Is Ho Chi Minh weather in October suitable for travelling?

Is Ho Chi Minh weather in October suitable for travelling?

Ho Chi Minh weather in October is the best time to plan a trip to go to there. The average temperature is about 28 ° C, the sunlight is not too strong, enough to have beautiful photos to capture the travel moments.

The weather in Ho Chi Minh in October

The weather in Ho Chi Minh in October is the days with the most beautiful afternoon, the flow of people rushing in the afternoon sun, under the old green trees after rain. Around this time, this city has the golden sunshine on the old trees, the cold will be light when the sky is just dark. If summer comes, the city only has a few street corners dyed red with phoenix flowers, then when October comes, this city seems to change its clothes. The yellow leaves fall together as the wind accidentally passes by.

Ho Chi Minh weather in October, rain and then suddenly sunshine. The rays of the autumn sun are not as harsh and dazzling as the summer, the breeze blowing softly makes the weather in October in HCM is extremely beautiful. You should bring an umbrella to not get wet, and totally feel the beauty of October of HCM.

5 Best and the most popular places to visit and relax in October in Ho Chi Minh

Coming here at the time of the rainy season, you will still experience a travel on your own. These days, choosing a lovely cafe with romantic space will help you have the most comfortable relaxing moments.

Co Ba Saigon Rooftop Coffee

  • Address: Floor 5, 2-4-6 Đồng Khôi, P. Bến Nghé, District 1

As one of the beautiful cafes in HCM with ancient features of the riverside scenery and beautiful location in the center, Co Ba Saigon Rooftop is a favorite destination for those who love the appearance of HCM - Old Saigon and tranquility. Sitting here and drinking a coffee in the weather of October in Ho Chi Minh will make you feel very comfortable after the hart time that you have been through.

The high quality of Co Ba Coffee is clearly shown by the items that the shop owner collected from the windows, cabinets, tables and chairs, to the porcelain trays, which showed the vivid and colorful images of the 1980s.

Live slowly to see the beautiful things in Co Ba coffe

Terrace Cafe

  • Address: 65 Le Loi, Ground Floor Saigon Center, District 1

Terrace is one of the beautiful cafes in Ho Chi Minh with unique space with bird cages and green space, like a fanciful garden rare in HCM. The seats at the bar are designed in the shape of a bird cage, making visitors feel both interesting and mysterious, as if in the middle of a fairy world. At this point, it is only determined to take hundreds of shimmering photos to take home.

A luxurious place of Terrace to chill in the middle of HCM.

Hoa Giay rice-cafe

  • Address: 19 Huynh Tinh Cua, Ward 8, District 3

For those who cannot go to Hoi An, Hoa Giay Coffee on Luong Tinh Cua Street (District 3) offers a very old corner right in the middle of Saigon. The dominant yellow tones make the paper flower trellis in front of the gate stand out, especially on the day when the flowers bloom, pink spots on the yellow background and pretty green doorways, a few more hanging lanterns, it was peaceful. The shop only sells a few simple juices, familiar coffee so there are not many choices, with Quang shrimp meat, chicken noodles.

A vintage view in Tiem Hoa Giay coffee for someone who loves old stuffs

Sài Gòn Oi

  • Address: 4-5th floor of condominiums 42 Nguyen Hue and 63 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, District 2

Talking about the expensive view, surely no one can cross the cafes located on Nguyen Hue street. In which Saigon Oi is a name of coffee that you absolutely must not be missed, especially in the weather of October in Ho Chi Minh when travelling.

A peaceful place in SaiGonOi to relax in the weekend

Fly Cupcake Garden

  • Address: 25B Tu Xuong, District 3

Designed to be cozy and rustic with quite large space, Fly Garden is a place listed on the ideal place for young people in Saigon. Fly Garden has 2 separate areas for you to choose: lovely garden area creating vivid and romantic picture. A separate area inside with a cozy décor makes you feel relaxed.

Take a cool photo in Fly cupcake garden

Enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and watching the streets of Saigon in the pouring rain outside will create a romantic, peaceful and strange feeling for all visitors. On rainy days, Ho Chi Minh weather in October is also less stubborn and the temperature is greatly reduced. After these rains you can comfortably take a walk through the streets of HCM with the cool outdoor temperatures. These are the small tips for travelers who want to visit HCM in October. Please look forward to other articles to preapare carefully for a trip to HCM.