 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.
  • Reference fairs: Adults: 30,000vnd/person; Children: 20,000vnd/person, little kids are ticket-free.

F- Coffee Da Lat

F- Coffee Da Lat

The number 1 location in Da Lat for coffee drinking and flower watching

A brand new and extremely fascinating check-in destination in Da Lat. F Café is truly a wonderful location for those who love photographing and lavender fields of Da Lat.

Come and savour the romantic taste of the true thousand-flower city. An ideal destination for those couples who know how to relish every most beautiful moment.

Photographers had better watch out, or else their cameras might get too “stuffed”

There are an awful lot of beautiful corners for you to take photographs to your heart’s extent. An ideal photo-hunting place. Below are photos uploaded on social networking sites we’ve been collecting so far:

Da Lat Cafés with the best night view

In the chill weather of the city of fog at night, you can choose for yourself aside corner in a little café, watching people passing by while having a warm cup of tea.

Or opt for a side-hill café, sipping hot coffee while watching Da Lat City sinking in a fog ocean, blurring under the streetlamps.

1. Tien Dung Café

  • Address: 9C Khoi Nghia Bac Son, District 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

What most fascinating and unique of Tien Dung Café is the stilt house entirely made of the very precious clove wood.

With all his delication and affection for Northern stilt house and its rusticity, the café owner has overcome such hardships and made enormous efforts to move an entire wooden house from Thanh Hoa to Da Lat.

Tien Dung Cafe

Tien Dung Cafe

View of pine tree valley inside the city, next to Palace II

Café Tien Dung lies on a pine hill, at the height of 1,540 meters. There you can go natural sightseeing, watching the majestic lush forests and mountains, listening to the birds singing on the ancient pine canopies.

The place retaining pure “Dalatism” beauty

When Da Lat is becoming urbanized with skyscrapers and greenery is being reduced, this place has still retained the refreshing, breezy climate of Da Lat.

A unique, one-of-a-kind music style & fantastic drinks

Visiting there, tourists can immerse themselves in not only its very unique coffee space but also its featuring music with such renowned love songs such as: Oh Mon Amour – Christophe, Solenzara – Enrico Macias, etc. Specially, there are piano performances from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. Café Panorama Da Lat

  • Address: 723 Trai Mat, District 11, Da Lat City (right on the left of 723 Trai Mat Ring).

Café Panorama Da Lat

Café Panorama Da Lat

A twinkling destination

“The floating café” is the right phrase to best describe this café. Coming to Panorama Coffee, you will see with your own eyes the one-of-a-kind light paradise in Da Dat, beautifully sparkling in daylight and charmingly romantic at night.

The use of the word "floating" can be put down to the fact that Panorama possesses such a high view that overlooks three-quarters of Da Lat City. With a view that remains extremely captivating from dusk til dawn, this is a place not to be missed when coming to Da Lat.

A light kingdom, view of Trai Mat

Its interior is unique, drinks are diverse, with average prices ranging between 20,000vnd and 40,000vnd. Come to experience the vastness of Da Lat open space, and to feast your eyes on "the light kingdom" and such splendid cage houses when the night falls.

3. Da Lat Night Coffee

  • Address: 04, Dong Da Street, District 3, Da Lat City.

Da Lat Night Coffee

Da Lat Night Coffee

Where to go to to get a full view of the mountain city night?

The answer is going straightly to Dalat Night Coffee. The cafe with best night view is there, also the second most beautiful cafe in Da Lat.

Suddenly one misses Da Lat so much, misses those weekend afternoons when curling up at the favourite café corner and watching the little city sink into the night. As the night grows longer, lightlamps under the valley grow brighter, creating such a poetic, alluring space. One sits quietly, letting their soul float in such beautiful melodies, embracing the whole city of fog into arms so that when being parted all left is reminiscence and rememberance.

This is a night icon of Da Lat

The café is right on the pass top, quite secluded from the city center. However, this is a golden location that provides a full view of Da Lat City. During daytime it is not so crowded, only a few frequenters. As the night falls deeper, the café gets more packed. A full-blown night café.

Drinks there are quite similar to those of other cafés, with little uniqueness. The interior decoration brings a sense of coziness, sometimes there are people playing the piano.

With modern interior space and a full high view of the dreamlike city at night, Da Lat Night Coffee deserves to be among the top beautiful Da Lat cafés.

4. An Café

  • Address: 63B, February 3rd Street, District 1, Da Lat City.

An Coffee Dalat

An Coffee Dalat

An attractive café in Da Lat, suitable for get-togethers

Wanna go for a coffee cup, take check-in photographs but get tired of distant places, just want to wander in the downtown, go shopping and snacking at Da Lat Market after coffee time? Go checking in An Café right away.

