Ready for the summer trip in Vietnam weather May

Ready for the summer trip in Vietnam weather May

Vietnam weather May is enter the hot summer with many things to expect. We list some of the things that you can enjoy while carefully prepare for the tropical weather in the Southeast Asia country.

Vietnam weather May overview

Vietnam weather May see the increase in the temperature but there is the inconsistent quality in different regions. The Central Vietnam enjoy a rather perfect weather with a clear blue sky and dry atmosphere. The beaches in Hoi An, Nha Trang and Danang is worth visiting as they are at their best with the average climate of 28 °C. Though the Central Highland and Dalat have more rainfall and precipitation is on the rise, you may expect to see the places in foggy and drizzle. The South also expects more rain but that will bring down the heat a bit. Since the rain usually occurs on the afternoon with heavy rain pour, you can still enjoy the day dry and hot. Despite that, Con Dao island still have the enjoyable conditions for diving.

The weather in the North also see a rise in temperature with the average of 28°C. The rainy season is approaching the North although the amount is  small, the days of sunny are still preferable. The Far Mountainous in the North is the perfect place to escape the heat from the mainland. You can visit Sapa, Mai Chau for a pleasant trip, but ha Giang in this time starts to experience the rains.

Places you can go under the heat of Vietnam weather May

Escape the heat in Sapa

Ready for the summer trip in Vietnam weather May

At the peak of Fanxipan

Sapa in May may be the best choice for visitors to escape the intense heat. The weather here is still cool and dry, you can enjoy any outdoor explore activities here. Widely popular, you can come to visit each village here, which populated by different minorities, with amazing scenery of terraced rice paddle, water falls, streams and the enriched culture of the local villagers. Especially, you should visit Fansipan mountain, which is called the “rooftop” of Southeast Asia. Visitors can choose between trekking to the peak of the mountain or taking the cable car ride, whichever way, you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, the view of the dense forests and waterfalls. When you reach the top, the place look like a gate to heaven with the cloud surrounding and sight of the whole Sapa.

Go on a cruise in Halong Bay.

Ready for the summer trip in Vietnam weather May

Halong in the lovely weather in May

Listed as one of Seven New Wonder, Halong Bay is long-known for its surreal beauty. May is the ideal time to visit this place as the weather is warm enough for swimming and yet still have the clear site for sightseeing. It’s recommended for tourists to go on a boat, cruising the Bay, witness many marvelous limestone and rocks formation. Later on, you can go to Bai Chay beach, Tuan Chau beach for swimming, sunbathing,...

Visiting Hoi An

Ready for the summer trip in Vietnam weather May

Hoi An during daytime

Ready for the summer trip in Vietnam weather May

Hoi An by night

May mark the time dry season has almost come to an end. This actually a perfect time for you to travel, explore the wonderful excitement of Hoi An and go diving in Cu Lao Cham nearby. Hoi a city is already known for its picturesque view and interesting culture display. Depend on the time of the day, the city appear differently with the touch of old architecture, the enrich cultural base. Come to Hoi An, not only the sight, but also the generosity of the local people that keeps you around. In May, there are many festivals or performing that happen, and you can get to know the culture, traditional of the ancient Central people there. Not to mention the exquisite culinary food, which mostly used to serving the royal, such as: Quang noodle, Cao Lau,...

Ready for the summer trip in Vietnam weather May

The exquisite dining in Hoi An

Things that you should do when visiting in May

  • Always put on sunscreen, especially when going out all day, reapply every 4 hours
  • Bring light clothes and an umbrella just incase sudden rain
  • Bring water all the time to stay hydrated as the weather gets more intense
  • Bring necessary medicine, and be aware if you have any allergy

Visiting in Vietnam weather May might be the ideal time, especially if it's not the peak of high temperature and high tourist season. It would be the best if you can find some time to visit this delightful country during May.