Sun Wheel (Danang): A new experience when going to Danang

Sun Wheel (Danang): A new experience when going to Danang

Sun Wheel is part of Asia Park- one of the most well-known entertaining park in Vietnam, especially in Danang. Annually, thousands of people visit and have new experience at Sun Wheel. Let give you some information about Sun Wheel.

Overall of Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel Danang which is considered to be the symbol of Asia Park (also called Sun World Danang Wonders) is one of the highest wheels in the world (115 meter high). Sun Wheel was constructed in October 2013 and officially opened in July 2014 at Asia Park. Sun Wheel combined between modern and different cultures of Vietnam and other Asia countries was designed by a talented architect- Bill Bensley. Sun Wheel has a speed of 15 minutes per round and there are 64 cabins in this huge wheel. The cabin is designed well to make sure that tourist will be safe. Because the windows are fully covered with railings, tourists especially children can’t fall out of the cabin. It can contain about 384 people for each turn. Sun Wheel is available for every age as the speed isn’t too fast.

The huge wheel is decorated with 13000 colorful LED lights to make fabulous scenery for Danang city. When you come to the top of Sun Wheel, you can observe the beautiful and spark scenery of Danang city at night or the magical of the city at dawn. With the impressive height, tourist absolutely enjoys Danang with a new view which you have never explored before. You can see the city entirely with charming attractions like Han River, Dragon Bridge, etc. It can be said that Sun Wheel is a great pride of Danang people. If you go to Asia Park without trying Sun Wheel, it will be regretful.

Sun Wheel attracts lots of people coming here every year

Besides, you can try some games and activities like Monorail, Queen Cobra, Golden Sky Tower, Fairy Tea House, Clock Tower, etc. Moreover, you can go to Panda restaurant, Café Momo, Ninja restaurant, etc to enjoy some special foods here.

You should visit Sun Wheel on a weekday and before the sun sets to see with your own eyes the beauty of Danang.

Asia Park is located at 1 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang which is near Han River.  To get Asia Park, you can choose some transports like motorbike or taxi. If you ride a motorbike, there is a parking lot near Asia Park. This place is easy to find because it illuminates various colors in the evening. From Danang International Airport, you can see a part of Sun Wheel.

From Monday to Thursday, the opening hour is from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm. From Friday to Sunday, the opening hour is from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Therefore, you should arrange your time to observe this modern construction and have amazing memory with your parents and friends.

Sun Wheel at night

The ticket price and some note for you

You can buy the ticket through:

  • Buy online in the official website of Sun World Da Nang Wonders:
  • Buy through your hotel which you stay
  • You can buy ticket through the online outlets.
  • You can buy the tickets at the ticket room.

Here is the price:

If you live in Danang, the price for tourist who is over 1 meter and 40 centimeter high is VND 100000 and who is between 1 meter and 1 meter 40 centimeter high is VND 80000.

If you come from other country in Vietnam or foreigner, the price for tourist who is over 1 meter and 40 centimeter high is VND 150000 and who is between 1 meter and 1 meter 40 centimeter high is VND 100000.

The kid who is under 1 meter high is free for ticket.

At the ticket room, there is an equipment to measure the height.

If you live in Danang, the adult must have ID or card license and the kid who live in Danang should bring the student card to the staff at the ticket room to prove that you live in Danang.

Tips when going to Sun Wheel

  • Make sure that you are not afraid of the height when you plan to try Sun Wheel.
  • After eating or drinking something, you should put your waste in the bin to keep the park clean.
  • You can see the beauty of Danang city when trying Sun Wheel. Don’t forget to take some beautiful pictures.
  • In the bad weather, some games will not available to keep the safe for tourist.
  • There are many discounts for you when going on the festival season.
  • If you have a backpack or wallet, you can store it in a ride at the entrance zone. Don’t worry as every ride has lockers.