5 recommended places for an enjoyable evening in The Old Quarter Hanoi

5 recommended places for an enjoyable evening in The Old Quarter Hanoi

Hanoians are always proud of Hanoi Old Quarter akin to Vietnamese people are always proud of their 1000-years of civilization capital. When Ha Noi has witnessed an expeditious speed of urbanization, many people have seen it as a hustle and bustle with lots of confusions and business in daytime without noticing there is still a tranquil but entertaining The Old Quarter Hanoi in nighttime. If you have not decided your evening schedule yet, here are 5 recommended places about how to spend an evening and have an enjoyable time when visiting this old-but-gold place.

1. Ta Hien Street

Despite of the restricted length (about 250m), the adjacent stores and restaurants can provide you with various services, the most popular of which is beer drinking. Flocks of customers sitting on stools around glasses of cool beer feature Ta Hien Street and make it different from luxury bars or clubs. You can also order some fried rice or grilled squid to savour while gossiping with your friends or just simply watching pedestrians on the street.

Ta Hien, located at Hanoi Old Quarter, is always full of locals and foreign tourists

One of the common answer from foreigners when asked why they prefer Ta Hien to other streets in The Old Quarter Hanoi is the harmony between Southern and Western culture and locals’ great sense of hospitality. Many travelers who even do not know a single Vietnamese words still blend in the hectic atmosphere and entertaining activities all of sudden. That is also explanation for the alternative name of Ta Hien as “Western Street” or “Foreigner Street”. Just one reminder for you is your arrivals should be “the sooner the better” and “the more the merrier”.

2. Hang Buom Food Street

If you are lucky enough to have a friend living in The Old Quarter Hanoi and you guys have visited Ta Hien for beer drinking, the destination for tomorrow evening should be Hang Buom Food Street, a famous place not only in The Old Quarter but in Ha Noi as well. There are only about 40 stalls with diverse types of food which range from traditional Vietnamese dishes to cuisines in other countries in Asia and Europe. Stalls here are quite small, so they are mainly sold in form of take - away food. Therefore, if there is no available seat on the roadside, you had better take it along your journey.

Reasonable and public price is a plus point for Hang Buom, which minimizes the risk of being ripped off for newcomers. However, your trip should be organized at weekend as the street opens only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

3. Dong Xuan Night Market

Many people thought Dong Xuan Market is an ideal place for only wholesales due to vibrant trading activities everyday. However, at night it turns out a paradise for all from shopaholics to window shoppers. Every corner of the market is made full use of by dealer, which creates a stunning and animating picture in term of both colors and sounds. Dong Xuan Night Market in Hanoi Old Quarter also presents you dozens of products from souvenirs to clothes, cosmetic to household appliances. In case you are exhausted after a continual shopping time, you have no difficulty finding a carabets or sidewalk restaurant to have a light meal before going back to your ongoing route to explore The Old Quarter Hanoi.

Dong Xuan night market Hanoi

Overcharging may be not out of the ordinary in Dong Xuan Night Market. Thus, remember to deal with the price before buying anything, especially keep a friendly smile and prepare some simple Vietnamese phrases to make a good impression then your purchasing could happen as smoothly as possible.

4. St.Joseph’s Cathedral

The attraction of The Old Quarter Hanoi comes from not only the enthusiastic atmosphere of busy streets but aslo the peaceful and magnificent beauty from ancient structures. Situated in the heart of Ha Noi, St.Joseph’s Cathedral is the typical evidence of French colonial architecture. So if you are afraid of being all in a fluster, a small pagodas nearby the church could be what you have been searching for a summer night in Hanoi Old Quarter.

Lemon tea with sunflower seeds - the famous drink and snack outside the church for young people

While in Sai Gon the youth are allured by “sitting-coffee” or “cà phê bệt”, “sidewalk ice tea” or “trà đá vỉa hè” is one of the most prevalent beverage and beloved by Hanoian of all generations. Enjoying a glass of ice tea with a plate of dried sunflower seed after a long day will be a must-try for traveler who expect to discover different sides of The Old Quarter.

5. Hoan Kiem Lake

Many people believe you are supposed to never have been to Hanoi unless you visit Hoan Kiem Lake – Ngoc Son Temple and go for a walk around walking street. When night falls, the lake becomes sparkling with colorful and bustling lights with lots of passerby, which contributes to a rhythmic, peaceful and very romantic atmosphere. The road surrounded by many interesting activities. You may catch an artist portraying with pencil paper; a group of amateur dancers, an underground singer, band performing right on the street or just many families having a relaxing walk together,…

Hoan Kiem Lake at night

There are many places around Hoan Kiem Lake open to your option such as Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge; Ba Kieu temple (opposite Ngoc Son temple); King Le statue... Especially, you cannot ignore the Hanoi-style food such as Thuy Ta ice cream; fruit beams, yogurt, bun cha, bun thang in Cau Go street,.. Just leave your vehicle outside the walking street first, then you can start to experience.

So, there no need to wait for years or decades, you can discover the changes of The Old Quarter Hanoi when day turns to night. Whatever kind of entertainment you are looking for, there always at least a destination for your decision. 5 places above may be not enough for your plan so if you still have time in Vietnam, follow articles in gonexp.com.vn to get more recommendation for the next trip!