Travelling in Da Nang weather August? Worthy or not?

Travelling in Da Nang weather August? Worthy or not?

Da Nang weather August, its atmosphere becomes strangely cool and fresh. The sunshine stretches along the roads of Da Nang as it leads you to the enchanting paradise of the city.

In the first days of  Da Nang autumn, its atmosphere becomes strangely cool and fresh. The sunshine stretches along the roads of Da Nang as it leads you to the enchanting paradise of the city. There are many things that Da Nang brings for us. In this post, i will show you reasons why we should have a vacation in Da Nang weather August.

Da Nang City

Da Nang city

About Da Nang weather August

In Da Nang weather August, tourism is extremely ideal, the climate is usually cool in the afternoon or rain appears, making the atmosphere more beautiful and clean. The bathing or visiting tourism in this season is not significantly affected by the relatively mild weather, the rain is often short.

  • The average temperature: 34*C ( the highest climate ~ 39*C, the lowest climate ~ 27*C )
  • The rain ratio:  20-30% ( approximately 5 rainy days/month )

Transportation in Da Nang?

Instead of self-travelling with a lot of worries about transportation or accommodation, you should choose to book a tour to explore Da Nang. A long trip to Da Nang with a big family and close friends is very suitable. For young people who want to explore and do not want to follow a scheduled tour, they can use the cheap motorbike rental service in Da Nang. Only 100,000 VND / day you are free to move and explore the city completely.


The first days of Da Nang weather August are not the peak tourist season in Danang. This season, the tourists are not too crowded, so the price of hotel rooms in Da Nang has dropped sharply, along with many attractive incentives for near and far tourists to stimulate demand for services. Accommodation in Danang is quite good quality, the price is affordable. There are many large and small hotels ranging from 2 *, 3 * hotels to great resort resorts. So you can be assured of choosing a hotel that suits your budget without worrying about room quality as well as service quality here.

Hotels in Da Nang city

Cuisine in Da Nang

1.    Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo – Vietnamese pancakes are among the top delicious Da Nang dishes that you MUST try when visiting this coastal city. The crispy, golden crispy crust is made of delicious rice in Quang soil. The filling of pancakes is full of spiced beef, fresh red tiger shrimp, and crispy price. The dipping sauce is made of a thick, dark, salty sweet mixture.

Banh Xeo

2.    Noodles with fried meat

Each slice of meat is richly marinated and grilled with charcoal to spread the aroma along the road. What are you waiting for? Come and try this delicious Da Nang dish now. Noodle bowl with thick broth smells of bean and greasy liver. Served with large soft steaks and raw veggies, oh well, they're all delicious.

Noodles with fried meat

3.    Chicken rice

Chicken rice is definitely a delicious dish that you must try when coming in Da Nang weather August. The chicken is big, soft, fat and deliciously golden. The rice is fragrant, rice-scented, hot and soft and a small bowl of soup will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Chicken rice in Da Nang

Destination in Da Nang

1.     Ngu Hanh Son moutain

Ngu Hanh Son is a complex of 5 limestone mountains rising on t beaches, These include: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son, Ngu Hanh Son. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain has majestic landscapes with ancient mossy rocks and many unique cultural and historical architectural works.

Ngu Hanh Son

2.     Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra peninsula is located in Son Tra district, about 10km from Da Nang city. When coming to Son Tra Peninsula, visitors will experience the space of the mountains and the sea here. There are many entertainment activities such as: swimming in My Khe beach, exploring Son Tra jungle, scuba diving to see corals, visiting Tien Sa lighthouse, visiting Linh Ung Pagoda...

Son Tra peninsula

3.     Non Nuoc beach

Another tourist destination that tourists should explore in Danang is Non Nuoc beach. This 5km long beach is located just below the Marble Mountains. When you come here, you will be satisfied with the fine white sand with gentle slope and peaceful waves. In particular, the sea here is very clean, on the bank of forests will be an ideal place to rest, camping, picnic...

Non Nuoc beach

Tips for travelling in Da Nang weather August

  • Following your health carefully before travelling in Da Nang weather August, carrying things needed ( smartphone, ID card, wallet, medicine...).
  • Because there are many sacred temples, when you visit Ngu Hanh Son, you should pay attention to dress politely and neatly, so wear a sleeveless shirt, pants or skirt under the knee.
  • You can bring extra water and food to prevent hunger but remember to throw away the trash in the right place and keep clean!