Nice time visiting Dong Xuan market

Nice time visiting Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market is a must visit place when you are in Hanoi, especially around the Old Quarter. Not just because of the variety of merchandise on displayed there, the market also have a long, exciting history of it own

Where is Dong Xuan market?

Dong Xuan market is one of the oldest and largest markets in Hanoi, it is in a 5 storey building with many vendors, stores, and kiosks. The market dates back to the Nguyen Dynasty, about a hundred years ago. This place is known for having every merchandise from clothes, everyday objects, street food and traditional craft ever since the French established authority in the North. So now, mostly visitors come to this place for the history remarks and buy Vietnam traditional crafts as souvenirs.

Nice time visiting Dong Xuan market

One of the largest market in Hanoi

Dong Xuan market is in the Old Quarters with the East is the Dong Xuan corner and the West is Dong Xuan street, the North is Hang Khoai street. The main gate of the market is in Dong Xuan street. The market has 5 floors with a roof. And there are a lot of small routes into the market and stores ailes. Each floor sells different things and is separated into many sections. You can easily purchase anything here with a fair negotiable price. This market is still a go to place for Hanoi folks also a tourists destination. So sometimes, it will be hard for tourists to communicate with the owners, but they usually very hospitable.

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What to buy in Dong Xuan market?

Nice time visiting Dong Xuan market

You can find any distinguish thing of Vietnam here

Dong Xuan market literally has everything you want to buy in Hanoi. The market has 3 stories, and all the products are categorized into zones. On the first floor, it’s mainly for clothes, fabrics, foot wear, electronics,... on the second floor, there are fabric, clothes, mostly for wholesale. The third floor are for maternity clothes and objects. But to really know the place, you should go and explore each floors and zones.

Dong Xuan night market

Nice time visiting Dong Xuan market

The busy street of the night market

Ofcourse one of the signatures of Dong Xuan is the weekend night market. On the weekend, starting from Friday afternoon, some of Hanoi main streets in the Old Quarter include Dong Xuan becoming the pedestrian zone. So the local people or tourists usually choose this time to go around explore the city at night. And on these nights, the market expands, not just in the building, there are also vendors and kiosks outside Dong Xuan street. The whole street is lit up with many colors and an excited , crowded atmosphere. So you this a good chance for you to explore how fun this place can be, behind the historical feature

What to eat in Dong Xuan street?

One of thing that have to be mentioned is the street food in Dong Xuan street. The Old Quarter is already known for having outstanding street food culinary, and Dong Xuan market and the surrounding place are definitely where you should start. A few stand out dishes in Dong Xuan are rib porridge in Huyen Anh stores, that are served until very late at night and are still very crowded. And other worth mentioned dished like Ms. Nga’s Kebab rice noodles, shrimp cakes, sweet soups,.. And some other Asian countries dishes like Korean, Chinese.

A few reminder while visiting Dong Xuan marketNice time visiting Dong Xuan market

Outside Dong Xuan market

  • The market opens at 6 A.M and closes at 6 P.M from Monday to Thursday. And the weekend market opens at 6 P.M until 11 P.M. make sure that you have the right time to visit.
  • In the night market, you can’t have any vehicle in the market and DOng Xuan street. So it is best that you go by bus, taxi or find a nearby parking spot. Those parking spots are usually at Cau Go street.
  • You should ask for the price before buying anything. And keep your personal item close and don’t bring too much cash.

Dong Xuan market is always one of the significant destinations to visit in Hanoi. You will never regret spending time at this place where you can learn so much about Hanoi and Vietnamese people. For more information, please check out our website