Vietnam Travel Diaries: An Overview

Vietnam Travel Diaries: An Overview

To say the Vietnam ’15 trip exceeded expectations is in fact a tremendous understatement.

Given what I had heard before I left, I expected to travel through a beautiful yet chaotic country just like any other in Asia; rich in culture, abundant in spectacular food, but a little broken due to the ramifications of war and the cycle of poverty. Beauty and cuisine I found in an instant, but broken, this country is not.

What I loved most about Vietnam was how it forced me so far away from my comfort zone, and taught me to be brave, try new things and let go of irrational fears. And I think that’s what travelling should be about, in your 20s—leaving your comfort zone far behind at home, experiencing new things, broadening your horizons, and taking in everything the new culture you’re immersed in has to offer.  The people you travel with often play a huge role in your travel experiences – I was very lucky in that I began the trip with one of my closest friends, and we joined a tour which consisted of some of the most encouraging,  fun-loving individuals I have ever met—a big part of the reason why we had such an amazing time!

Vietnam is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries I have visited to date. Its charm lies in how different each city or town is to the next, and how much natural beauty can be found in each place you visit. The poverty we saw, particularly up north, was definitely confronting, but the way the locals went about their day with such happiness despite their hardships, was nothing short of inspiring.

There’s absolutely no way one blogpost is sufficient, to do this incredible country justice, so brace yourselves for  a series of travel diary posts throughout the coming weeks. In the meantime though, here is one snap from each of the main towns and cities we visited… I’ll call this series ‘Snippets of Vietnam’.


The motorbike-infested alleyway which initially lead to some (not so) mild hysteria, but eventually became our home.


Halong Bay

No photo will ever do this view justice.



Inside the Citadel.


Hoi An

Without a doubt my favorite stop in Vietnam. Absolute magic.


Nha Trang

We actually used one of those bowl-looking things as a method of transportation. What an experience!


Cu Chi

An opportunity to relive the past. Very insightful!


Mekong Delta

One last boat experience.

Ho Chi Minh

Hustle, bustle, the end

Stay tuned for more!