It is absolutely a great idea to visit Cham Island Hoi An.

It is absolutely a great idea to visit Cham Island Hoi An.

Cham Island Hoi An is a famous place in Vietnam and it attracts millions of tourists every year. Let’s find out how unique Cham Island Hoi An is.

 Overview about Cham Island Hoi An

Cham Island Hoi An (Cu Lao Cham) where is off the center of coast‘s Vietnam comprising eight small islands such as Hon Lao (pearl), Hon Kho me, Hon Kho con (dry) , Hon La (leaf), Hon Dai (long), Hon Mo (tomb), Hon Tai (ear), Hon Ong (east wind). The distance between Cham Island and Cua Dai Beach is nearly 16 kilometers. Cham Island Vietnam was recognized as Vietnam’s national scenic site as well as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in May 2009.

There are various kinds of flora and fauna in Cham Island Hoi An, especially, the six-leaf tea is planted and harvested every year which is used to detox. Moreover, there are over hundreds of species in genera of corals in Cham Island Hoi An. The various kinds of fish, lobster, mollusk make the marine ecology in Cham Island Hoi An richer and richer.Cham Island Hoi An is so marvelous that you must come.

Cham Island Hoi An is so marvelous that you must come

Cu Lao Cham Marine Park is a place that you must go when going to Cham Island Hoi An. Spending a day on diving and snorkeling is so fantastic, or you can visit the fishing villages to know more about the local’s life, or just go to glamorous beaches like Bai Cong Beach, Bai Ong Beach and sunbathe. Additionally, it is so fascinating for you to have a camping in Cham Island Hoi An. There are many shops that you can rent the facility for camping.

Cham Island Hoi An is located in Tan Hiep Commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. If you have a chance to visit Hoi An, don’t forget to visit Cham Island.

The perfect time to go Cham Island Hoi An

Cham Island weather is quite great and it will make everyone feel comfortable. According to some experienced visitors, the best time to visit Cham Island Hoi An is from March to August. The weather is sunny as well as the temperature is normal, therefore, it is so great that you can take part in outdoor activities. Between June and August are the suitable times for those who are a big fan of diving scuba, you can go to Cham Island in these times to enjoy the beauty of the world under the water. From September to February, the weather is quite rainy and has strong winds. Moreover, there may have some storms that will affect your trip.

How to get to Cham Island Hoi An

If you start from Cua Dai Beach and go by canoe, it takes you about 30 minutes and it costs VND 300,000 per person per round- trip (if you come and leave in the same day) and VND 350,000 per person per round-trip (if you come and leave in other days). The canoe departs from Cua Dai Beach at 8:30 am and 2:00 pm every day. Therefore, you should go to Cua Dai Beach before 8:30 am and 2:00 pm or you will miss the canoe.

If you choose to go by a local boat, the ticket price is VND 50,000 per person per round (for Vietnamese) and VND 100,000 per person per round (for foreigners). The foreigners have to fill in a form including name, nationality, age, etc before boarding. You can take the motorbike with you but you will pay VND 30,000 per motorbike. The boat departs at 8:00 am every day.

Visit around Cham Island Hoi An

To admire the beauty of each small island, you can rent a boat. The renting boat service for a morning or an afternoon is VND 600,000. The boat can contain 10 people.

Besides, renting a motorbike is a good way to discover the island. It is worth to explore each street in Cham Island Hoi An. Be careful because the street is quite narrow, it would be better if you have lots of experience in riding the motorbike. Or you can hire a driver, it costs about VND 150,000 per hour.

A lot of people will wonder where to stay in Cham Island Hoi An. Don’t worry because you can stay at the homestay. Homestay is the choice that almost tourists choose when they going to Cham Island Hoi An. Homestay mainly located in Bai Chong Beach. The price is quite reasonable and you will be satisfied.

Snorkeling in Cham island

Snorkeling in Cham island

Some tips when you are about to visit Hoi An Cham Island

  • A lot of traveling companies organize the tour to Cu Lao Cham Island and you can offer a tour guide if you want.
  • You should prepare important things like your ID, passport, medicine (in case you are allergic to some food), etc.
  • Don’t forget to prepare sunscreen and sunglasses as it is sunny.
  • Updating information about weather Cham Island is so important that will have a marvelous trip.
  • You can book the meal in a homestay in Cham Island with the price from VND 50,000 to VND 100,000. Or you can go to the restaurants in Bai Lang, Bai Chong, Bai Ong of Cham Island Hoi An.
  • The ticket for snorkeling is VND 150,000 per person with full equipment. The price for renting a scuba is VND 800,000 and the price for diving under the water is VND 950,000 per person.
  • The price for a renting tent is VND 100,000.