Do you take care of Hai Van pass weather for your trip?

Do you take care of Hai Van pass weather for your trip?

If you are the travellers or tourer, Hai Van pass will be a destination that can not be missed when you come to Da Nang, but you should pay attention to the Hai Van pass weather

However, to make sure that you will have a great trip, following Hai Van pass weather is the most neccesary. In this article, we’ll try to support you with the most useful information that the best time to go Hai Van pass.

Where is Hai Van pass?

Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful and impressive coastal passes in the world. The road passes are precarious, the bend is prominent among immense mountains. It is no exaggeration to say that this is an extremely artistic work of man.

Hai Van pass stretches along the ridge of Hai Van mountain, 500m high above sea level, which is the boundary of Thua Thien - Hue province and Da Nang city.

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About the weather

In spite of being boundary among two different provinces is Da Nang and Thua Thien-Hue. But Hai Van pass weather is still effected strongly the weather of Da Nang city.

There are two different seasons in a year in Hai Van pass: The rainy season lasts from September to November and the dry season starts from December to August next year. Sometimes, it also has cold turns because of the stream of cold air flows from the North.

  • The average temperature: 24*C
  • The average humitdity: ~65%
  • The average wind speed: 5km/h
  • Days of rain: ~2days/ month

Best time to go

Which the most beautiful month should I travel to Hai Van pass? The peak season in Hai Van pass starts from April to the end of August. It has a long coastline in Lang Co Bay so if you travel at this time, the temperature is higher than other places suitable for tourist activities especially bathing with sea.

Someone who wants to avoid the heat from sun in summer holiday, Hai Van pass will be the first choice in Da Nang.

What to do in Hai Van pass weather?

1. Conquering  Hai Van pass

Hai Van Pass is the main road to Da Nang, Hue with a length of 21km, is considered one of the spectacular passes with many crooked and towering stage, one side is a mountain, one side is a rapid cliff. Nowadays, many vehicles choose to move into Hai Van tunnel so the pass road is quite solitary.

2. Discover Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is also known as "the most spacious Hai Van" - one of the most beautiful bays in Viet Nam. Travellers from Da Nang love this place because of its natural and peaceful place. You will arrive to the bay when you come across the Hai Van Pass. From far away, Lang Co Bay looks like a beautiful picture with interwoven  ranges of mountains along the passes, blue sea and white sands of tens of kilometers. Standing from high ground, you can easily see the moving traffic and image of Lang Co bridge.

On the other hand, you will have oppotunities to experience Lang Co beach fishing village by the small road at the foot of the bridge so you can take a dip yourself in the water, walking on the soft sandy beaches and watch the purity of the water.

Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay

3. Eating in Lang Co Bay

Seafood recipes are Lang Co's quite cheap and very good cooking. When going to Da Nang, visitors will have chance to enjoy seafood recipes such as grilled snails, fried fishes, sashimi, especially grilled oysters with green onion fat – one of the dishes MUST try... The place to eat and drink is Anh Phi restaurant, which is opposite to Lap An lagoon.

Oyster fried with green onion and fat

Oyster fried with green onion and fat

4. Relaxing in Lang Co Bay

After a day of being out of  the coastal city, you can look for a hotel to take a rest. Lang Co has many types of rooms from economical to luxuxy, prices aproximately from 15$  to 300$ / room which depend on each hotel and each season.

Recommendation for Hai Van pass weather

  • Following the weather forecast regularly to be foreseen to Hai Van pass weather.
  • If you travel by motorbike, please remember to save the number of Mr. Nguyen Bua (01239019044), a good person who is a quiet person who help people  repair cars when in distress on Hai Van pass.
  • Renting a motorbike in Da Nang city, the procedure is simple and quite cheap, only from 6$-8$/ motorbike / day, suitable for you to make a perfect trip to Hai Van pass.
  • In case, you are not convenient to ride a motorbike or just go together with your friends, you can book a tour to Hai Van pass of  including air-plane tickets to Da Nang airport, let the car take the delegation to explore everything in Hai Van pass.