Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

It’s summer time in Vietnam weather July, a lot of exciting things awaits you to explore. Down below are a few notable recommendations for a perfect vacation in this tropical country.

Vietnam weather July overview

The same as June, Vietnam weather July sees a hot and wet season across the country. Partially, Southern Vietnam is in the middle of the wet season with a heavy amount of rain pour, more than the previous month and the average temperature is 29°C. Nevertheless the rainfall, you can still count on the number of days of sunshine. Same goes to the North, the weather keeps getting hotter, at the same time, rainfall is expected and sometimes even storm. The beaches in Halong, Hai Phong is constantly raining, matter fact, July is the wettest month year-round. The event in the Northwest Mountainous, the fog and drizzle keep getting thicker any outdoor activity is strongly not advised at the time.

However, in the meantime, Central Vietnam continues to be in the perfect weather conditions. The dry atmosphere and clear blue sky are noticed in beaches in Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, event when the temperature is still high, an average of 31°C. That weather condition also spreading to Hue, meanwhile, the Central Highland and Dalat are wet with heavy rainfall.

Where we can enjoy Vietnam weather July?

Con Dao - Vung Tau

Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

Con Dap - the island full of surprises

The place immediately reminds us of the infamous historic destination, Con Dao prison. But, more than that, Con Dao is also one of the best beaches all in Vung Tau, famous for its untouched scenery and clear blue sea. This place possesses a world of diverse marine life, full of color and rare creatures. Most of all, we have to mention the Dugong and a unique species of turtle. July is technically the last month of the diving season with the water is still in perfect condition. You’d better take the chance to visit this wonderful place.

Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

Turtle in Con Dao island

Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa

Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

Nha Trang is famous for its beautiful beaches

Nha Trang is a long-known tourist destination for not only Vietnamese but also foreign visitors. This enchanting beach city is blessed with the wide sea coast, magnificent island and many cultural attractions and entertainment places like Cham tower, Chong island, Nha Trang Aquarium, Vinpearl Land,...When arriving here, you will get the chance to experience amazing entertaining activities such as diving for coral, squid fishing, surfing, kayaking. And enjoy the sophisticated culinary including seafood, traditional dishes, and specialties in the Central area.

Da Lat - Lam Dong

Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

The enchanting road in Da Lat

Even Though just like Vietnam weather July in general, Da Lat is in the rain pour season with high humidity, that doesn’t mean the city is less charming. You will get the chance to see the amazing highland scenery, with majestic dense forests, many clear water lakes, romantic waterfall, and the famous charming pine hills. All are seemed more mysterious with the sight of fog and cloud. Besides, in July, we still got to see the color of many flower blossoms. From the Hydrangea, roses, to the garden filled with sunflowers. This is where you definitely want to take a picture.

Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

The flowers blooming in Dalat weather

The Mountainous Northwest area

Prepare for a trip in Vietnam weather July

The wildness of Northwest Vietnam

The Northwest remains to be the ultimate choice to avoid the summer of Vietnam weather July. Here in the mighty and marvelous place will make you feel astonishing for the scenery. All the places you can choose to visit is in the top list of most visited place in Vietnam, like Ha Giang, Sapa, Mu Cang Chai,... From the long road trip with the continuance of view from the dense forests, golden terraced rice paddle, flower and fruit garden to the mountain of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. They all leave you breathless and unforgettable memories. Not only that, the culture and tradition of much Vietnamese minority ethnic also get you anxious to figure out.

It’s no denied that Vietnam weather July is not in the best condition. However, this country is never less exciting and always welcome you to visit and enjoy the experience here.