Vietnam weather in January - where to go this time of the year

Vietnam weather in January - where to go this time of the year

Vietnam weather in January is considered on of the nicest time of the year. Check with us, to see what to do and where to be this time.

Vietnam weather January overview

Vietnam, in general is under the tropical climate. But Vietnam weather January, beside being dry, there a difference between the North, the Centre and the South. While the Center and Southern Vietnam has a rather mild and pleasant temperature around 24 - 28oC. This weather suitable for any outdoor activities The North though, dictated by the temperature zone, is in the coldest time of the year, sometimes there is frost in the Mountainous Northwest. Nevertheless, each place has their own signature and preference. So below are some of the best tourist destinations during January.

Some recommended destinations in Vietnam weather in January.

Moc Chau (Northern Vietnam)



Moc Chau Viet Nam in January

Moc Chau is nice to visit this time of the year. Even if the weather is rather cold, it is the season of bloom and green in this place. You can easily see the plum flowers everywhere. And you can also catch the sight of the French peach flowers and the white wild peach flowers, too. The best places to spot those scenes are Ba Khe minor area, Ban Ang pine forest, Long Luong, etc. It will be an exciting adventure and an experience you will never forget.

Hanoi (North Vietnam)



Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and is known for its long history and unique scenery. The weather this time is also the ideal time to visit, being one of the driest months of the year. You can enjoy the sunny blue sky with a cool temperature of about 18°C. Also, there is less rain this month and expected no foggy misty haze, too. It’s the perfect time to exploring the streets of the Old Quarter and many other Hanoi can’t-miss destinations, like: Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Guom Lake, Tran Vu pagoda, etc.

Hoi An (Centre Vietnam)




One of the must-see places in January is Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s World Heritage Sites. Being in the centre Coast of Vietnam. The weather of this ancient city in January is just wonderful. With a dry and mild weather, this month sees less to almost no rainfall of the year. So prepare for some quality and pleasant time strolling along the Hoai River, admiring the old city in its glory day. Once you visited this city, guaranteed you may want to come back again.

Nha Trang (Centre Vietnam)





Nha Trang is known to have many beautiful beaches and marvelous seasights. Just shake off the winter, the weather is nice and suitable for an escape back to nature. With a clear blue sky and sunshine, yet, with a cool, not so hot temperature ranging from 22 - 27°C. You can immerse in some outdoor activities such as sight-seeing or go hiking, climbing. From Hon Chong, a famous rocky complex consisting of various shaped and sized rocks is a good place for sight-seeing, you can immerse yourself in the sighting of the blue sea and enchanting mountains.

Phu Quoc (Southern Vietnam)





Situated in Southern Vietnam, Phu Quoc is in its excellent time of year to visit. This is a wonderful tropical paradise, with warm sea water. Phu Quoc in January see a dry and less humid weather. Especially, with less rain than other months, this is the ideal time to visit this place. There is something peaceful and undiscovered about this island that just wait for you to figure out. You can go swimming, diving and sunbathing in Ong Lang beach, Long beach or rather go hiking, camping, trekking in Tranh Waterfall and  Phu Quoc National Park, etc. There’re so many options for you to enjoy your holiday in this island.

Some advice while visiting Vietnam in January

- Bring some warm clothes,in case the temperature drop at night.

- If you travel to the Centre or Southern Vietnam, remember to put on sunscreen,

- When visiting mountainous destination, please be careful, wear a helmet and protection clothes if necessary.

- Check the detailed temperature and weather forecast daily while traveling in Vietnam

Vietnam weather in January see a dry, less humid weather in general with some variation of temperature from the Northern to Centre and Southern. It’s your choice whether which destination is suitable for you to travel.