Going to Brilliant top bar when travelling to Da Nang

Going to Brilliant top bar when travelling to Da Nang

Brilliant top bar – Brilliant hotel will be the best choice for you in your vacation. In this post, we will recommand you with tips for your vacation in one of the most interesting bars that must go in Da Nang city.

Are you finding a destination to have good meals with views that can see all of Da Nang city by day or night? And you want to relax in one of the most well-known hotels in Da Nang city?

Brilliant top bar – 17th floor of Brilliant hotel

Brilliant top bar – 17th floor of Brilliant hotel

The brilliant top bar in Da Nang

Brilliant Top Bar is located on the rooftop – 17th floor of the Brilliant hotel on the most beautiful street in the city. It lied in the city center, about 4 km from Da Nang airport, about 2 km from Da Nang railway station, 34 km from Hoi An ancient town.

With an architecture designed luxuriously but simply and gently and warmly, this is a great place to relax and see the views of the city.

  • Address: Brilliant hotel, 162 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang city.
  • Time opening: 18:30 – 22:00

Views of Brilliant top bar to the Dragon brige by night

Views of Brilliant top bar to the Dragon bridge by night

How to arrive at the Brilliant top bar

A popular means of transportation to Brilliant hotel is a taxi. There are 3 brands of the taxi that you can use such as Vinasun, Mai Linh and Tien Sa. Taxi prices to the hotel depending on the distance you go and seasonal price.

Besides, travelers can catch Grab or use the motorbike rented from Da Nang airport. When renting a car, you should prepare your ID card to complete the paper and remember to check the quality of the car. The fee for renting is about VND 5-10$/ pack depending on the kind of cars.

What to do in Brilliant top bar

The menu consists of the special dishes and premium drinks made exclusively by Brilliant top bar that you can not find anywhere. The brilliant top bar is the place for Brilliant hotel activities such as live music, party.... on all days of the week.


The brilliant top bar serves guests from champagnes to mocktails, coffee or beers...All of the drinks is decorated and mixed uniquely with fresh fruits by professional bartenders, baristas,...


In addition to serving drinks, Brilliant top bar also serves main courses with excellent quality of the restaurant – the recipes are judged by diners for the quality and attitude of staff in restaurant. Moreover, another specialty for Brilliant top bar is the thoughtful and professional service staff, this is the most important which all managers of the restaurant. The best sellers of Brilliant top bar are kinds of steak. Steak is a recipe that must try when going to Brilliant top bar.

We have to list such as Fuji steak, short ribs, sauteed beef cubes, beef carpaccio, top blade or rib eyes,... most of them exported from the US.

Moreover, Brilliant top bar also provides diners with Vietnamese cuisines ( crispy chicken ball, seafood spring rolls, grilled seabass, grilled chicken,... and dishes from oysters ( sashimi, grilled... ).

Meeting up with friends, relatives

Because of being 17th floor of Brilliant hotel, it’s enough high for you to see all views of Da Nang city, and Brilliant top bar will be the ideal place for you to have anniversary day, birthday party, a romantic dating with your lovers or together see the fireworks in New Year’s Eve...with your relatives. Aside from that, you can have chances to save the most beautiful pictures with your relatives in this bar.

Outside or inside space of Brilliant top bar is also suitable for parties or dating

Outside or inside space of Brilliant top bar is also suitable for parties or dating

Tips while being in Brilliant top bar Da Nang

  • Do not forget to take a tip for waiters/ waitress, it expresses your politeness and hospitality that staffs bring in Brilliant top bar.
  • The bar is often very crowded, waiters are waiting. Therefore, you should decide to order quickly so they do not spend too much time waiting for you and can serve more customers.
  • Do not complain about the price of drinks to the waiters. The brilliant top bar has a reason to price drinks much higher than regular bars. It could be a space, music or entertainment programs from time to time.
  • Do not listen to the phone in the bar. You can check your mail, facebook, Instagram, taking photos,... but do not listen to the phone in a noisy place as Brilliant top bar. If you have an immediate job, find a restroom and pick up the phone.
  • It is extremely important to bring your identity card and ID card. The brilliant top bar requires you to prove that you are over the age of 18 for you to enter.
  • You should wear suitable clothes to make yourself comfortable. Avoid wearing short clothes, short skirt...it’s opportunity for bad guys to do.