Hanoi weather September and highlights for travelers at the end of summer

Hanoi weather September and highlights for travelers at the end of summer

September appears to be the period of time when the North of Vietnam transforms from hot and muggy days of summer to pleasant and comfortable time of autumn. Located in North Delta (Red River Delta), Hanoi weather September is under the influence of regional climate. Even you prefer either wandering along the street to enjoy sunlight then discovering nameless corners in the city or blending yourself in Mid-Autumn Festival, Hanoi weather in September may be suitable enough for your appetite. Check our information below to see what may be yours.

What Hanoi weather September is like?

Sunshine hours

The number of sunshine hours in September on average remains around 5 hours per day, which means there is just a little bit change in comparison to August. The same holds true for the percentage of sunny (34%) against cloudy weather (66%). The gradual decrease of cloud happens as time passes, with the end of September being less cloudy than the beginning.

Many photographers see these last rays of sunlight of summer as a privilege for their shoots of Hanoi. Even Hanoi weather September offer little support for photographing in term of light, a bike riding or a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake or West Lake in the cloudy afternoon may be a good choice instead.


Humidity in Hanoi is often high during the month, whose average relative humidity is about 73%. However, it’s likely that humid conditions could drop from around 99% on September 1 to approximately 92% on September 30.

In fact, high percentage of humidity has many negative impacts on your health. Therefore, check the weather forecast before going out. If the figure is out of the ordinary and at alarming level, your plan should be delayed.



Even though the most abundant rainfalls drop behind, Hanoi weather September still belongs to wet season. During this period, the city is likely to receive up to 265 mm/10.4 in of precipitation on average. Nearly a half of September Hanoi undergoes wet days (about 14 days, which shows a slight decline from the previous month. The possibility of rainy weather reduces in the course of the month while thunderstorms are still the most common manifestation of rain in this period.


The average daily temperatures are on a slight decrease in the city of Hanoi in September. Daily lows usually vary between 21˚C (69.8˚F) and 27˚C (80.6˚F), while daily highs fluctuate from 27˚C (80.6˚F) to 35˚C (95˚F). Variations beyond these limits are not on a regular basis. Besides, air temperatures mostly range from 24˚C (75.2˚F) to 31˚C (87.8˚F) this time of year, which shares a relative common with many cities in Asean countries.

Hot weather hasn’t predominated yet, so you can consider more outdoor activities in Hanoi.  The hot interval ranges from around 11:30 am - 6 pm at the beginning of the month to 1 pm until 5:30 pm by the end of September. No matter how excited you are about sunbathing, avoid those time if you don’t want your vulnerable skin to be damaged.


Sunrise and sunset

On the last days of summer the duration of daylight appears shorter than the previous months – about more than 12 hours and from 5:40 am to 6:12 pm. The day with the shortest daylight is September 30 is recorded having shortest daytime with 11:58 hours of daylight.

If watching sunrise is one of your favorites, set an alarm at 5.am in order not to miss the moment of the first rays of sunshine. Another interesting experience is observing city life when sunsets comes or just taking a rest before blending in the enthusiastic nightlife of Hanoi.

Extraordinary weather occurrences

September is still the typhoon season in North Vietnam and, consequently, in the country's capital of Ha Noi goes through the same. These tropical storms tend to unleash heavy showers then flood various areas as well as the gusting wind may even causes tree uprooted. The infrastructure may be strongly affected by these notorious hazards of nature, which means your excursion are in danger. The most useful advice is equiping yourself with information about weather and learn some protecting skill for emergency.



Suggestions on tasting Hanoi at the end of summer

Tet in February may be one of the longest and most traditional holiday, which many travelers expect to try, but there are also two holidays in September that you don’t want to miss: The Independence Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. With the Hanoi weather September, here are some suggestion for you:

1.The Independence Day

A wide range of activities can be offered in the Independence Day of Vietnam such as watching fireworks in the sky at some certain spots (usually Hoan Kiem Lake), taking some photos of magnificent streets full of national flags or organized, and so on. Many people decide to a short journey to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum or Ba Dinh Square in order to recall over the historical event taking place years ago. Other younger people or office workers often make use of this day off to gather their old classmates or go to the mall with relatives because there always big sales on this occasion.



2. The Mid-Autumn Festival

Together with Tet (Vietnamese New Year), the Mid-Autumn Festival is believed to be the most popular public celebration in the country If you follow to the Gregorian calendar, the festival takes place around the end of September and the beginning of October, exactly on 15 August to the Lunar Calender. A lot of decorations and activities has taken places even weeks before the official day. Dancing performances, colorful lanterns and costumes, pavilions selling mooncake are founded anywhere in Hanoi. Some of the must-see destinations highly recommended are: Hang Ma Street in the Old Quarter for great shopping, My Dinh National Stadium where a flying lantern festival is hold, area around Hoan Kiem Lake including various entertaining activities or the Temple of Literature or Van Phuc Silk Village with beautiful decoration like hanging lanterns. Your schedule should be well organized so that it can fit Hanoi weather September and you can enjoy this national special festival.



Marking the transition from summer to fall, Hanoi weather September may differ a bit from others time in the year as well as other region over country. It is also commonly believed that September to November is the best time to visit Hanoi, so the two celebrations above may be just highlight of many other interesting events in the season. And again, prepare yourself with all essential knowledge about Hanoi weather September, make your own itinerary and follow other articles on gone.xp to make your trip as wonderful as possible.