A complete holiday with Vietnam weather November you should know

A complete holiday with Vietnam weather November you should know

With the cool and mild weather and the cold in Vietnam weather November, what will you have?

With such beautiful weather, let's invite your friends around Vietnam to enjoy the November weather and go to beautiful sightseeing places. November is a good time to go to the flower hills in Vietnam where you can enjoy the gentle fresh air. This article will be some places as well as some tips for you during your trip.

The temperature in Vietnam weather in November

The northern climate is characterized by a humid tropical monsoon climate, whereby the summers are hot, rainy (called the rainy season), and the winters are colder and less rainy (called the dry season). . In addition, the North also has two periods of interference between the rainy and dry seasons, thus forming the spring and autumn. Meanwhile, the southern climate is sub-equatorial so the temperature is high and stable and there are only two seasons: rainy and dry seasons.

In Vietnam weather November, the North has officially moved to winter. The temperature sometimes gets quite low, so when you go out, remember to wear warm clothes. To the south in November, it will be the rainy season. The rains come suddenly and go fast. Sometimes it just rained in the morning but the afternoon was already very hot.

Vietnam is here so you can enjoy many different weather climates.

Places to visit in Vietnam in November

November weather in the North will probably be nicer so you can travel here. In winter, when you wear a warm coat to go to beautiful places with many flowers, there is nothing more beautiful. Say the north and south are generally but you should not ignore the Central land. It will also bring you many amazing scenes.Say the north and south are generally but you should not ignore the Central land. It will also bring you many amazing scenes.

November comes the Moc Chau white cauliflower season

Moc Chau Tourism in November is the time with the most beautiful scenery, with hills covered with white flowers blooming, the vibrant colors of wild sunflowers and red poinsettias create a beautiful scenery. Break this beautiful land besides Moc Chau tourism self-sufficient, you can buy a tour. Please suggest some outstanding Moc Chau tours:

  • Tour: Moc Chau Tour in bloom season - 2 Days 1 Night - Price: 980,000 VND.
  • Tour: Moc Chau - Ba Phach - Ba Khan - Go Lao 2 days - Price: 1,150,000 VND.
  • Tour: Mai Chau - Ban Lac - Moc Chau - 2 Days 1 Night - Price: 980,000 VND.

Wild flowers in Dalat season November

November is when the wild flowers in Dalat are blooming. This time around the city is full of bright yellow wild sunflowers, the sides of the road are full of yellow with wild kneeling petals flying in the wind creating a beautiful scenery. Taking beautiful photos with your friends is something you shouldn't miss.

One suggestion for you about the price of Dalat tours: 3-day 2-night Dalat tour costs about 1,270,000 VND or 2-day-2-night Dalat tour costs 1,070,000 VND.


Bana hills road to the first scene

Ba Na hills is famous for two world records: the world's longest one-cable car and cable car with the difference in height between the top and bottom stations in the world. This is also a cool climate, very suitable for family or friends to come here to relax. People liken here as the way to foreground indeed not wrong here you will be amazed at the beauty of foreground.

Suggestions for Ba Na tour price: Ba Na tour one day - Price from 710,000 VND.

Come to Con Dao Nature in November

Traveling to Con Dao, you will be immersed with the majestic mountain scenery, pristine nature, beautiful beaches with blue water and colorful coral reefs such as An Hai, Dam Trau, Lo Voi, Suoi. Chili, Hon Ba and many other beautiful scenes. The price here is also very reasonable that you should not ignore.

Those are just some of the famous places that I introduce to you. There are many other beautiful scenes in Vietnam worth visiting so you can find out more.

Tips for you when traveling to Vietnam in November

  • The north is at this time the weather is cold so you need to prepare very warm.
  • Although it's cold but there are days of sunshine, don't forget to wear sunscreen. And remember to bring an umbrella to conveniently cover the rain and sun.
  • Remember to bring a quality camera and accompany talented photographers to get great pictures.
  • Remember to wear thick sports shoes so that you don't get uncomfortable when walking around a lot.

Above is the information about Vietnam weather November and some places worth visiting. Hopefully, the information shared above can help you in being able to find an ideal tourist destination. Have a great trip and find out where you really want to go.