Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

Despite the heat of Vietnam weather June, it’s still the peak of the tourist season in Vietnam. A lot of destination is listed for you below to enjoy a perfect holiday trip here.

Vietnam weather June overall

Officially in summer season, however the Vietnam weather June is in a mixed condition. Being a typical tropical country, most part of Vietnam enjoy a hot weather and constant rain. In the North, the heat reaches its peak with an average temperature of 30 °C, rainfall is also expected to be quite common. Though, the Northwest part with a mountainous geographic like Sapa, Mai Chau, Ha Giang,.., provide a lighter climate but the humidity rises as there are more foggy and drizzle; any adventurous activity is strongly unadvised. Same goes to the Southern Vietnam, which enters the wet season. Despite the larger amount of rainfall than last month, you can still count on the bright and dry sunny hours during the daylight and the temperature is average at 28 °C. Rain showers usually occur in the afternoon.

As for the Central Vietnam, it’s the best time to visit in June. The beaches in Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Nang, is in the best weather conditions with dry atmosphere, clear blue sky. The north of Hue is also on good terms. Only Dalat and the Central Highland have the increase amount of rainfall, visitors should be careful while visiting these places.

Ideal place to visit in Vietnam weather June

Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan

Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

The sand dune in Phan Thiet

You actually can visit Phan Thiet anytime all year round, though, in June, it’s ideal to come as the place is dry and less sign of storm. With a blessed natural majestic scenery, it’s hard to resist from playing and taking pictures in the gigantic sand dune, glowing under the bright sun, or swimming and sunbathing nearby beaches. Not only that Phan Thiet also possesses the amazing cultural attractions destination, visitors can come to this place, explore and learn more about the unique feature from the diversity in culture of ancestors ethnic people group like Hoa people, Cham people,...

Vung Tau

Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

The coast of Vung Tau

Considered one of the most visited destinations in the South, Vung Tau is known for its untouched vivid and magnificent natural beauties. Especially the weather is on your side in June, with the quiet beaches, less rain, a nice and dry atmosphere. To many visitor’s experiences while visiting in Vung Tau, these are the perfect time for any outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, sunbathing or diving along the coast. You also might want to spend time to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset with a light breeze from the sea. Anyway, Vung Tau definitely brings you some time relaxing and unforgettable memories.

Moc Chau - Son la

Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

Moc Chau view from afar

In Northern Vietnam weather June, Moc Chau is one of the possible places to visit bearing the hot temperature. You will feel so much relief under the green color of many tea tree hills, and the view will make you want to take many photos as possible. Besides the wonderful sight, it’s the plum harvest season, the light scent of ripe plum will be all over the place and they taste just as wonderful. You can pick the plum yourself in the garden with a reasonable fee, and when you come back home they will still be fresh and juicy. Some other place that you may consider visiting is Man Na Ka valley, On village, Ba Phach,... These places have the most amazing view over Moc Chau.

Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

Picking plum in the garden

Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

Cat Ba owns a majestic natural beauty

Cat Ba - Hai Phong

Cat ba possesses many wonderful natural sites such as beaches, forrest, mighty mountain range, which suit any outdoor activities one wants to purchase. The most famous place in Cat Ba is the two beaches Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2. They all have these amazing shores, with white sands, along the edge of the mountain that close to the sea. The water is blue with pretty strong waves. The most exciting part, that hardly seen in anywhere else is that there is a path that comes across the mountain into the sea, you can take a stroll down the path, viewing all the beaches and the coast below. These are a few things worth mentioning if you have been to Cat Ba.

Memorable experience in Vietnam weather June

The path along the beaches in Cat Ba

Although the hot Vietnam weather June might come as a disadvantage, you can still find the beauty and surprise while visiting this place. Vietnam has so many more to offer once you set foot into this country.