Hai Van Pass Motorbike: A worthy experience in your life

Hai Van Pass Motorbike: A worthy experience in your life

When going to Danang, one of the places that you must go is Hai Van Pass. However, Travelling Hai Van Pass Motorbike is more fascinating

 Let’s Gonexp.com give you some guide about HAI VAN PASS MOTORBIKE.

Overview of Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass (Đèo Hải Vân) is called Ocean Cloud Pass. The pass is nearly 21 km long which pass on National Route 1A in Vietnam. It is known for its scenic beauty and also a road trip linking to some amazing destinations like Hoi An, Danang and Hue. The totally distance for the scenic coastal route among Hoi An, Danang and Hue is 165 km. Many people choose to go to Hai Van Pass because the view is marvelous, fresh air, easy access to several cities and the road condition is good and smooth. It will be better to go to Hai Van Pass by motorbike in the dry season (from January to August). The weather is sunny and very suitable to have a trip by motorbike and enjoy the beauty of scene. When you go in the wet season (from September to December), it rains heavily and will prevent you from having a perfect trip.

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How to visit Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass Motorbike is a fantastic choice because riding a motorbike is so great that you can see with your own eye the beauty of the Hai Van Pass from the top. In Hoi An or Danang, you can rent the motorbikes. For example, the rental at local shops in Hoi An costs VND 80000 ($3.5) and VND 160000 ($7) per day. On the other hand, there are some types of motorbikes that you can choose and it depends on how far you intend to go.

Besides, you should have motorbike riding experience because there are some tight corners in Hai Van Pass and lots of large vehicles go through this pass every day which create the danger on this road.

If you like having a trip with a lot of people, you can organize Hai Van Pass Motorbike tour. It’s so great to travel with lots of people who have the same interest like you.

Visiting Hai Van Pass motorbike

Hai Van Pass Motorbike

What to do in Hai Van Pass

At the top of Hai Van Pass, you can visit and explore the old French bunker which was built by the French to fight against the Viet Minh. Nowadays, there are some restaurants built here to provide foods and drinks. From the top of Hai Van Pass, you can see some great views and it is regretful if you don’t take some pictures here. Additionally, you can enjoy the beauty of Danang city. There are some big trucks going through this road so make sure that you obverse carefully.

Secondly, you don’t miss the rock lookout. This is one of the greatest places to stop and enjoy the beauty scene. From this point, you will see a fabulous scene overlooking Danang Bay. This is also a chance to have memorable pictures. The rock lookout is the place you should go when going to Hai Van Pass.

From Hai Van Pass, you also see Lang Co Bay. You can see the beach, the town and the new bridge which is the exit of the Hai Van Tunnel. A lot of people fall in love with this place because it’s like a scene from the picture. Some people said that: “This is the most beautiful place in Vietnam that I have ever visited”. In addition, you should spend your time trying some seafood in Lang Co’s restaurants as it’s so delicious.

When going to Hai Van Pass, you can spend your time visiting Son Tra Peninsula as these two places are quite close to another. Son Tra Peninsula is also home of Linh Ung Pagoda which has the statue of Lady Buddha. Son Tra Peninsula is so famous for tourists because it has beautifull bonsai trees, the amazing city view and marvelous pagoda.

One of the parts that are highly recommended by a lot of tourists is Suoi Voi (Elephants springs). It is 15 kilometers from Hai Van Pass to Elephants springs. You can relax yourself by bathing in a riverbed with some sets of dammed up pools. Order a drink and have a swim are the best option after a long trip to Hai Van Pass. The price ranges from VND 25000 ($1) to VND 100000 ($4.3). Make sure that you should ask about the services here before using it to avoid surprises.

Suoi Voi (Elephants springs)

Suoi Voi (Elephants springs)

Some advice about Hai Van Pass Motorbike

  1. Because the road in Hai Van Pass is quite dangerous, be careful.
  2. When go to Hai Van Pass by motorbike, you should prepare some foods and drink. After finishing your meal, you should collect the trash to protect the environment.
  3. You also prepare medicine, map and some tools to fix your motorbike if necessary.
  4. Make sure you fill up on petrol as there are no petrol stations on the Hai Van Pass.
  5. You should rent a motorbike with a decent sized engine.