Hanoi weather in November - Wallow yourself in a mass of brightly-colored flower

Hanoi weather in November - Wallow yourself in a mass of brightly-colored flower

Vietnamese climate is differentiated by particular regions then particular seasons. In the North, in addition to two main distinct seasons in a year: sultry summer and freezing winter residents are familiar with two other transitional period of time: spring and autumn. If you are enjoying Hanoi weather in November, you may be experiencing one of them – one of those universally beloved seasons and can hardly resist one of the spotlight in Hanoi during this time: flower. Varied colors, wide-raging shapes, miscellaneous fragrances, many species have made a name themselves as symbols of Hanoi autumn, even when it comes to an end. See what Hanoi weather in November is like and where you can find those gorgeous displays.

Hanoi weather in November

Autumn sets in Hanoi in late September and lasts around 1-2 months. Hanoi weather tend to be more winter-liked at the end of autumn proven through the gradual decrease in sunshine hour, temperature, humidity and rainfall.

Sunshine hour

Hoan Kiem lake a day full of sunlight

As analyzed, Hanoi receives around 4 hour of sunlight per day in this month, which accounts for nearly 1/3 of daylight hours and the rest are overcast. However, owing to first day of the month with a greater number of sunshine hours, you will find yourself under the sunlight longer (up to 6-7 hours) at the beginning of the November.


In term of temperature, there is a significant decline in degree dropping a hint for winter’s occurrence. The most common figure as measured ranges between 18˚C (64.6˚F) and 26˚C (78.8˚F). Beside, under the influence of climate change, in some exceptional cases, daily lows can be down to 13˚C (55.4˚F) and daily highs can be up to 31˚C (87.8˚F). Generally, days tend to be warmer and evenings often bring comfort. Despite of that, with Hanoi weather in November, in case the very first monsoon reach Hanoi during your excursion, remember to bring a jacket or cardigan along with your luggage, otherwise you totally buy it in a local store.


Hanoi weather in November is also marked for dry season later on in the city, or in the North in general. Therefore, the humidity percentage is around 60% and still might fluctuate in the course of the month because the lowest figure can reach 32%, especially in second half of November. So make sure that you don’t let your body dehydrated on the way travelling. Beverages may be found to be sold everywhere, but you’d better carry your own bottle and avoid throwing more plastic ones.


A street of Hanoi after a light rain

Due to serving as the first month of the dry season in North Viet Nam, November notes a drastic decline in precipitation values, just about 60mm. Specifically, the amount of rainfall received this month is twice as less as that of the previous month. The same happens to the number of rainy day when rain only patter for 7-9 days and sporadic rain is the most popular form in November.

Season of flowers – Where to enjoy this time?

Yen Stream with blooming water lily, My Duc District

Yen Stream with a flow of blooming water lily

Yen Stream is often attached to the image of Perfume Pagoda as a crowded site in spring time. However, another aspect of the stream will be revealed when you pay a visit to this suburban district, take a boat trip then enjoy the scenery of water lily blooming. Quietly and peacefully as it takes place, the view from hundreds of flowers is still so stunning, making it like a flower stream full of fresh pink color as an ink-painting. That’s why this place is selected as wedding photoshoot location by many young couples.

Daisy in Tay Tuu flower village, Bac Tu Liem District

Mini white daisy in Tay Tuu flower village, Bac Tu Liem District

Mini daisy could be found anywhere in the street of Hanoi and kept in panniers then go into every lane of city. But you will definitely save a memorable experience with the garden of glorious daisies curtseying in the breeze and showing off their finest color. During Hanoi weather in November, a cycling tour to Tay Tuu flower village is always an excellent suggestion. Do you want to get lost in an outdoor flower museum, surrounded in perfume and colors of not only daisy but many others? Gardens in Tay Tuu must be on top of your priority.

 Long Bien Flower Plateau, Long Bien District

A model of castle imitates Western architecture in Long Bien Flower Plateau

As one of the most “hot” sites for the young in Hanoi, Long Bien Flower Plateau provides a spacious and magnificent area which can’t be more suitable for your photoshoot. Instead of being featured by only one flower genus, this place deliver varied types such as European Michaelmas-daisy, daisy, roses, purple water lily flower, Chrysanthemum, etc. Besides carpet of resplendent flowers, there are also some adorable horses and sheep along with some kinds of artificial structure such as a white bridge, a pigeon house and some spots imitating Western architecture in case you prefer retro style. 

Yellow mustard flower in Gia Lam

A field of yellow mustard flower in Gia Lam

There is no need to go so far, in Moc Chau for example, to see the endless hillsides of white mustard flowers as people in Hanoi now have their own granaries of yellow mustard flower that are extremely appealing.  A famous address you may want to jot down is a field of broccoli more than 10 hectare, just 10km from the center of Hanoi, in Phu Dong village (Gia Lam) or Trau Quy Town. When standing alone, a sprig makes no sense but when thousands of blooms dyes a large area in fresh yellow, that’s exactly a must-not-miss landscape. It is a bit pity that the peak of yellow mustard lasts just about 20 days, not to mention natural disaster can shorten it.

Glorious wild sunflower in Ba Vi National Park

Glorious wild sunflower in Ba Vi National Park

For those who always thought that hills of wild sun flowers can be found only in Da Lat, now it’s totally possible for you to enjoy another version with Hanoi weather in November. In some ways wild sunflower in Ba Vi don’t have as much petal as those in Da Lat but the color is more outstanding, especially when growing in a large field. Merging with the stunning view of Ba Vi landscape, the vast plain covered with apricot yellow flowers will absolutely leave you nicest photos in your collection.

Hanoi weather in November may disquiet you owing to its very first monsoon breezing but above all, November still is one of the most favourite months that many sources highly recommend for any Hanoi-lover. Perfect temperature for any jaunt then perfect time and places for photographers who want to experience and store another image of Hanoi: tranquil but still impressive with striking colors.