All things about Han River Bridge Da Nang

All things about Han River Bridge Da Nang

Danang is a youthful and modern city in Vietnam. When going to Danang, it’s regretful if you don’t visit Han River Bridge Da Nang. Let’s find out why Han River Bridge Da Nang attracts many people coming every year.

Introduction about Han River Bridge Da Nang

Han River Bridge Da Nang is one of the most well-known cable-stayed bridges in Southeast Asia. Han River Bridge Da Nang designed by Vietnamese architects is the first swing one in Vietnam. Local people are very proud of Han River Bridge Da Nang because it represents for the new vigor and the developing desire of the city. Han River Bridge Da Nang plays a vital role of Danang’s cityscape.

Han River Bridge is 487.7 meter long, 11.9 meter wide and consists of 11 spans with 33 meter long each. The beams’ structure is entirely steel and the bridge deck is reinforced with concrete.

 Han River Bridge Da Nang is so great that you must visit.

Han River Bridge Da Nang is so great that you must visit.

Exploring Han River Bridge Da Nang

In the past, Han River Bridge was the trading port to Danang. With a view of helping the boats move easily into the harbor inside Han River, they decided to build Han River Bridge with the idea that the bridge can rotated 90 degrees to make more spacious on both sides of the bridge.

Every weekend, in the middle of the night (from 11:00 pm to 11:30 pm), traffic is stopped from crossing the bridge; meanwhile, the middle part of the bridge will turn 90 degrees around its axis to open the way for shipping traffic to pass along the River. Don’t forget to take some photos of this rare moment. This is the schedule for tourism season (between April and September). In the other months, the schedule will change which is up to the weather, traffic, etc. Don’t miss this awesome lightning bridge swinging in the middle of Han River. When the bridge turns back to its initial, you can stroll along the bridge for enjoying beauty of Han River as well as the fantasy of Danang at night. Or you can observe LED lights change different colors from a distance.

Nowadays, there are many modern services to meet the demands of tourists including traveling by boat on the Han River. It’s such a great experience that you may feel excited.

At night, when the lights up, Han River Bridge and the river are flawless with the marvelous color palette of the decorating lightning system along the street. Han River Bridge at that time is absolutely out of world. You should go to Han River Bridge at night to see how charming Danang is. The swing bridge in the center of Danang is a special image that isn’t changeable in both domestic and foreign tourists’ mind.

It can be said that Han River Bridge is a fabulous tourist attraction in Danang that tourists all over the world should come and observe its beauty. Though there are many other interesting destinations in Danang, Han River Bridge Da Nang is always the unique symbol of this energetic city.

Han River Bridge’s address is Le Duan Street, Hai Chau District, Danang.

Han River Bridge Da Nang

Han River Bridge Da Nang

How to get Han River Bridge

There is much transportation you can choose to come to Han River Bridge such as motorbike, bicycle, taxi or car. On the other hand, you can go on foot.

For those who are so into shopping, Han River Bridge is close to Vincom Center Danang, Han market, etc. Besides, you can go there to try some food of famous restaurants, play games, go to the cinema to watch blockbusters, etc. Otherwise, Han River night market is a place that you must visit when going to Danang. Han River night market opens between 4:00 pm to midnight. There are many zones for you to explore such as the cuisine zone, trading zone and cultural zone. In the cuisine zone, tourists have a lot of choices like coffee, beverage, the signature dishes of Danang city. In the trading one, you will see many kinds of hand-made products, souvenirs, clothes, etc. You can buy something to give your parents and friends. In the cultural one, you will enjoy music performances. Or if you are interested in art, you must visit Danang Fine Arts Museum. If you have a chance to visit Han River Bridge VietNam, remember to visit these places.

Tips when visiting Han River Bridge Da Nang

  1. You should know thoroughly the information about the time the bridge swing.
  2. Riding a bicycle is a good option to have new experience.
  3. Near Han River Bridge Da Nang, there are a lot of food carts that you can buy something to eat and drink while waiting the swing of Han River Bridge. After eating, you should put your waste on the bin to protect the environment.