Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

Vietnam weather August is still in the rainy season, but that won’t stop you from having the best time while visiting this place. We gather here for you some destinations you can check out in August

Vietnam weather August overall:

Vietnam weather August so far is in the rainpour season across the country. Especially the South, with constant rain keeps occur, thought the amount is not as heavy as July. You can still in for plenty of sunny and dry daytime with the average temperature of 29°C. Almost similar  to the South, Northern Vietnam comes with a quite amount of bright, hot and dry in the daytime, and at the same time heavy rain or even storm come in the afternoon. Some of the famous places like Ha Long Bay, Sapa are all covered in fog, matter fact, August is one of the months has the highest percent of humidity. Any dangerous outdoor activities is strongly unadvised to participate.

Nevertheless, the Central Vietnam still stick with sunshine and clear blue sky. All the beaches of Hoi An and Danang are in favor to good weather, the temperature is still high and the atmosphere is dry. Though, August mark the start of raining sequence at the end of the month. While Nha Trang remain in the best state, Hue and Central Highland and Dalat on the other hand are still wet with quite the amount of rain. We do not advise visitors to do any adventurous outdoor pursuit at the time.

Amazing destinations in Vietnam weather August.

Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa

Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

Nha Trang - one of Vietnam most visited location

The city near the sea, Nha Trang is known as the gem of the South China Sea. Anybody has visited this place, are all amazed by the gorgeous, stunning natural scenery, the depth and enrich culture display as well as the pleasant weather condition.

Visitors will get the chance to experience all the attractions destinations belong to the city, mostly admire the unique charm of the old ancient architecture of Long Son temple, Thap Ba tower Bao Dao palace,... And the diversity of the sea life on the island like Hon Tam, Hon Tre, Dao Ki, Dao Yen. They will never cease to attract you from the harmonized landscape of this city.

Phong Nha Ke Bang - Quang Binh

Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

Entering Phong Nha cave

The capes channel of Phong Nha - Ke Bang, located in Quang Binh province, is a famous tourists spots that attract not only local Vietnamese but also foreigners to visit. Possessed one of the largest caves in the world, anyone wants to set foot in this place for once.

Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

The lime stone inside the cave

Particularly, in August, it’s still the dry season here in Quang Binh, which makes visiting the caves so much better. The outside temperature might be about 34 - 35 °C, but inside the caves, it always ranges between 20-21°C, makes it so delighted to enter. While in caves, you might witness the natural underground water systems and the variety of limestone and stalactites formation. That’s something you rarely see anywhere else.

Bac Son valley - Lang Son

Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

Amazing view of Bac Son from afar

Just 160 kilometers from the Capital city, Bac Son valley surrounded by the seamless lime mountain range, separated by the river flow around the valley. You will witness the exciting view of the golden rice field with the appearance of the Vietnamese minority ethnic people household, like the Tay, Nung, Dao people. Especially in August when the rice plant starts to bloom and spreading a light yet lingering scent. This is the perfect time to shoot some photos, most of all from afar, with the whole sight of the golden rice field, the clear blue sky, a few houses under the mountain foot.

Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh

Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

Visitors enjoy the view and the weather of Quy Nhon in August

Under the heat of Vietnam weather in August, Quy Nhon is among the places that you should head out to. Besides the astonishing beach view along the city coast, Quy Nhon is also blessed with many man-made cultural attractions destinations from the Cham dynasty like Thap Banh It - one of the few relics remain attached in Champa history, Thap Doi. And also, Dam Thi Nai - the longest bridge in Vietnam from Quy Nhon city to Phuong Mai island, Han Mac Tu grave, Da Trung, Eo Gio, Ki Co,.. And in August, the weather condition is perfect for and outdoor explore activity, without hesitating about the storm. At the same time, the temperature here starts to decrease, put away the intense heat of the summer, suitable for the exciting event and entertainment take place.

Vietnam weather August: amazing things awaited

On the way up to Thap Banh It

Despite the condition of Vietnam weather August full of rain and high temperatures. Visitors still don’t hesitate to choose this country as the next travel destination as August marks the beginning of the tourist season. No matter what, Vietnam will never cease to impress you.