Way to celebrate Vietnam weather March

Way to celebrate Vietnam weather March

Vietnam weather March is in one of the best months to travel. Especially, this month mark as the month of regional festival all over the country. Here are a few ideas for a perfect trip in Vietnam during mark

Vietnam weather March overview

Among all the month of the year, March has is one of the best time to visit. Vietnam weather March in general is nice, bright and dry in all regions. While the beaches along the Southern Coastal stay hot with sunshine and clear blue sky. The average temperature here is about 29°C, and there’s a little to no rainfall at all. The weather is suitable for any outdoor activities like sunbathing, sightseeing,.. The same goes to the Central Vietnam, with the beautiful attraction destination like Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang,..stay bright and sunny, with average high temperature, most of all there may be just a little rain occur, and that won’t be a bother.

The weather in general is a typical tropical climate. The North, however, is cool with an average temperature of 19°C despite the temperature increases a bit. Partially, the Mountainous Northern part receive a much more considerable temperature and the rainfall rate stay low. This is the ideal weather to enjoy any hiking sightseeing among the Hoang Lien Son mountain range or any where else in the North.

March is known for hosting many important festivals all across the country, after the Lunar New year. It’s would be a delight to celebrate in this wonderful March weather. Below are some notable festival taking place

Festival in March

Hoa Ban Festival (Dien Bien, North Vietnam)

Way to celebrate Vietnam weather March

Hoa Ban festival gathers many Vietnamese ethnic

Usually held in mid March, Hoa Ban Festival hosted in Dien Bien province, with many attending from other nearby provinces like Lai Chau, Son La, Hoa Binh, Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Phu Tho,..  The name of the festival is after the name of a popular spring flower. The image of the Ban flowers will appear in the whole reenact of the process to develop of Dien Bien with many memorable events intact with the infamous Nam Rom river. Also the Festival include many traditional performing, sport and game competition, followed by the street parade. This festival is something you don’t want to miss out.

The international Culinary Festival - Hoi An (Central Vietnam)

Way to celebrate Vietnam weather March

A chef displays his skill in the festival

Usually held at the end of March, the festival takes place ín Hoi An, the heart and soul of Central Vietnam with its sophisticated food culinary. With many invited guest chefs and food enthusiastic from local to international competition to showcase and spread the traditional culinary. Other activity recommended for visitors like food tasting, observing the cook showcase the skill, buying local ingredients,...This festival will not only get you to know about the Hoi a culinary world but also have the chance to get to know others.

Way to celebrate Vietnam weather March

People enjoy the specialty in the festival

Traditional performing Festival in Kom Tum - Tay Nguyen (Central Vietnam)

Way to celebrate Vietnam weather March

Tribal people performing a traditional dance and music

In March, there are many festivals being held in Tay Nguyen, the land with a specific and enrich culture, especially the well-known Gong culture space. The Traditional performing Festival will take place during mid March with many events include. You can find yourself lost enjoy the diversity of activities represent the place here. Some events are notable like: Gong adjustment event, traditional game cometiting, parade, culinary market  and traditional performing,... If you want to get to know the tribal tradition and culture, this festival is where you want to be.

Quan The Am - Ngu Hanh Son festival - Da Nang (Central Vietnam)

Way to celebrate Vietnam weather March

The main event of the festival

Vietnam weather March is perfect for any outdoor activities, Vietnamese use this time to pay a visit to Quan The Am - Ngu Hanh Son festival, which is a Buddism celebrating strings of events. The festival usually occurs at the end of March, including many activities such as the Opening Ceremony, the Te Xuan ritual for a blessing year, the Main Event. Alongside, there also some events like the music and poet interact, Dang flower event, racing boat competition, Bai Choi singing get together,... During the days the festival taking place, the Buddism Culture Museum will open for visiting, studying or admiring the elite Enrique of Buddhism.

All the festivals above are some of the Highlights of the string of many other events that take place in March. Especially, Vietnam weather March is on your side to travel and enjoy the sight, the activities across the country.