What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

Hanoi weather in June marks the beginning of summer in Hanoi. Let Gonexp.com advice you some details about the capital city in June.

Hanoi weather in June overall

The summer has arrived in Hanoi, deliver some large amount of heat to this place. The average temperature is about 33oC by day and 26oC at night, make it impossible to avoid the heat. Though, the climate might get hotter. Duel to the urban heat island effect, and the amount of heat from the sun melting the asphalt on roads, it can increase up to approximately 40oC. Especially, with the high humidity of 72%, the weather sometimes can wear you out. And you also will expected some heavy rainfall occur suddenly, for about 15 days this month.

However, despite the heat that summer brings, June is still the start of peak season of tourists, and still steadily increase the numbers of passengers every year. So, what have seemed to captivate the attention of visitors travelling this time of the year? Here are clues on some of the attraction destinations that popular and a must-visit during summer

Where to go in Hanoi in June?

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

The construct in actual size of Rong house of Mong ethnic in the museum

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi is an ideal place to visit while in Hanoi.  The museum offers the information of 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam. From the religious events and ritual, symbolic ceremonies of each of the Vietnamese ethnic groups, to the everyday household objects representing each group. Also, in the First of June, the International Children's Day, there is an annual event that takes place for visitors, especially children. The event include many traditional games and cuisine from various ethnic groups, that everyone can participate in and experience the unique charm of each group.

Thang Long water puppet theatre

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

A water puppet performance in Thang Long theatre

Another indoor place to ditch the heat outside and enjoy the Vietnamese traditional art form. This type of performance has taken place, developed for over a thousand years in the Red River Delta. With the diverse and unique performance, this puppetry art is well-known and has satisfied the expectations all over the world. These well-crafted performances usually include the basic daily life and activities of the rural villagers in the old day likes fishing, farming, romance, rituals or children playing around. The stories mostly based on the old, ancient myths, folk tales that became part of the Vietnamese history.

You can purchase the tickets at the Counter or, you can book yours and the ticket plus program information will be delivered to your hotel. Hope you will make up some time to visit and enjoy the show.

A trip to Sapa (Lao Cai)

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

Famous Bac waterfall in Sapa

Not far from the capital city of Vietnam, but Sapa, with its mountainous geography, has a more pleasant and cool weather. The average temperature is about 21oC, but you may experience some hot days during this month. Rainfall is expected and the humidity of 81%, make this place feel a little bit muggy and sticky. But otherwise, the weather considered milder than the rest of North Vietnam. You can still able to pursue any outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, climbing, canoeing or picnicking. With many beautiful, enchanted attractive destinations in Sapa, you can visit any of those things. Some places are highly recommended for visitors: Local villages (Cat Cat, Ta Van, Sa Seng, Ta Phin,...), Bac waterfall, Ham Rong Hill, Bac Ha markets,...

The best dishes to avoid the heat of Hanoi weather in June?

Trang Tien ice scream

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

People eating ice cream outside the Trang Tien store

What’s better treat than ice cream in a bright, hot days of summer in Hanoi? Right in Trang Tien Plaza, the most popular and luxury destination in the Old Quarter, where sell one of the most long-established ice cream stores in Hanoi: Trang Tien Ice Creams.

Trang Tien Ice Creams is famous for its special flavor, with four traditional, must-tried one: bean, chocolate, young glutinous rice, and coconut milk. The franchise has served for many generations of Hanoi and now is also well-beloved by foreigner tourists. You can see Trang Tien Ice Cream parlor is always crowded with visitors come, buy and enjoy the treats. Thought, there is no table, no chair, people only eating while standing, this considered a distinguished feature like no others. With a reasonable price, and easy access to buy, Trang Tien Ice Cream are always recommended for visitors to try while in Hanoi.

“Chè” - Vietnamese Traditional Sweet soup:

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

Traditional lotus seed sweet soup and black bean sweet soup

Sweat soup is considered a popular and delicious desserts by Vietnamese people and also the tourists. Particularly, during the hot summer days, this is one of the ways to pull off the heat. Usually sell on the venders of the streets, with various flavors and toppings, usually made of natural ingredient that very fresh and watery and sugar syrup, such as: lotus-weed sweet soups, black-jelly sweet soups, black bean sweet soup, young rice sweet, This beverage can be found in any streets, especially some vendors or street in the Old Quarter are famous for this selling this dessert, like: Ba Thin store on Hang Bo Street, Che Bon Mua in Hang Can Streets,...

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

Young rice sweet soup in the famous Ba Thin store

What’s is Hanoi weather in June like?

Many types of topping served for customer favor

Despite the heat of Hanoi weather in June, this is still the ideal time to visit and experience the attraction destination or local specialty. Hope that the not above may come handy to you while visiting Hanoi.