Thanh Binh beach - Great ideal tourist paradise in Danang

Thanh Binh beach - Great ideal tourist paradise in Danang

Thanh Binh Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang. Da Nang is famous for the title of an amazing and beautiful coastal city that attracts lots of tourists every year.

Where is Thanh Binh Beach in Danang City?

Finding this beach is very easy, but because it is located in a convenient location, you can come here and ask the people around them to enthusiastically guide you. Thanh Binh Beach is located in the inner city, at the end of Ong Ich Khiem Street, in Thanh Binh Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. This beach is located right in the city of Danang with Nguyen Tat Thanh route running right next to the city, Thanh Binh is also considered a convenient beach in the city center.

What is the weather like in Thanh Binh beach?

Referring to the climate, Thanh Binh's weather is not convenient for the people here. The sun of summer dries out all the scenery here. Perhaps that is why the sea becomes more beautiful than ever, it is not famous enough as the beaches with mild weather but it is quiet and beautiful. It gives the people here the pride, proud of being born and raised here to experience many things. Although the weather is not favorable, it does not lose the love of the people for this place.

At this point, you will feel how hard it is for the people, the warmth of the people, and many other things that only here can understand.

Thanh Binh Beach in afternoon

Thanh Binh Beach in afternoon

The beauty that Thanh Binh beach attracts others

Thanh Binh Beach DaNang is a tourist destination that everyone should visit once in their life, so you don't just stop at enjoying the beauty of nature and the beach, but above all you will feel the love. people, strange emotions, the sincerity of the people here.

Just as the name implies, the sea of serenity brings a gentle, unspoiled beauty, tranquility, tranquility, rarely big waves. This beach is not so famous as some other beaches in Da Nang swim it brings the beauty of quiet, silent dedication beside the people who experience how much sun and wind.

Every early morning at sea is extremely noisy and bustling by the sight of fishing boats returning after a night of fishing in the sea, the voices of the people, the joy when a working night earn a lot of profits. Afternoon to the sea brings a beauty of the space with the sound of children playing, playing football, playing on the beach, somewhere along the coast, you will see the fishermen pulling fishing nets and preparing boats before leaving. offshore. A busy but very peaceful landscape far from city life.

There are times when the sea is also very refreshing, lush is the right place for couples to come here to see each other and watch the sunrise in the early morning sea or watch the sunset in the afternoon. All of them create unforgettable memories for young couples.

Marine services have also been invested and grown strongly to meet the demand of tourists coming here from far away to relax in the summer, the small tourism piers are increasingly strong and strong, promising to bring a beach. The sea is modern, full of high-class services, commensurate with the potential of economic development and tourism, while retaining the pristine beauty of the sea. Also through this beach will be more and more known.

Thanh Binh Beach from Top

Thanh Binh Beach from Top

Things you should do when coming to this beach

  1. Let's go with the person we love most to save memorable moments and feel the beauty together.
  2. Don't forget to spend time watching the sunrise in the early morning on the sea and watching the sunset in the afternoon, these are the most beautiful moments in the sea that you should enjoy.
  3. Here you can enjoy swimming and participating in activities on the sea such as windsurfing, yacht, canoe, playing volleyball or adventure games at sea. Do what you want to do, play hard to not regret it.
  4. Thanh Binh Beach is indeed a playful, blue beach from time to time although the weather is not so beautiful. And this is a silent beach devoted to this arid land, it is also the pride of the people here. Every good moment is worth saving so come to save it. Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have an intact trip. And the peaceful Sea is a place you must go.