Are  you wondering about Da Nang weather January?

Are you wondering about Da Nang weather January?

Da Nang weather January is not only famous for beautiful destinations which mother nature gave but also the local food becoming a indispensable part in daily life.

Da Nang weather January is not only famous for beautiful destinations which mother nature gave but also the local food becoming a indispensable part in daily life. Someone asked me if they should have a trip to Da Nang in January. Other visitors  wonder how Da Nang’s weather in January is. To solve your confusion, in this post, i will give you with many guides, useful tips and something recommanded for a best trip in Da Nang in January.

Da nang City

Da Nang city

Da Nang weather January

Da Nang weather in January is not the same as in the North, the weather is divided into 2 seasons including the dry and rainy seasons. In January to March, Da Nang also begins to enter the dry season, the weather is not harsh and erratic like from September to December but it sometimes rains but very rarely storms. At this time, sometimes there are cold but not as deeply as in the Northern, which often does not last so there are not many effects to tourism activities.

  • The average temperature: 25*C
  • The realtive humidity: 61%
  • The number of  rainy days: ~7days

When arriving to Da Nang city what will you do?

Checking in some well-known destinations

  •  Dragon Bridge – Han river

With the architecture of a dragon reaching out to the big sea, Dragon Bridge is a must-visitted attraction when coming to Da Nang. In addition, in certain time frames the Dragon bridge also performs fire and water spray very nicely and attractively.

Dragon Bridge – Han river

Dragon Bridge – Han river

  • Cu Lao Cham

Cu Lao Cham, locating 30km from Da Nang, includes 8 small islands that have been recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reservation. You can join the ocean world while diving to see the coral reefs on the sea floor.

Cu Lao Cham

  • Ba Na Hills

The castles with the ancient European architecture, the French village, the wine cellar, the climbing trains,...All these with the fresh air and natural scenery create a wonderful resort.

Besides, there are many strange and beautiful destinations that attract the visitors all around the world as Asia park, My Khe beach, Tien Sa lighthouse...

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills

Tasting well in Da Nang

  • Spring rolls

This recipe probably comes from the local people, maybe because of the January’s dry weather in Da Nang, so the women sat together  to do something strange to eat for fun, and one of the cheap, delicious but attractive dishes.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls

  • Noodles with steamed or fried fish balls

This is a famous breakfast of Da Nang people. A bowl of fish ball noodles includes fish ball, kohlrabi, pumpkin, fresh bamboo shoots, pork, onion,  tomatoes and nice sweet soup stewed from the fishbone.

Noodles with fish balls

  • Seafood  – The best choice in Da Nang weather January

Thanks to Da Nang weather January 2019, catching seafood is becoming more developed and regular. Rich and fresh seafood recipes with surprisingly cheap prices. It is also one of the things that makes tourists thinking about coming back to the coastal city of Da Nang....

Joining many biggest festivals

  • New Year’s Eve

Happening in last night of December and the first day of January. There will be many attractive programs for residents and visitors to participate. The highlight is the fireworks showed at 3 places on New Year's Eve as Nguyen Van Troi bride, Administration Centre of Lien Chieu or Hoa Vang district....and spring travel on Bach Dang flower street.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

  • Music festival

Oganized in Da Nang harbor in lately January. It’s the biggest concert of the year, where the convergence of leading singers in Vietnam, is immersed in the extremely modern and attractive sound and light system. Music festival is always the most anticipated activity of the young people of the year.

Music festival

Music festival Da nang

Recommendation when being in Da Nang weather January

If you don’t have clothes to go to the beach, the store near seawalk will supplies you. The weather in Da Nang is completely diferent from other area so you should follow the weather forecast regularly. Dont forget to follow your health truely before having a trip to Da Nang in this January’s weather.

Tips needed for travelling to Da Nang weather January

First of all, preparing a small umbrella because of  Da Nang weather January, bringing with a map to find places easier, more clothes to change when going to beach.

Secondly, rubbing anti-sunlight cream regularly in daylight because of the dry weather.

Thirdly,  being carefully jellyfish when being in the sea to avoid hurts.

Moreover, taking with medicine needed ( stomachache, allergy medicine,...) when hanging out for foods or games. In the last, I recommand you to renting the room near sea to see the dawn or sunset on the beach.