Let loose with storms of gifts at Vietnamese – Korean Cultural & Culinary Festival

Let loose with storms of gifts at Vietnamese – Korean Cultural & Culinary Festival

From November 8th to November 10th, Vietnamese – Korean Cultural & Culinary Festival will be held at Ly Thai To Square (Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi), with participation of Vietnamese – Korean celebrities such as Hà Lê, Min, Kim Dong Joon, Dynamic Duo, etc. promising to raise fascinating culinary, cultural experience among the capital residents as well as foreign visitors.

After such a long time free of chilling activities, right at the beginning of this November youngster of Hanoi will finally have the chance to let loose and immerse themselves in the very popular, ticket-free Vietnamese – Korean Cultural Exchange Day. If you have not set any plan for this weekend, be quick to come and get fired up with various not-to-be-missed events there.

Vietnamese – Korean Cultural & Culinary Festival

Vietnamese – Korean Cultural & Culinary Festival

  • Location: Vietnamese – Korean Cultural & Culinary Festival, Ly Thai To Square, Dinh Tien Hoang, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Time: 10h – 17h30 on November 8th, 9th, 10th, 2019

This year, the festival will not be held at My Dinh National Stadium like previous years, but at Ly Thai To Square, Hoan Kiem Lake – the place that holds historical meanings in Vietnam. Therefore, this is a festival with profound meanings that helps to consolidate the cooperation between two countries Korea and Vietnam.

Korean dishes

A unique culinary heaven

During 3 days of the festival, tourists of any age can join for free and experience Korean cuisine, culture and art right in the heart of Hanoi. On opening day, the organizers will perform Giant Bibimbap Cooking for 110 people according to MC’s guidances.

At the festival, youngsters will have the chance to be immersed in hundreds of traditional culinary delights of the two Vietnamese and Korean culture, prepared by professional cooks. There comes addictive Korean dishes that are so popular among Vietnamese teenagers such as Tokbokki, Kimchi, Bibimbap, Gimbap, Hobakjuk, Naengmyeon (cold noodles), Galbi (grilled ribs), Bulgogi (grilled beef), Korean seafood Cake (also known as Korean pizza), etc.

Korean Cultural & Culinary

Vietnamese- Korean Cultural & Culinary

Korean Cultural & Culinary 3

Along with numerous dishes imbued with national identity and culture such as West Lake shrimp cake, grilled bird, etc. Remember to prepare an empty stomach to try and experience all the food stalls, to your heart’s content!

Pho Vietnam

Pho Vietnam

Grilled bird

Grilled bird

Fascinating art show

Beside food stalls, Vietnamese – Korean Cultural Exchange Day also brings to Hanoi audience several art performances, from vibrant K-pop dances to well-known melodies of Vietnamese music industry, as well as eye-catching heated dance cover performances and traditional Korean folk dances.






An indispensable component of every Korean cultural exchange event is the participation of Korean – Vietnamese idols within the time frame of music exchange events. This year participation of following idols from the two countries has been confirmed: Kim Dong Joon, Dynamic Duo, Hà Lê, Min, Trung Quân Idol, etc.









In addition, exciting and useful programs such as: Vietnamese – Korean Model Taekwondo performances; performance from an art troupe in Kang Won province – Korea; Cooking Class, Lucky Draw, etc. for visitors of all ages to boost cooperation and exchange among people of the two countries.





Specially, the stall number 86-87 (near the main stage) of Korean Tourism Organization in Vietnam – KTO will surprise you with various fascinating activities:

More than 1000 gifts (CGV movie tickets, pretty souvenirs) await you to come and get.

Appealing activities directly at the stall, give away: 400 file holder EXO, 250 inox straw sets, 50 KTO raincoats, 150 traditional market, cotton-made coins, etc.

Useful Korean tourism and cuisine guidebooks, updating latest news about this country

Especially, check-in at the photo-shooting area with “1-0-2” idols EXO & Yoona









Detailed schedule and festival map:

FRIDAY/8.11 SATURDAY/9.11 SUNDAY/10.11 Time
Open for visitors to go stall-shopping Open for visitors to go stall-shopping Open for visitors to go stall-shopping 10:00~
Interacting with kid visitors Open for visitors to go stall-shopping 12:30-13:30
Korean cuisine promotion Korean cuisine promotion 13:30-14:00
Art show 1 (Vietnamese circus)

Art show 3

(Soap bubble + Vietnamese clown circus)



MC leads game show and Lucky Straw


Korean-Vietnamese Cooking Class of Korean chefs


MC leads game show and Lucky Straw 14:30-15:00
Korean-Vietnamese Cooking Class of Chef Hải 15:00-16:00
MC leads game show and Lucky Straw   16:00-16:30
Korean cuisine promotion Korean cuisine promotion 16:30-17:00

Art show 2

(Taekwondo kid troupe)

Art show 4

(Vietnamese traditional art performance

Stage preparation Stage preparation 17:30-18:15

Spinning Performance

Jackie Cycle - APOLLO

Spinning Performance

Jackie Cycle - APOLLO

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Opening activity (Make Giant Bibimbap)

K-POP Dance Starking – Final Round

Congratulatory performance


Traditional art performance

(Gangwon Province Art Troupe)

Opening performance (Gangwon Province Art Troupe) K-POP Dance Cover 19:00-19:30

K-POP Dance Starking – Elimination Round

Judges – IM NEW DANCE performing


Seo-hee, Kim Dongjun, Hanoi X Girls, Hà Lê, Dynamic Duo

V-POP Concert

MIN, Trung Quân Idol

  Closing and Awarding Ceremony 20:10-21:00
Lucky Straw Lucky Straw    Lucky Straw   21:00-21:10
Ending Ending Ending 21:10