Hanoi weather in November - the ideal time to visit

Hanoi weather in November - the ideal time to visit

Hanoi weather November is still in the nicest time of the year, following are some further information on the temperature and climate.

Hanoi in November overview

Hanoi weather November is the end of Autumn, maybe the beginning of the winter You may expect a dry weather with the monsoon blowing stronger. The average temperature ranging from 19 to 24oC daily. There is less sunshine, but also less rainfall, so it won't stop people from heading out to the street to enjoy a cool temperature during daytime and some light cold breeze at night. Although, there is less sunny day, but stay cautious with those rainy days as it can get really cold and frosty due to the monsoon effect. Remember to prepare extra thin coat for some special situations.

In November, there is no special event, festival or ceremony. However, this is also the low season of tourists with low price index. You can fully explore Hanoi when it is less crowded, with an affordable accommodation.

Hanoi weather in November in general is very mild and pleasant for a trip around this capital city. Below are some recommended tourist destinations for you while visiting Hanoi in November.

Best place to visit in Hanoi in November

Old Quarter

Hanoi weather in November is suitable for any walk down the streets, especially in The Old Quarter. With its long history and an antique atmosphere, this place will amaze you every time you visit. Hanoi’s Old Quarter consists of an impressive old French architecture along the ancient commercial streets with a rife of today modernisation. All the streets here are named after their ancestors original business dated back 1,000 years ago. The streets are not only beautiful but also famous for its sophisticated street food and cuisine, really enjoyable especially when it is winter time in November.

Especially, since the weather not yet too cold, you can still try some of the summer specialties  like: Trang Tien ice cream, Vietnam traditional sweet soup, traditional sweet and sour salad,... And of course, Pho, Banh mi and Bun are always on top of the must-tried dishes, particularly the flavor tasted better in the cold winter weather. You can explore the culinary world of Vietnam in some popular streets in the Old Quarter, such as: Hang Bo street, Hoe Nhai street, Hang Bong street, Nguyen Sieu street, Hang Dieu street,..

Duong Lam old village (Son Tay, Hanoi)



Just on the outskirts of Hanoi, Duong Lam, a commune of Son Tay town, is famous for being the first ancient village in Vietnam. Until today, Duong Lam still retains most of the basic symbolic of a Vietnam ancient village with old houses, temples, village gates, trees, courtyard, water fields, port village,etc. Especially, the roads of this village still remain the shape of the fish bone. Also Duong Lam preserves varieties of festivals, ceremonies, customs and literature about the people and the place itself during different periods of time. With the ideal Hanoi weather in November, this place is hard to miss out.

Perfect trip from hanoi

Ha Giang



Located in the Mountainous Northwest of Vietnam, Ha Giang is known for its beautiful road trips, marvelous mountain sights. November is in season for the blossoms buckwheat flowers. Particularly, at the end of this month, you can witness the rice terraced paddle on the rocky plateau. All of this put on Ha Giang a brand new and romantic looks. Some of favorite attraction destinations you can go hiking, trekking and camping on are: Dong Van Stone Plateau, Lung Cu Flag Pole, Quan Ba Double Mountain,etc. With the easy communication, mostly by bus or by rented motorbike, car, Ha Giang is becoming one of the notable places to visit in Vietnam.

Halong Bay



One of the best tourist attractions in Vietnam, the weather in Halong Bay is similar to Hanoi weather in November. You will experience a rather dry and mild weather with less rain and some light breeze. Even though, the sunshine will be decrease daytime, but there is still clear and blue sky, with no foggy haze. You can pretty much still enjoy any outdoor activities like hiking, picnicking and especially cruising on a boat with a marvelous seasight and beautiful karsts and islands. This time mark the start of the low tourist season, which will advantage you a pleasant time with a less crowded beaches.

A few reminders while visiting in Hanoi weather in November

  • Remember to stay hydrated as this is a dry season, especially if you travel to the higher ground places like Sapa or Ha Giang
  • Pack suitable carriage and bring some warm clothes as the season getting colder.
  • Be careful going to the mountainous destinations, do wear a helmet while riding a motorbike.
  • Hanoi weather November is considered the ideal time to visit this place. With all the information above, we hope it is useful for you to plan a trip to Hanoi this November.