Its interior space is enough for a million-like photo album. A café on the slope, surrounded by 5 cherry apricot trees, chances to sit on wooden swings, cabbages "growing" on tables for eating, etc. are some fascinating stuff not to be missed if you pay a visit there.

Other well-known cafés

1. La Viet Coffee

  • Address: 200 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, District 8, Da Lat City.

La Viet Coffee

La Viet Coffee

You wanna savour the original Da Lat coffee?

To picky diners, what makes them stop by for a cup of coffee is not the interior space or the attractive view, but whether the coffee is pure and delicious. If you are that picky type, come to La Viet Coffee to savour the true original coffee of Da Lat without regret. No need for fancy decoration, just pure delicious, addict-type coffee is charming enough.

A fascinating coffee processing factory

Being not only a beautiful Da Lat café, but also La Viet Coffee can be seen as a rare example of "factory" cafe model. Its interior space is quite unique, appealing enough for such attractive check-in photographs. The very first impression when you set foot in there is the strong aroma of roasted coffee, which will surely so charm you that you cannot help ordering a hot, aromatic cup of coffee for savouring right away.

Visiting La Viet Coffee, you will not only drink coffee, but also savour coffee at its purest and most original taste. You can register for sightseeing tours and learn to process this special coffee type by yourself. It would be lovely to process coffee with your own hands and savour your results later on. Besides, La Viet also acts as a fresh coffee distributor (mainly Arabica), so you can select and buy some as gifts for family members and friends.

2. Up Café

  • Address: 06 Trieu Viet Vuong, District 4, Da Lat Province.

UP Caffe Dalat

Up Café is a charming vintage Da Lat café that draws much attention from youngsters, a place not to be missed for check-in photographing with ideal space to view the whole Da Lat at night. No-dead-angle view, airy space, the combination of vintage and modern style are some certain attracting highlights of Up Coffee.

A charming Da Lat café with a charming view of LangBiang

The café design is exquisite and highly creative. Most furniture items are dark brown wooden, with a little elegant flower vase on each table. Up Coffee is the right choice for those who fall for airy, quiet and personal space corners.

Coming to Up Coffee you will experience a brand new space and a novel view overlooking the whole city. Casting your eyes over the outer, you would see the downtown from above and also LangBiang Mountain Range, as well as all the highest points of Da Lat such as Hon Bo Mountain, presidential palace, 1,2,3 Palace, Robin Hill, post office tower, chicken church, Palace Hotel, pedagogic College, windy hill, seminary hill, etc.

The menu is extremely diverse with various drinks and food dishes. There serves everything from the best traditional coffee to ice blended, soda, etc.

3. Sunshine Coffee Da Lat

  • Address: 09 Tran Hung Dao, District 10, Da Lat City.

Sunshine Coffee Da Lat

Sunshine Coffee Da Lat

Getting bored with such cramped, narrow interior space of those area-lacking cafés, you want to stay comfortable with outdoor greenery, but at the same time want some private personal indoor photos. Having to visit 2 cafes for a wanted photo album? No need, as Sunshine Coffee will surely meet your "greedy" demand.

An adorable Da Lat café

Its space is quite spacious, airy and cutely decorated. While the interior goes for the romantic style, with "dreamy, faithful" purple as the dominant colour tone, peach blossoms and pianos, the exterior is much cooler, with numerous reused tyres, door frames, glass bottles and oil lamps as decorative objects. Beside attractive decoration, Sunshine Coffee Da Lat also offers such an impressive view of Da Lat City.

4. Café Da Lat View – Sky Gate recalling "Lac Troi – Son Tung MTP”

  • Address: 49 Khe Sanh, District 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

 Café Da Lat View

Café Da Lat View

Avid fans of Son Tung definitely should not miss this destination

Café Da Lat View is truly a place for true fans of Son Tung MTP. With such a blurry foggy landscape, a full view of dreamlike Da Lat and Oustanding Sky Gate that has drawn millions of views in La Troi MV, surely this is a novel check-in destination not to be missed among youngsters.

Check out those photographs taken at Café Da Lat View that have caused such fevers on social networking sites

QuySG with his once-in-a-lifetime photo album has brought instant fame to Café Da Lat View. This is becoming the get-together place for lots of Sky (Son Tung's fandom) youngsters.

Above is top 12 charming cafés in Da Lat. Have you choose for yourself which café to go?

Going on vacation, besides hanging out and eating, coffee savouring, city sightseeing from different angles of different cafés are a must to add flavours to your trips, aren't they?

And for the ending, Gonexp.com wishes all of you guys such pleasing vacations, with wonderful moments spent beside your beloved in Da Lat!