Do you know about Vietnam weather October?

Do you know about Vietnam weather October?

Vietnam has many interesting destinations with both experient travelling and cultural or historical tourism that depend on Vietnam weather October.

Vietnam has many interesting destinations with both experient travelling and cultural or historical tourism that depend on Vietnam weather October. In October, the weather is becoming more unpredictable, especially seaside or moutainous area. Do you pretend to have a trip to Vietnam in October? Even you don’t know what prepares for? This post below will be the precious tips for you to have a best trip.

Vietnam weather October

Vietnam weather October always gets the medium level of the year. It’s about 18-22*C in mountainous areas ( such as Sapa – Lao Cai, Dong Van – Ha Giang,... ) and get higher when going down lower areas ( Ha Noi, Hai Phong... ). In the fact, the time having sunlight is so short, weak and late, about 12pm lasting to 5h30pm everyday. It’s quite suitable to hang out or travel despite of the cool and comfortable weather. Sometimes, having some light rains with cooler wind. Moreover, the rainy days counted up to 10days/month. Therefore, you need to get some signs when traveling to Vietnam .

Preparing for Vietnam weather October?

With many rainy days and unpredictable Vietnam weather in October, the most you should prepare: a small umbrella, prefer a sandal than shoes, a T shirt with a short pants which is suitable with weather or activities you taken and do not forget bring such as a good health condition, some medicines needed, a map, your ID card and a wallet with many cashes inside...

Famous destination – food you MUST try in Vietnam weather October

  • Sapa – Lao Cai

It’s far from Ha Noi about 350km to the Northwest and takes you 4 hours by car. Sapa town is of the most particular highland area in Vietnam with many hills, mountains and step fields interlaced. When travelling to Sapa, you will have chances to experient the unique and strange things here because the culture in Sapa is so variety of ethnic, food and service...

Sapa town

With the diversity culture, food in Sapa is so unique, too. Mostly recipes cooked by local resident by many different ways such as Chicken covered by mud, Thit Gac bep ( Fried beef ), Com Lam ( rice cooked inside bamboo ), salmon hotpot...that can’t find anywhere in Vietnam weather October.

Fried beef

Or taking part in some local festival, weekly festival: Mua Sap, Cho Tinh ( Love Market )...conquering Phan Xi Pang – top of Indochina – higher than sea surface over 3.100m....

  • Ha Noi – The capital of Vietnam

Historical land with over 1000 years, there are so many kinds of food, which is separated by season. In Hanoi, the weather in October is autumn. You can try to go around old quaters, check in Hoan Kiem Lake, Opera house, Quoc Tu Giam...smell and feel the flower milk solfly in some streets or taking part in outdoor activities in Ho Guom walking street on Saturday and Sunday.

Ha Noi is also well–known with street food ( Chiken feet with kamquat, Fried chicken feet with honey, fried food... ) that you can find them in almost sidewalk in Hanoi and traditional food ( Pho Bo, Banh Mi,... ) especially Com ( green rice, sweetly taste ). Nowadays, despite of not having sold popularly, Com has become one of the indespensible snacks whenever Hanoi gets autumn and gone deeply to Hanoian’s soul for a long time.

  • Ha Long Bay – Quang Ninh

Identifed firstly one of the natural wonders of the world by UNESCO in 1994. It takes you about 3 hours by car from Ha noi city centre to the East. Ha Long city is located near the sea of the Northside and has a total area  of over 1500km2. If you were loving sea person, Ha Long is a good choice for you. You can have more activities above or under water as: diving, rowing, joining some sea sports...That they are specially suitable to October’s weather.

Seafood in Ha Long is more special and varietied because of  the width of the sea and the diversity of marinelife. It’s listed such as octopus, squid, oyster, rock crab,...   Besides, seafood is also so fresh that you don’t need to find any big restaurant, sidewalk home restaurant supplies  you. Cooking recipes is so simple and easy, almost seafood is steamed, fried and babecued eaten with some special sauces such as the peper salt with lime in the Northside and green chilly sauce in the Southside of Vietnam.

Fresh seafood in Ha Long Bay

Some tips for travelling in Vietnam weather October

Making sure that you follow the weather forecast to know Vietnam weather October before deciding to have a trip. Beside, you should be careful with travelling to highland, seaside in rainny days to avoid danger from landslide or storm. Moreover, it’s also essential to search information clearly before going your destinations. When getting lost or having problem on your trip just ask to contact to local people or your tourist guide for solutions.