How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

Vietnam weather September marks the transition time in all region, mostly toward the better. There’s no hesitation to visit this delightful country and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

Vietnam weather September overall

As the condition of Vietnam weather September turning to the good, we can expect so much from the journey. In Northern Vietnam, the rain is still there but the amount is less than the previous month. The heat remained almost the same with an average temperature of 28 °C. In the Mountainous Northwest, the climate drops down with the humidity decrease. It’s suggested to visit Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Sapa to enjoy the wonderful weather and amazing view. Also show the decreasing in the amount of rain pour is Southern Vietnam, more sunny and dry daytime will be expected.

Not quite so for the Central VIetnam, as it is the beginning of the rainy season here. The temperature is still high with an average of 28°C  but toward the end of the month, there is even more rainfall and storm. The beaches in Nha Trang, Da Nang also experience the same weather conditions. Da lat and the Central Highland is in the wettest month of the year, it’s advised not to do any adventurous activities at the time.

Perfect destinations for perfect trip in Vietnam weather September

Mu Cang Chai

How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

The marvelous view of Mu Cang Chai

One of the must-go location in September or October. This place still possessed the natural scenery that left untouched, peaceful with the sight of terraced rice paddle everywhere. Each period of the year, the rice paddle will appear differently, and all have a unique charm. Especially, La Pan Tan village is said to have possessed the most vivid and enchanting view of the terraced rice paddle and also ranged as a National attraction. The path to get there is a little bit tricky and dusty, but guaranteed worth the trip. Furthermore, Mam Xoi hill, Tu le province, Khau Pha pass are all Mu Cang Chai favorite attractions destinations that you can’t miss. And if you arrived just in time, you might witness the buckwheat flowers blossom on Khau Pha pass.

Vung Tau

How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

Vung Tau from afar

Just less than 2 hours ride from Saigon, Vung Tau is always guaranteed to be the ideal destination that not only the local Sai Gon people but also the outsiders choose to spend the weekend holliday. And Vung Tau by chance to have a pretty decent weather condition in September. This place actually fills with many exciting and intriguing things to explore. Beside the already famous beaches, Vung Tau still have many interesting places, like: Nghinh Phong cape, Con Heo hill, Bach Dinh, Sky Gate,... for you to spend the holiday and take many beautiful pictures. And afterward, it’s never too late to try out the local cuisine and specialty, from Banh Khop, Quang noodle, to the freshly caught seafood

How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

Nghinh Phong cape in Vung Tau

Quang Binh

How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

People often come to explore Toi cave

Quang Binh province has three distinctive Central Vietnam popular tourist attractions like Nuoc Mooc spring, Toi cave and Nhay reef. These three places are all close to each other and all have the wilderness scenery. Nuoc Mooc spring with clear water attracts to the mighty up above mountains with a diverse ecosystem. Just a few kilometers away, is the majestic Toi cave with many trails of the old stalactites and the natural mud pond, for anyone looking for an adventurous trip. Nhay reefs is the curious mix of the stone reef appear above the seawater that you may find it fascinating and interesting.

How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

Nuoc Mooc spring attracts many visitors


How to enjoy a trip in Vietnam weather September

The golden terraced rice paddle.

One of Vietnam's most visited locations, Sapa always gives you a surprise each time you visit. September is the ideal month to go explore this place. The famous terraced rice paddle turns from green to golden, and they make the whole town brighten up so much. Also as you can go trekking or hiking to some of the villages have those rice paddle-like: Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van. All those villages still keep the old architecture, tradition and ritual from very Vietnamese minority ethnic. There are still many places left for you to visit, like Fansipan Mountain, the “rooftop of Indochina”, O Quy Ho pass, Muong Hoa valley,...

Vietnam weather September always remains one of the most ideal time to visit Vietnam. There are so many things to explore here in all regions and are waiting for you to come. For further information, please go to our website