What to do in Hanoi weather in December?

What to do in Hanoi weather in December?

Hanoi weather in December information is crucial for anyone visiting this place in the holiday. Hopefully, some of the information we gathered below may be useful for you.

Hanoi weather in December in general

Hanoi weather in December is in one of the coldest time of the year. The temperature average ranging between 18 - 19oC with a dry climate and it also drastically drops at night . There is less sunshine during the daytime, instead it get dark early about 5:30PM. Overall, December is the second least rainy month of the year, there are about  6 to 9 wet days this month. When it does, usually come as light rain and will expected some fog in the morning. So be sure to check the weather throughout daily before heading out into the streets.

What to do in Hanoi weather in December?

Saint Joseph's Cathedral

Cathedral during Christmas time

Not just on Christmas Holiday, this place usually crowned the whole years. Though, at this time of the year, the Church is decorated gracefully, light up the whole place. If you want to celebrate the Holiday and enjoy the Christmas spirit while in Vietnam, remember to check out the Saint Joseph's Cathedral on Nha Chung St. Hoan Kiem District. Which is in the Main Streets in Hanoi, conveniently if you also want to check out other famous attraction destination.

Street food tour in the Old Quarter

There is nothing more perfect than go exploring and tasting the street food and cuisine in Hanoi weather in December. Especially, in the Old Quarter, where you can easily find various famous, long history family stores, vender and restaurant that serves sophisticated Vietnam traditional dishes. Pho, Banh mi, Bun, are already well-known Vietnam dishes that best-made here.

Some of the streets that you must visit: Hang Ga, Hang Dieu, Nguyen Sieu, Tong Duy Tan, etc. Beside all those already famous dishes, you can try some of the season specialties such as:

-Vietnam traditional sweet soup (Hang Bo street)

-Vietnam steamed rice roll  (Hang Ga street)

Recommended trips from Hanoi

Sapa (Lao Cai)

Just like Hanoi weather in December, Sapa has a cold and dry months of winter. Although, situated in the Mountainous Northeast, the weather tended to get colder, the temperature drops low, average of 12 °C and there is about 5 hours of sunshine everyday. Although December is dry the whole time, there may be expected some lightrain. But in general, Sapa in December has an ideal weather, much milder than the rest of the year, appropriate for any outdoor pursuits such as trekking, hiking, climbing. Make sure to bring enough warm clothes, keep yourself hydrated and be safe before participating in any outdoor activities.

Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh)

It’s winter time in December in Halong Bay. With the average temperature ranging between 15°C and 23°C. Different from Hanoi weather in December, Halong Bay have a lower humidity due to being on the sea. You may expect occasional rainfall but it’s considered much drier than summer. One of the things you anticipate while visiting this place is going on a cruise for sea-sighting. Don’t worry about the fog covers the island, it only brings more excitement to this mystical Bay, you may feel like being lost in an enchanted paradise among the marvelous limestones and karsts. That’s some experience you have here while the place is not too crowded with tourists this season.

A few advice before visiting Hanoi in December.

  • Prepare some extra serious warm clothes, blankets, at night the weather tend to be quite frosty and cold
  • Remember to stay hydrated and bring some necessary medicine.
  • When trying new food or cuisine, make sure you know what the ingredients in the dishes, just in case of an allergy.
  • The street in Hanoi may some be difficult to find, so it is necessary to know the map before hand or you can ask people around for more detail.
  • Above are some of our recommendations for you while visiting in Hanoi weather in December. Checkout our site for any useful and latest information about traveling in Vietnam