Why don’t you try Hai Van Pass Train?

Why don’t you try Hai Van Pass Train?

Hai Van Pass is a famous place with stunning views that you can see from the top. There are many ways that you can choose to visit Hai Van Pass such as train, motorbike, jeep, etc. If you are a big fan of travelling by train, you will fall in love with Hai Van Pass Train.

Overall about Hai Van Pass Train

How to book train ticket and price

There are eight daily trains between Danang and Hue. There is quite similar between Danang’s Railway Station and Hue’s. You can book ticket online or buy at the station. If you book ticket online, you will receive your tickets via e-mail. Otherwise, you can show the ticket QR code on your smartphone to the staff or print it out and bring it with you. If you buy tickets at the station, the staff station will help you choose departure time, the seat, etc to fit to your budget. You should have enough the currency of Vietnam (dong) to buy your ticket because the train station may not accept the credit card.

The ticket price is from VND 39000 to VND 202000 depends on the kinds of seat such as the soft seat and a hard seat. The distance is approximately 105 kilometers and it lasts almost 3 hours so you should choose a good seat to enjoy a perfect journey.

Besides, if you don’t know about your train, you can ask the attendants who wear sharp blue uniforms to have further information. All trains cars have a number, be sure to check your ticket to see where your seat is. You can find the number of the seat on the back of the chair. Or you book a sleeper berth, you can find the number of your berth above the entry way.

Inside of the train station

Inside of the train station

About the train

There are many options you can choose like a hard seat with non- air condition, a hard seat with air condition, a soft seat with air condition and a soft sleeper berth. If you choose a hard seat, the price is cheaper that the other options.

In the soft sleeper berth, you will have an individual berth in the compartment which has four berths. It consists of pillow, sheet, etc. You can store your luggage in the space above the door and a lot of power sockets to charge your electric devices. If you choose a hard sleeper berth, there are six berths in the compartment.

During the train, you can buy some food and drink in case you are hungry. In addition, you can pre-order a lunch from your seat with a suitable price.

What to expect to Hai Van Pass Train

Hai Van Pass is 21 kilometers long and its peak is nearly 500m above the sea level. Trying Hai Van Pass Train is an awesome adventure. You will take lots of beautiful photos and have a chance to try a new experience. You will see a amazing blue beach, the huge mountains, villages, etc. It is like a flawless picture. A lot of tourists say that: “The trip to Hai Van Pass by train is so fantastic and you shouldn’t miss it when going to Vietnam”.

Additionally, you can see the Lang Co Bay with a number of blue fishing boats in the shore. After that, you will come to the entrance to the Hai Van Pass tunnel. You also can see Danang’s skyline emerge along the white coastline. Hai Van Pass Train is a must-do activity when going to Vietnam. Don’t miss it because it will not let you down.

If you plan to travel from Hue to Danang, you should have a seat which the window seat is to the left of the train, and right if you are from Danang to Hue for the best view. Or you can go the restaurant carriage to see the beauty of the scene.

If you intend to Hai Van Pass, you should choose the dry season (from January to August). Because the weather in this time is extremely nice with sunny and cloudy, it will help you to have interesting pictures. Besides, when traveling in this time, you will get the best view to enjoy the charming of landscape. If you go to Hai Van Pass in the wet season, its rains heavily that you will not see all the beauty of the scenery.

Hai Van Pass Train

A picture of Hai Van Pass from the train.

Tips about Hai Van Pass Train

You should get to the train station at least 45 minutes before your departure.

Prepare everything necessary such as medicine, your ticket, etc.

You should book your ticket in advanced to have a good seat.

If you decide to go to Hai Van Pass in Tet holiday, you should book your ticket as soon as possible because there are so many people going home in this period.