Lang co beach Da Nang is a place that you must definitely visit

Lang co beach Da Nang is a place that you must definitely visit

Lang co beach Da Nang is one of the beautiful beaches that you should come on holidays or tired days with everything around you.

Coming here, you will have many interesting experiences, create yourself comfortable spaces and get many new feelings. Lang co beach Da Nang is also a place for those who have a love for the sea to immerse themselves in the cool blue waves. In the upcoming vacation have you had any plans for yourself? If you do not know, try exploring this beautiful beach.

Geographic location of Lang co beach Da Nang

Lang Co beach is located about 30 km from Da Nang city to the north and 70 km from Hue city to the south and the characteristics of this beach have been recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world every year. attracts many tourists to visit and relax. In addition, this beach is quite close to Hai Van Pass, you can come here to climb to the top of Hai Van Pass to see the picture of Lang Co beach and the surrounding fishing village. That picture is really very beautiful that you will be surprised to want to come here. If visitors come to Lang Co from Danang City through the Hai Van Pass tunnel, only about 25 km is the fastest way and also has many experiences. Besides, you can also admire the beautiful scenery of Hai Van Pass. It is very easy to find Lang co beach Da Nang because the location is quite convenient for everyone to travel, so you can safely find this place.

The breathtaking beauty of Lang Co beach

Coming to Lang Co beach, visitors will admire a beauty that is not everywhere. This place was recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in 2009. It is not only beautiful from the outside but it is also beautiful by many different beauty that anyone can come here to feel. that.

This beach is located right under the winding road of Hai Van Pass, Lang Co appears in the eyes of visitors is a scenery of the sky and blue sea mingled with mountains. The green of the mountains, the flowers and trees and the blue of the clear sea, it was hard to forget that pure, pure blue. It is worth all the time for visitors to come here to admire the beauty of this place.

Coming to Lang co beach Da Nang, visitors can freely enjoy the natural beauty inherent from the reformed nature but still have the simple simplicity of the old years. Coming here to see the scenery, to recall the old stories is really a very interesting thing that anyone should come once.

Lang Co is also a peaceful beach with fishing boats going out to sea, next to the shore there are familiar morning glory with purple flowers in the sky. A peaceful and familiar scene for those who need to find a peaceful space to forget all the troubles in his life.

Standing from above, looking down on Lang Co like a poetic fairy picture with the scene that everyone wants to release soul into that place. That picture is so immense and blessed with the cool breeze that it makes people fall into a beautiful dream that no one wants to wake up.

One thing that everyone can certainly feel is that this is a destination that will remind people to remember the homeland where they were born and raised. A place to remember the beautiful past of childhood.

This place is also very close to famous sights such as Hue Imperial City, Hoi An Ancient Town, Son Tra Peninsula - where Son Tra Nature Reserve and many beautiful beaches are available. There is this beautiful scene.

Lang Co beach reasort

Lang Co beach reasort

What foods should I eat at Lang Co Da Nang?

Going to the seas like this, eating seafood is not to be missed, so find yourself a seafood restaurant or restaurant to enjoy. You can go to restaurants near Lang Co to eat if possible. If you want to go to cheap places, save some money for yourself, then going to the small restaurant nearby is also a reasonable choice.

However, before you want to eat anything, finding out what the price is like is something you should do.

Lang Co beach Viet Nam is really not only a beautiful place but also a lot of interesting experiences, where you can feel like you stand on your own homeland. Therefore, set aside a vacation time to come to this place. Here you will get extremely interesting experiences that not everywhere can be. Believing that Lang co beach Da Nang will be a destination that will not disappoint tourists, it will be a feeling of nostalgia that you cannot leave.

Lang Co beach from top

Lang Co beach from top