Features to do that you should not ignore about Vietnam weather December

Features to do that you should not ignore about Vietnam weather December

Vietnam weather December, what will you do? At the end of the year, everyone will find themselves somewhere to relax and forget their sadness.

Vietnam weather December, what will you do? At the end of the year, everyone will find themselves somewhere to relax and forget their sadness. Each of those places brings different beauty for visitors to enjoy. However, the weather is an important factor for you to decide which places to spend your holidays. The weather in December also brings you interesting trips especially with the chill of the North. So where in Vietnam has the most suitable weather in December for you to enjoy your trips? Here is some information you need to know about Vietnam weather December. How is the weather in Vietnam in December? In Vietnam, the weather in each place is not the same at all but it is divided into two distinct regions: north and south with two different climate types. In the last month of the year, each place has a unique beauty that makes visitors feel excited. However, the most ideal places to enjoy the winter in the North are the remote highland areas with the bone-chilling cold but interesting.

                  Hoi An Ancient Town has a beautiful romantic setting

As for the South in December, you can immerse yourself in the blue sea with white sand and warm sunlight. If you are afraid of the northern cold, you can go to some famous destinations like beaches to "warm-up" your body. The appropriate places to spend your holidays in Vietnam in December Some ideal places for you to spend your holidays in December are Saigon and Hanoi. These are the two most popular destinations for you to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve. Right from the beginning of December, the streets and shops in Saigon have been decorated to prepare for two big holidays at the end of the year. It can be said that Saigon is beautiful and brilliant, especially on Christmas Day, although the weather is not too cold. Thousands of people poured into the streets which are flooded with lights in the echoes of hymns for the night God descended.

                                Dedicate the Basilica of Notre Dame to Saigon

Similar to Saigon, Hanoi also seems to wear a new colorful shirt in December. Since Cathedral, Ham Long Church, Luong Van Can Street, Ho Guom, etc, are always crowded with tourists on this big holiday.

                       The scenery of Hanoi is a busy and crowded city

The beautiful scenery of Moc Chau, Son La In December every year, come to Moc Chau you can show your admiration to the fields, valleys of white mustard flowers blooming immensely, creating beautiful scenery. Moc Chau attracts visitors not only by its lush green tea hills of green steppe but also by the Moc Chau field covered with pristine white mustard flowers.There are many destinations suitable for Vietnam weather in December, but you should not miss this charming scenery. Going to Moc Chau in December, remember to bring warm clothes because the weather here is quite cold.

Sunbathing at Nha Trang beach If you don't want to go to places with cold weather like in the north you can sunbathe at Nha Trang Beach. Nha Trang has warm and sunny weather throughout the year. If you plan to travel from this time till the end of winter, it is still a good choice since Nha Trang is now at the end of the rainy season. The average temperature from December to February is about 23-24 degrees, quite cool and pleasant.

   Sunbathe in front of the beauty of Nha Trang beach

The weather in Vietnam verifies in different regions so you can find yourself an appropriate destination with the weather you want to enjoy. December in Vietnam is an ideal time for you to get the perfect holiday. It is also the time when tourists travel the most. Vietnam weather December January is the most suitable time for you to enjoy the full vacation. Things you should eat in Vietnam in December Come to Vietnam you should try a cup of coffee with a gentle aroma. Enjoying a cup of Vietnamese coffee is great for a cold day in Hanoi in December. Hot milk coffee and hot coffee are two basic types of coffee in Vietnam for you to enjoy. The slightly cold northern weather in December is great for dining in a hotpot or grilling restaurant. You will feel warmer and find it better in the summer. It is also a good idea to go with friends to eat grilled corn or sidewalk snacks. There are many other delicious dishes suitable for Vietnam weather December you can wander with your friends to learn the special dishes of each different region. Some tips for you when traveling in Vietnam weather in December Remember to prepare the necessary costumes appropriate to the places you go to. If you come to the northern locations, don't forget to bring warm coats and a comfortable pair of sneakers. As for the south, you can wear coolly but do not forget to wear sunscreen, also bring an umbrella to avoid the rain and sun.

Vietnam weather December if you miss it will be very regretful. December is probably the best time for you to have a trip to Vietnam to enjoy the beautiful scenery and have some relaxation with your friends and relatives. We hope the information shared above will help you have such a meaningful trip in December.