Lim festival 2020 - a unique traditional beauty of Bac Ninh

Lim festival 2020 - a unique traditional beauty of Bac Ninh

Lim festival 2020 takes place in Bac Ninh - a land of many world cultural heritages. Coming to Bac Ninh make sure you can not miss participating in traditional festivals, especially the Lim festival.

On these days, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the festival. This is also the time for everyone to join in making friends. If you do not know about Lim festival 2020, the following information will help you gain more knowledge. We also hope that you will have the opportunity to come to this place on Tet holiday 2020 to have interesting experiences.

Lim festival is very crowded and bustling

Lim festival is very crowded and bustling

The origin of the Lim festival in Vietnam

The Lim is one of the traditional festivals of the villages in Noi Due General including Noi Due (Dinh Ca and Lo Bao), Noi Due Khanh, Noi Due Nam, Lung Giang, Xuan O and the singing theater of Tien Du communal house. It is carried out with many processions, sacrifices and very diverse folk art activities with various genres such as military drum, cheo, ca trĂ¹, classical opera and mandarin singing. Lim Festival is going to go and perform ritual rituals of tutelary genie in all villages and organize festivals along the Tieu Tuong river.

This regulation came from Do Nguyen Thuy, a native of Dinh Ca, Noi Due, of Kinh Bac, who donated many gardens and money to Noi Due to restore the temple, open the festivals, preserve the fine customs and traditions. He prescribed the ceremony of naturalization to pray on the occasion of January each year. Besides, he also rules out the customs of the Spring Festival. Just like the Lim festival was maintained throughout the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, until now.

Featured traditional Lim festival

Featured traditional Lim festival

When the lim festival begins?

As mentioned, Not only Lim festival 2020 but also almost of festivals usually take place in early spring when Tet comes in the spring, which is also the time when Lim festival is held magnificently. On these days, tourists flock to Bac Ninh to join the Lim and bustling Lim festival. The festival's opening time is 12 months of the lunar month, although the official date is 12, but takes place earlier to have more time, the venue of the Lim festival begins is on Lim hill - the festival center was jubilant with Quan Ho singing sheds and folk games.

When participating in the Lim association, you will also be able to participate in traditional games such as the Poem of Whore, the fairy, wrestling, smelling, the chess contest, the Lim association in 2020 will restore 2 more blindfolded games. goat and tug of war. A special feature that tourists pay attention to is that inside Lim communal house, the brothers and sisters at the dragon boat street sing Quan they serve tourists from the cross.

This is also a festival taking place in a large space that any visitor to this place will be very surprised.

What is the Lim festival like?

The Lim Festival takes place in two parts: the ceremony and the first part, starting with the ceremony. The ceremony took place at 8Am, the Lim Festival was opened with the procession. The procession with a large number of people participated in the ancient costumes, colorful and also extremely fussy, beautiful, extending to nearly km.Pictures of the singing contest of couples

Pictures of the singing contest of couples

During the holidays, there are many famous folk rituals and practices, including the cult of post-worship. After that, all officials, incense, Nam Dinh of the villages of Noi Due General have to gather fully at Hong Van tomb to worship the god. While sacrificing, there will be an important and indispensable part of the ritual of singing the mandarin they worshipped. To sing and worship, the male and female mandarins of Noi Due General stood in a row in front of the mausoleum and sang in. While singing, they can only sing accent voices to praise the merits of gods not to be contrary to the custom.

At the end of the ceremony, it is the festival that is most expected. Everyone will witness and participate in folk games such as martial arts, wrestling, chess, swing, weaving, and cooking besides the most special part is the singing contest. During the day, you will play games and when the night comes, you will be a night of singing competition between them. Each village they set up a camp in the large yard of Lim Hill to sing together. The singing contests are very good and touch the hearts of people.

Lim Festival 2020 is also about to take place so you should give yourself some time to visit and experience in Bac Ninh. Hopefully, through the information shared above will help you gain more knowledge and understanding of the Lim festival 2020. You can come here with your family to have happy holidays with your family.