Would you like a food tour in My Khe beach restaurants?

Would you like a food tour in My Khe beach restaurants?

Coming to Da Nang city, you not only immerse to cool blue sea but also you can try the unique food or seafood in My Khe beach restaurants.

Today, we will give you suggestions about restaurant, how to choose restaurants that is suitable with your budget to make your holiday become more meaningful and perfect.

Where is My Khe beach?

My Khe Beach is the usual name of the coast that lasts about 10km from the foot of Son Tra Peninsula to Ngu Hanh Son district belonging to Da Nang city.

My Khe beach in Da Nang is convenient for transportation, free for all visitors. There is a long, flat sand, sunshine and waves suitable for playing sports. Besides, from the city center to the beach are very close, just taking a few minutes visitors can immerse themselves on the beach.

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Directions to My Khe Beach, Da Nang

Due to Da Nang is located in the center of Vietnam, so it has an airport, a harbor and also the highway 1A. So traveling to My Khe, Da Nang you can conveniently and easily reach. You can go to Da Nang city by air, by train on the North-South railway.

Where to eat when traveling to My Khe beach?

Along the beach, restaurants, bars close together, stretching for kilometers.

Here, the attraction is the restaurants and eateries have frontage facing the sea, guests can eat and enjoy the murmuring waves and cool wind. Moreover, guests can go to the beach for hours before going to shore to order their favorite food, or just eat and bathe alternatively, because most of the restaurants also have a swimming pool.

In the fact that the bigger the restaurant, the more thoughtful it serves, the higher the price is for sure.

Good views from My Khe beach restaurants

Good views from My Khe beach restaurants

1. Instant seafood market – special ‘’restaurant’’ in Da Nang

Called the "market" but actually only a few small food stores built by fishermen on the beach, they sell all kinds of fresh seafood. On the seasonal days, there will be an additional four years of temporary stalls in a neat and orderly chain of coastal stores. The first specialty of the market is saying ‘’no’’ to bargain because the price is too cheap compared to inland. The second special point is when a customer buys a favorite seafood recipe, they can bring it to one of the nearby eateries thanks to his custom processing with the cost of about 1-2$/ dish. The price is soft, but visitors can be comfortable to the quality when receiving and are always given little delicious sauces and delicious herbs.

2. San Ho seafood restaurant

San Ho seafood restaurant is located on My Khe beach, overlooking the sea, openning space, wide, beautiful and unique design. The first floor is a area for groups of tourists from everywhere, including many air-conditioned rooms. The 2nd floor has open space, the ideal place for outdoor parties. To enjoy seafood, visitors can choose to buy at "seafood market"- small stall at the restaurant, professional chefs will help processing into attractive recipes on your demand. Specially, the restaurant can serve Chinese cuisine with strange and unique dishes prepared by Chinese chefs.

First floor of San Ho seafood restaurant

First floor of San Ho seafood restaurant

3. Ca Voi Xanh restaurant

With the advantage of lying in the middle of green trees, windy sea area, designed in the classic architectural style, Ca Voi Xanh restaurant is always chosen by visitors as a dating and relaxing place with their family. The professional chefs of the restaurant design a diversity menu with delicately and interestingly prepared recipes to satisfy diners from near and far. So in spite of the high price of food, the restaurant is always crowded on weekends and summer holidays.

Ca Voi Xanh restaurant

Ca Voi Xanh restaurant

Best recipes you MUST try in My Khe beach restaurants

1. Raw flying fish salad

There are many types of salads that My Khe beach restaurant brings: meat salad such as beef tendon salad, sweet and sour pork salad, stomach salad, shrimp salad... Flying fish is a delicious and easy to cook fish, can cook aromatic soup, laksa leaves or fried, braised fish meat, fragrant, strong, but it is worth mentioning in this fish is the egg set. To make a plate of egg salad, one needs a lot of gut and must be dried intestine.

2. Nam cake - My Khe

Nam cake is a type of cake and a traditional cuisine typical of Hue city, with Vai cake and Bot Loc cake. This is a cake made from rice flour that is both delicious and healthy (the elderly, children, the sick can eat it).

3. Quang noodles - Tuy Loan

My Khe Beach Travel - in Hoa Vang district, Da Nang, all the roads, restaurants are hanging the board selling Quang noodles with the famous Quang noodles - Tuy Loan.

Quang noodles

Quang noodles

Guides for My Khe beach restaurants

  • If you are not a seafood lover, you can order others such as meat, beef or find some restaurant that doesn’t sell seafood.
  • You should eat seafood with green vegetables to avoid full stomach conditions.
  • In My Khe beach restaurants, inland restaurants usually have a little lower prices than coastal others.