The anticipating spectacular Da lat flower Festival

The anticipating spectacular Da lat flower Festival

Da Lat Flower Festival is one of Vietnam's biggest and significant festivals of the year. Which will represent Da Lat city with all its distinguishing feature and introduce Vietnam culture to the world

Da Lat flower festival

Da Lat flower Festival started since 2005, and this year is the 8th season of the festival. Not only represent Da Lat essential like tourism, culture, economy,... also is one of the events to treasure the value of flowers and floriculture, showcasing the beauty of Da Lat and its people. Each time the Festival takes place, thousands of tourists from all around the world come and visit.

Da Lat flower festival 2019 will be held for the 9th time in this romantic city, start from 20th in December, continue for 5 days and end on the 24th of December.

Da Lat flower Festival has been anual taken place since 2005

Da Lat flower Festival has been anual taken place since 2005

According to the plan, Da Lat flower Festival will continue displaying the flowers space around Xuan Huong lake with many unique, amazing arrangements that will bring out the signature of Da Lat like the old French mansion made from flowers, flower park with meticulous decoration. All the flowers display are also built in the traditional craft villages, Le Dai Hanh road, the fountain in Da Lat market.

2019- The 8th Da Lat flower Festival

The anticipating spectacular Da Lat flower Festival

Many events take place in the festival

This year anticipating flower Festival will have 12 major exciting event: the flower space alongside Xuan Huong lake, on some centre street and 5 flower village of Da Lat, to showcase all the most gorgeous flowers and Latest arrangement and decoration; light and music experimental performing show on the streets; Vietnam - Korea Cultural Exchange program; Da Lat architecture legacy heritage program, Bao Loc Tea and Silk culture week,...

The main event itinerary

The opening ceremony of 2019 Da Lat flower Festival

The grand opening of Da Lat flower Festival

The grand opening of Da Lat Flower Festival

  • Time: 20h00, 20/12/2019
  • Place: Lam Vien square
  • 30 minutes of the ceremony include many exciting performing.

The flowers arrangement space:

Da Lat Flower Festival

Da Lat Flower Festival

Mini landscape with many distinctive flowers of DaLat following each day theme during the festival

  • Date: From 20/12/2019 to 02/01/2020
  • Place: Alongside Xuan Huong lake
  • Deliver the message introducing Da Lat people with their character “Generous, graceful and likable”; Lam Dong tourism as “Safety, Friendly and civilized” through the creation of the mini landscape using local signature specialties likes flowers, decorated plants as the main feature. With the details below

Many exciting installations are set up during the Festival

Many exciting installations are set up during the Festival

20/12/2019: A mini landscape with the theme “The gorgeous and graceful rose”, this is the combination of new space and many different types of roses. The flower space is open for visiting from 20/12/2019 until 2/1/2019 next to Quan The Am pagoda

21/12/2019: Mini landscape using lily flowers as the key for the theme “Elegant lily”

22/12/2019: Mini landscape using Daisy and Cat Tuong flower for the theme “Affable Cat Tuong, hospitality Daisy”

23/12/2019: Mostly using Orchid flowers for the theme “Glowing, sophisticated Orchid”

24/12/2019: Arrange some mini landscape with many flowers that represent the city in the theme “DaLat in thousand color of flowers”

Decorated flowers and plants mini landscape:

  • Time: from 18/12/2019 to 02/01/2020
  • Place: Xuan Huong lake
  • Business in and out of Vietnam participate in the exhibition and mini landscape arrangement like: the DaLat old mansion made of flowers, theme park to introduce variety of flowers with commercial potential in Da Lat

Open space

The road is filled with flowers

The road is filled with flowers


Le Dai Hanh flowers road, Ong Dao bridge and water fountain

Da Lat urban Service company will place many instalLation along Le Dai Hanh street and Ong Dao bridge. Hasfarm company will place the mini landscape of flowers and plants in Ong Dao water Fountain (remain after the Festival)

The mini will be made by Da Lat urban Service and Da Lat Hasfarm Company.

Experimental lighting street art ( from Tran Hung Dao street to Sai Gon hotel)

Arrange and install some mini landscape in Tran Hung Dao park, along the Tran Hung Dao - Tran phu - Hoang Van Thu route with light and effect at night. This instalLation will remain for a long time, after the ceremony.

