Monkey mountain Vietnam is one of the places with beautiful picturesque scenery

Monkey mountain Vietnam is one of the places with beautiful picturesque scenery

Monkey Mountain Vietnam is one of the places that is considered to have a beautiful landscape to give tourists an interesting experience.

Spend holidays with family or friends coming to this place to be able to enjoy peaceful moments next to this beautiful place. Believe that when you come here, you will have great holidays and no regrets.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula

Vietnam belongs to which province?

Perhaps monkey mountain has been a name not too strange to anyone because it is a quite famous place that attracts many tourists every year to visit and resort. Vietnam Monkey Mountain belongs to Son Tra Mountain, or Son Tra Peninsula, a vast primeval forest located in Da Nang province that gives visitors a lot of experience.

Da Nang is known as a beautiful city with many majestic natural landscapes like the pictures that everyone wants to come here. And the monkey mountain peninsula of Son Tra Peninsula is also a place in which every year attracts many tourists to come here.

From the center of Da Nang city to the monkey mountain is not too far just about 10 km from Tho Quang ward in Son Tra district. Finding your way here is not too difficult if you do not know, ask the people around them to enthusiastically guide you.

The best time to go to Vietnam's monkey mountains

The weather is also one of the factors that greatly affect your travel process so you should also choose the most appropriate time to come to Son Tra mountain Danang. According to my experience, the right time to have fresh and cool weather suitable for travel is from March to September. At this time, it will be very airy and can help you to participate. Get more experience experience to get the best trip.

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Information about Vietnam mountain monkey you should know

Son Tra peninsula is a convergence of many beautiful scenes of nature. Looking down from the mountain, this place is like a foreground cave that makes people fascinated to want to lose in that world and will regret leaving.

Coming to the monkey mountain you will also admire the rare animals very close and lovely. Currently in Son Tra is also preserving more than 100 rare animals and species, which are very much at risk of hunting.

Monkey moutain overview

Monkey moutain overview

Son Tra peninsula converges a lot of the beauty of the special nature with 3 mountains with different names bringing separate beauty that those who have come once will surely want to come many more times.

Besides, during the journey to explore you will also be going through beautiful beaches, listening to the murmuring sound of the waves, quietly listening to the wind and immersing in the sound of the waves, the sound of the sea breeze, you will feel a lot of things here. Along the way, you will also meet the huge old trees that have existed for a long time, standing on the roads.

The road to the winding mountain top will also help you to have interesting experiences. Going through the path from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, you will see the surrounding scenery passing through so many beautiful scenes like you are entering a beautiful picture without wanting to return to reality.

Around there will also be temples with different beautiful designs and many tourists come here to burn incense, pray for the good.

Come here and you should not miss going on the beautiful beaches at the foot of the mountain. Come to monkey mountain Vietnam, you should visit all the beautiful places once, otherwise you will regret it even though you miss a place.

These dishes should not be missed when coming to Son Tra mountain

Come to sell tea Son Tra will be very famous for both delicious and nutritious seafood dishes, let's come with your friends here and enjoy the cuisine here.

Don't just stop there, come with more unique dishes here. In the forest, there will be a lot of nutritious vegetables sprouting up, people bring home to cook delicious and unique dishes you should also try once before saying goodbye here.

Some tips for you when to Monkey mountain Vietnam

  • It will be very interesting if you prepare a bike with a few bottles of water and cycle up to explore the monkey mountain Vietnam.

Monkey mountain overview

Monkey mountain from top

  • Also do not forget to invite a companion to accompany you to explore all the scenery here.
  • Do not forget to bring a pair of comfortable sports shoes, a hat and sunscreen to experience.
  • When coming to the Monkey mountain Vietnam, take advantage of every time to be able to travel to many places to discover all the Son Tra scenery.
  • Finally wish you will have a complete trip with your loved ones.