Are you curious about Danang weather in October?

Are you curious about Danang weather in October?

Danang is a well-known destination for everyone all over the world which attracts millions of people every year. Each season has its particular signature, especially in October, the weather in danang makes people have the new feelings. Here is some information for you about Danang weather in October.


The temperature in Danang weather in October

This stunning city has two seasons yearly such as the wet period and the dry period. The wet period lasts from September to December and the dry period starts from January to August. The average temperature in October is 25oC. In the wet period, there may be some rains but it just comes shortly, however, there are a few heavy rains. Sometimes, It will make the weather colder than the other days and the average precipitation is 550mm. There are about 16 wet days in this month. The cool weather as well as the drizzle will make your trip more special.

Things to do in Danang weather in October

Go to a café

It would be better to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax yourself in the rainy day. Each café has its signature features. For example, if you go to Doll coffee, you are likely to be lost in a secret garden. The beverage here is various and you should go a here and try one of this. The other choice for you is De L’amour. This is the place that you should go if you want to have a lot of fascinating pictures. The scenes around here is so great, you can see a marvelous view of the beach while enjoying your coffee. This café is decorated simply which make everyone coming here feel comfortable. There are more and more café that you had better to come when you go to Danang.

A corner in Doll coffee. Address: 151/1 Nguyen Van Thoai, An Hai Dong

A corner in Doll coffee. Address: 151/1 Nguyen Van Thoai, An Hai Dong

De L’amour Coffee. Address: Hoang Sa, Tho Quang, Son Tra.

De L’amour Coffee is a good place to take pictures.

The Dragon Bridge

Traveling to Danang is absolutely amazing. Exploring the bridge which crossed the Han River is much more fabulous. The bridge’s length is 666 metres, including 6 lanes. It was constructed like a golden dragon. It not only a wonderful view in the day but it is also extremely epic in the night  because It was illuminated with many LED lights with different kinds of color. Around the bridge, there are lots of restaurants, café, etc that you can go there to see it with your own eyes the longest bridge in Vietnam. In the weekends, there is a show in which the dragon splits out the fire as well as water from its mouth.

A corner of The Dragon Bridge.

A corner of The Dragon Bridge at night.

Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills

Golden Brigde is a 150 meter pesdestrain bridge opened on June, 2018. It was designed by TA Landscape Architecture. Many people around the world come here because of its unique idea: The two huge hands was designed to support the structure of the bridge. There are a lot of compliments about this bridge from CNN, BBC, TIME, etc. Last year, according to TIME, Golden Bridge was one of 100 the most amazing destinations in the world.

Golden Brigde in Danang

Golden Brigde in Danang

Museum of Cham sculpture

The Museum of Cham sculpture is a museum located at the intersection of Bach Dang and Trung Nu Vuong in Danang by the Han River. The museum was built by the French and opened in 1919. After many years, it also preserved its original appearance. There is the number of great collection of Cham sculpture and were explained very carefully for those who want to discover the history. The museum has collected and displayed more than 300 terracotta and stone works of art ranging from thousands of year ago. By the way, The museum opens from 7a.m to 5.30p.m everyday.

Outside of Museum of Cham sculpture.

Outside of Museum of Cham sculpture

The special food in Danang

When having a trip to Danang, don’t forget to enjoy many delicious dishes in this beautiful city. Here are some dishes that are suitable to Danang weather in October.

  • My Quang ( Quang Noodle)

My Quang- a special dish of Danang that was highly recommended to eat. Eating My Quang is suitable to Danang weather now. My Quang is made from rice flour and cut into lots of long-line pieces. The broth, which cooked from shrimp, crab or chicken, makes My Quang become unique.

My Quang

My Quang is so delicious.

  • Che

Che is a tradition food in Vietnam. It is included the liquid of coconut based, jelly, dried coconut and some fruit like durian, jackfruit, longan, etc. This kind of food is suitable for every period in the year. In Danang weather now, che is the food that everyone wants to try and eat day by day because it is so sweet and yummy.

Che- a famous food in Vietnam

Che- a famous food in Vietnam

  • Bun rieu

Bun rieu is a crab based soup noodle dish. Like other kinds of bun, the broth makes a bun rieu different to others. The broth is made from crabs, tamarind, tomatoes, etc. otherwise, there are some vegetables, ground pork, dried onion, shrimp, etc.

Bun rieu

Bun rieu is tasty and suitable to eat in Danang weather in October.

Best places in Danang

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills are one of the most beautiful places in Danang. Every year, it attracts a lot of tourists coming here due to its beauty and charm. In Ba Na Hills, you can discover a lot of things like The French village, Linh Ung Pagoda, Fantasy Park, The Golden Bridge, etc.

The French Village in Ba Na Hills

The French Village in Ba Na Hills in Danang weather in October.

Danang Cathedral

The Danang Cathedral is one of the most amazing churches in Vietnam. The church was designed well with colorful stained-glass windows and a bell tower which has a weathervane at the top. This is a good option to go to Danang Cathedral in Danang weather now.

Danang Cathedral

Danang Cathedral

Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains include five mountains which was made from limestone and marble. There are a lots of caves that many people can discover and take pictures. Otherwise, you can see a gorgeous view at the top of the mountain.

Marble Mountains in Danang weather in October

Marble Mountains in Danang weather in October

Tips about Danang weather in October

  • You should update the information like follow the weather forecast about Danang weather in October regularly to make sure that the weather can’t prevent your trip.
  • You had better to bring umbrella or raincoat in case it rains.
  • Because it may be cool a bit, you can bring a jacket to avoid affecting your health.