The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Hanoi night market is where every tourist wants to check out when in this capital city. There are so many to expect and we want to introduce a few things before you head out to these markets

Where is Hanoi night market in the Old Quarter?

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Hanoi night market

Even Though Hanoi has a lot of quality night markets, the one in the Old Quarters is the most well-known and often visited by tourists, especially during the weekend. The market is right in the Hoan Kiem province, next to Guom lake and the Hanoi pedestrian street, which started in 2016. Including 3 main streets Hang Dao - Hang Ngang - Hang Duong, the market is 1 kilometers long from Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc square to Dong Xuan market. The night market is held every weekend since Friday and, open from 6 P.M to 11 P.M. visitors can combine exploring the Old Quarter, strolling along the streets and then head to the night market to enjoy the hustle and bustle, crowded atmosphere of Hanoi night market.

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What to do in Hanoi night market?

Shopping with fair prize

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Many products on display

Lying in one of the oldest streets in Hanoi, the night market has approximately 4000 stores and kiosks with a variety of products from clothes, toys, souvenirs to traditional handcrafts, foods,.. with reasonable price, perfect for tourists to come visit. right at the beginning of the market, you can already feel the exciting atmosphere around under the bright light. With the products being displayed all the streets, you will feel like in the holiday season, especially with all the decorative merchandise. They change every season depending on the occasion like Christmas, Tet New Year Holiday, Mid-Autumn festival,.. So the night market will never have the same look every time you come visit.

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Beside that, Hanoi night market also attracted visitors for the quantity of clothing and accessories, and electronics. All have good quality, beautiful design and all have a fair prize, visitors can easily choose and purchase. The price is mostly from a thousand Vnd to hundreds.

Enjoy the street food culinary

Maybe the most popular thing about Hanoi night market is the variety of street food from restaurants to vendors and kiosks, that is known as the street food paradise. Go along the streets, you can literally anything you want to eat from Vietnamese traditional dishes, to other Asian countries fusion, event Westerns. The dishes popular among the youngsters mostly Vietnam traditional  fried dishes, seafood and shellfish dishes, sweet soup,... korean food like Tokbokki,... and the prize is pretty cheap so the stores are always crowded.

You can go to Hang Buom street where you can find almost everything you want to eat. And be careful, if you are allergic to something, you have to ask about the ingredients before trying new things.

Here are a few dishes that you should definitely try.

Skew dishes in vendor store

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Hanoi traditional pho

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Banh mi in Hang Buom street

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Sweet soup in Hang Can street

The exciting atmosphere in Hanoi night market

Other activities in Hanoi night market 

On the days that the night market is active, there usually are many events taking place. Like on Saturday night, you can enjoy the traditional live performances and singing of Vietnam like: cheo, xam, ca tru,... from Vietnamese artists. Or other street art performances, open stage choirs, liveshow or many game events,.. That will keep you curious and anticipating. This is also considered the place that outsider can get to know a little bit about Vietnamese culture through unique ways that will impress you.

Hanoi night market is one of the first places you should go while in here. With so much going on, guaranteed you will have the best time and memory in Hanoi. If you want to know more about hanoi, please check out our website