The most beautiful beach on the planet of My Khe beach Danang

The most beautiful beach on the planet of My Khe beach Danang

My Khe Beach Danang is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet known by many people.

Da Nang is famous for being a beautiful coastal city with beautiful beaches with cool weather that always gives visitors a complete vacation. And My Khe is such a beach. This beach can be considered to meet all the needs and standards that a beach should have. Therefore, each year My Khe Beach attracts millions of tourists to visit and resort. Do you have any plans for yourself in the holidays yet? If not, let's spend a trip to Danang to enjoy.

When to My Khe Beach is the most appropriate time?

Coming to this beach, you will get interesting, comfortable and pleasant experiences that are not available everywhere. This place is appreciated as a friendly beach, all tourist activities take place well, there is no phenomenon of tightening the price as in some other places. The weather here is nice all year round, so you can come here anytime.

Besides, the sea will be very suitable when you want to have the romantic space that is from May to September because this is the time when the weather is suitable for watching the sea, the scenery will be great. In other months it is still beautiful, but mostly it is this time it will be more beautiful. You are assured that at any time, the sea is still very beautiful with different beauty.

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My Khe Beach overview

My Khe Beach overview

Some beauty in My Khe beach that you should know

My Khe Beach Da Nang Vietnam has a rare beauty with smooth and stretching white sand, the waves are not too intense but very peaceful, the seawater is warm all year round, around the beach are rows of green coconut trees inclined to the ball. dreaming surrounding the coast, along with the gentle sunshine, the cool blue sea to come here are also attached to wanting to leave.

Watching the sunset on the sea is also a great thing that you should visit once. With the image of the early morning sun shining down, the space shows a different, dreamlike color. You should also not miss the moment when sunset because it is really beautiful. When the end of the day gradually sinks in the sunset, it has a soft yellow color, no more noise, and bustle, but it brings a quiet beauty, stillness, poetic space. Watching the sunset is a time when people can relax and forget about everyday fatigue. It has been said that young people must go to My Khe to watch the sunset once or they will regret it.

The beaches in America are safe for you

My Khe Beach also has a lot of beaches, but the best and safest beaches you should go to are the following 3 beaches:

  • T20 - T18 Beach: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in My Khe and is also the best-known beach, born early. With immense beauty, great waves, and beautiful views.
  • 1-2-3 Beach: As a main beach of My Khe beach, the most appreciated thing is always invested completely from the simplest things. It serves visitors quite well, always meets the needs of guests, and does not disappoint those who come here.
  • Central Park Beach Pham Van Dong: This is a relatively small beach located in 3 Pham Van Dong just for park activities, you can also come here to have fun.

Activities you should take part when coming to My Khe beach

For the most meaningful and complete holidays, you should also participate in some of the activities here. Interesting activities that everyone is interested in participating are windsurfing, water rides, fishing or boating. It is also the outstanding entertainment activities which are strongly developed to meet the entertainment needs of the tourists who come here.

You can also be assured of safety because life buoys, whirlpool flags, whistles and rescuers are everywhere to ensure your safety.

My Khe Beach from Top

My Khe Beach from Top

The specialty that you should try in My Khe

Coming to the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang, you will experience delicious food from sea creatures. As a coastal city, the specialty here comes from seafood dishes that are caught by the people and professional chefs who make delicious dishes for visitors. Coming to My Khe Beach in Da Nang without trying seafood will be very costly so call seafood.

There are also many famous restaurants, good food, good service, so you can find out a restaurant you want to go to your friends or family to save your beautiful moments.

My Khe Beach Danang is really a beautiful beach attracts many tourists but if you have free time you should give yourself a vacation here. Also, do not forget to find yourself a friend who knows how to take pictures to help you take beautiful photos.

Believing that My Khe Beach Da Nang will be an ideal destination for tourists that will not disappoint.