Da Nang Cathedral  - one of the most attractive destinations

Da Nang Cathedral  - one of the most attractive destinations

In this article, i’m going to give you with many infomation to have a true experience and widen your knowledge about Da Nang Cathedral.

Nature gives Da Nang with many beautiful sights not only blue seasides, white sands but also the ancient constructions  which is attached with such a long history of Da Nang city. Are you  travelling round and round in Da Nang but you can’t still look for any  outstanding destination? Da Nang Cethedral will be the best choice for you to check in when you have a tour to Da Nang city. In this article, i’m going to give you with many infomation to have a true experience and widen your knowledge about DaNang Cathedral.

Da Nang Cathedral

Introduction about Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral (Sacred Heart Church of Jesus, also known as Chicken Church) is the cathedral of Da Nang for Christian in central area of Vietnam, located at 156 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau 1 ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city. This is the only church built in the French colonial period in XX century. This church was started in early days of February, 1923. It’s on the bare land of Rue du Musée (now Tran Phu Street) designed by Father Vallet and the owner. Da Nang Cathedral is also one of the constructions built in a very short time. Until March 10, 1924, they dedicated and inaugurated.

Achitecture of Danang Cathedral

The church has Gothic style architecture with high lines and domed canopy doors. Inside the church, there are pictures and statues described the events of the Bible in a motif of Western churches. On the top of the church, in the position of the lightning pillar, there is a grey chicken made of alloy used to determine the direction of the wind. So this church is also known as Chicken Church.

What do you do in Da Nang Cathedral?

Participating in ceremories in Cathedral

If you're not a Christian, have you ever been curious about questions about rituals at a Christian ceremony? So, why dont you try once to attend the ceremony of the Chritian people here. Masses in the cathedral of Da Nang such as praying, wedding,... are all performed in accordance with Christian rites. We sure that this will be an unforgettable experience in life.

Christmas Eve

To celebrate Christmas, the Da Nang Cathedral is decorated both inside and outside with cave scenes in which Mary gave birth to Jesus; many big and small pine trees, laurel wreath...are decorated outside the church. Many activities are held such as Christmas concerts, singing hymns...attracting a large number of visitors. If you want to know which rituals will take place on Christmas Eve, you can refer to the programs that will be held on 24 and 25/12 each year.

Da Nang Cathedral at Xmas Eve

Taking photos

Walking around social networks like Facebook, Instagram,... you will not be hard to see the selfie photos of young people checkin at the Cathedral. So, though it's sunny days or winter days; Whether you are a Da Nang people or a first time visitor to the Cathedral, do not forget to take photos at Hanoi Cathedral to save the beautiful moments here.

Food tour around Cathedral

Beside of the beautiful scenes, Da Nang is well-known as the paradise of food and drink. If you are food lover that you wanna try the specifical cuisines,  food around Da Nang Cathedral is unskipable thing when going here.

Food in Da Nang city

  • Crab soup

Crab soup is an easy-to-cook soup with the main ingredient, crab meat, chicken eggs or quail eggs in addition to chicken bones to make the soup pot more sweet and nutritious or corn grain.

Crab soup

Crab soup

- Address:  169 Tran Phu street

- Price: ~1.5$

  • Nam Vang noodles

Nam Vang rice noodles are the first processed noodles of Vietnamese people with shrimp and fish sold in Nam Vang ( Phnom Penh ), the main raw material is tough noodles, the main broth is minced meat and pig’s intestines cooked together. Then lightly boiled the noodles with the broth then add the auxiliary parts such as bean sprouts, chives, minced pork and pig’s intestines.

Nam Vang noodles

Nam Vang noodles

- Address: 174 Tran Phu street

- Price: ~2$

  • Coffee and dessert

In Da Nang, taking a rest with the most beautiful beach on the planet, enjoying rich and delicious Da Nang cuisines, and do not forget to check in the coffee shops of Da Nang to see a Da Nang that is both modern and simple, bustling and peaceful.  You can choose one of the suggestions below:

Den Da coffee & dessert

Den Da coffee & dessert

- Address:

+ Retro kitchen & Bar – 87 Tran Phu street ( ~250m )

+ Den Da coffee & dessert – 6 Tran Quoc Toan street ( ~300m )

+ Wonderlust Da Nang – 96 Tran Phu street ( ~400m )....

- Price: ~ 3$ - 8$

Tips for visiting to Danang Cathedral

  • Da Nang Cathedral is free for visitors, the church’s opening hours may change by day and the church is usually closed at lunch break.
  • When visiting the cathedral, you should pay attention to wear polite clothes.
  • Do not speak loudly and absolutely do not talk trash or point to images of saints.