Vietnam - Han Quoc cultural exchange show with the theme “Four season of Flowers”

  • Time: 7pm, 21/12/2019
  • Place: Lam Vien square
  • The Art and Culture exchange between South Tay Nguyen Performing Arts group and Korea Performing Arts group

Da Lat architecture heritage show - “City beside the hill” show with the theme“Into the art site”

  • Time: from December, 2019 - January, 2010
  • Place: Nha Lang slope
  • Include many events, community art performing (painting, music, architecture,..): Live Sketch; Painting about the landscape of Da Lat; Discussion on Art and painting; annual art exhibition “City beside the hill”; Ambien Art, Street Art;...

2019 Commercial flowers exhibition

The anticipating spectacular Da Lat flower Festival

Variety of flowers were on display

  • Time: From 20/12/2019 to 01/01/2019
  • Place: Da Lat  Urban park.
  • Exhibition, introducing and showcasing agriculture product, small business product,..from Lam Dong; Introducing tourism agency, famous destination, create opportunity for tourism travel, collaborating,..

2019 Flower and decorated plants international exhibition

  • Time: From 20/12/2019 to 01/01/2020
  • Place: Da Lat flowers garden
  • Exhibiting flowers, bonsai from all business, organization, artisan, all fields of production, distributing flowers and bonsai plant, also is the theme of the exhibition.
  • Set up competition “Orchid flowers color gather”; Bonsai; Bonsai flowers - fruits; with amazing art space
  • Other events like: art performing, calligraphy showcase.

The launching ceremony of Lam Dong Tea and Silk Culture week, with the theme “Enchanting B’Lao Festival Night”

  • Time: 8pm. 21/12/2019
  • Place: Bao Loc Sport and Culture Complex
  • Lam Dong Tea and Silk week launching ceremony with many events involve promoting B’Lao tea brand, Bao Loc Silk, dedicate to the farmer, business in the making the brand name.

Bao Loc silk fashion show “Fly high - Reach Further”

The anticipating spectacular Da Lat flower Festival

The silk fashion show last year in Bao Loc

  • Time: 22/12/2019
  • Place: Dong Nai lake, Bao Loc city
  • Promoting Bao Loc specialties SIlk and brocade through the 2019 fashion show, introducing the product made of Bao loc silk and brocade, with an art performing show.

The closing ceremony of 2019 Da Lat flowers Festival show

The anticipating spectacular Da Lat flower Festival

Da Lat flower Festival is always a special experience you will never forget.

  • Time: 7pm, 24/12/2019
  • Place: Lam Vien square
  • The 2019 Da Lat flower Festival closing ceremony
  • Performing show include many famous artists across the country.

A new feature of this year's Da Lat flower Festival is that all the mini landscapes with distinguish flowers, the signature of Da Lat city, will change each day on Xuan Hong lake and alongside of the lake with many new model and arrangement, guaranteed will make you surprise and admire.

A few reminders when visiting Da Lat during the festival time


To arrive in Da Lat, you most likely to travel by plane or car. During the Festival time, you should book the airplane ticket early to avoid the high cost.

As usual, the year that the festival take place always flooded with visitors, so you must know the exact date you want to come

There is also the information about the bus travel from Saigon to Da Lat on the official website.


Known for the unpredictable weather, Da Lat in December is pretty dry and sunny. It’s not raining season of the year, but the temperature drop down quite low, you should bring along some coat and stay warm. It’s advised to watch the weather forecast before heading out

Accomodation in Da Lat

Hotel is one of the most difficult to look for. As it’s the peak season of tourism, the room price may increase to double or even triple. So make sure you check the price and hotel condition before choosing a place to stay. You certainly don’t want to be out in the weather of 13oC without a place to stay. So make sure to book for a hotel before going to Da Lat.

Be careful while traveling

It’s festival time where the streets are always crowded and a lot is going on. You have to make sure to always aware of your personal belonging, don’t bring too much cash on you while heading out. If you see something or someone suspicious, you can inform the authority.

The anticipating spectacular Da Lat flower Festival

Da Lat flower Festival always welcome you to the new exciting discover!

There is no doubt that Da Lat flower Festival is one of the most important event up to Vietnamese Lunar New Year holiday. This is the chance for tourists to witness the beautiful scenery, get to know Vietnamese culture and most of all, to have an unforgettable memories while visiting here.