Chuc Thanh pagoda: Faith of spirituality in Chuc Thanh pagoda

Chuc Thanh pagoda: Faith of spirituality in Chuc Thanh pagoda

Worship has become an integral part of religious beliefs. If you come to Hoi An not only for sightseeing but also for worship, Chuc Thanh pagoda will be an ideal place for you to calm down, pray for money, health for relatives and family.

In this article, we will send you what you need to know when visiting or worshiping at Chuc Thanh pagoda.

Chuc Thanh pagoda - National historical destination

Chuc Thanh pagoda - National historical destination

About history of Chuc Thanh pagoda

Chuc Thanh Pagoda is located in Cam Pho, Hoi An, Quang Nam province, the birthplace of the Chuc Thanh clan of Lam Te zen. According to the book of Vietnamese Buddhist history, Chuc Thanh pagoda was painted in the 17th century by Zen master Minh Hai - Phap Bao. This Zen’s master from Phuoc Kien province came to our country during the time of King Nguyen Phuc Tran (1687 - 1691). He established himself at Linh Mu Pagoda, then went to Hoi An to build Chuc Thanh pagoda. Gradually this temple became a large communal house in the central and the south of Viet Nam.

Architecture of Chuc Thanh Pagoda

Chuc Thanh Pagoda is directed to the southwest, lied under the shade of tall and ancient trees, with majestic and ancient looks. The pagoda has a triangular architecture - a common architectural style of temples in our country, with a combination of sculptures and carvings typical of Vietnamese and Chinese culture. The pagoda has an extremely elaborate and intricate system of statues of worship, worthy of beautiful destruction of art.

Campus of Chuc Thanh pagoda

The campus of Chuc Thanh pagoda

Things to do in Chuc Thanh pagoda

1. How to address truly  in the Chuc Thanh pagoda

Entering the pagoda, you should use the Buddha name "A di da phat" instead of a name to say ‘’hello’’ to the monks and monks in the pagoda. When you leave, you should also use this phrase to pay homage, for both sightseeing people and pagoda.

2. Preparing gifts to Buddhist

Offering incense at the pagodas is only allowed to buy vegetarian foods: fresh flowers, ripe fruits, Oan ( a kind of rice flour for worship ), sticky rice, tea,... are not allowed to be prepared for foods such as meats (buffaloes, goats, pigs), chicken, sausages, rolls...

Flowers for Buddha are usually lotus flower, lily, peony, rose, daisy... absolutely do not use all kinds of mixed flowers and wildflowers.

Ripe fruits bestowed on the altar are fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, grapes, grapefruit, apples, persimmons, papaya,...

Absolutely do not place foods ( kinds of meat, oily foods...) in the area of the Buddha (the main hall), which is the main place of worship of the pagoda.

At the pagoda, do not put real money and negative money on the altar or tray ceremony.

Worship things is sold nearby pagoda

Worship things are sold nearby pagoda

3. Praying

According to the law of Buddhism, praying does not bring peacefulness, it does not help improve wisdom and does not help change destiny. You should do good things yourself, help others,... to give happiness in your life.

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Advices when going to Chuc Thanh pagoda

  • Wearing usual and dignified costumes. Not wearing shorts, too colorful or revealing clothes...
  • Do not take photos, film recording arbitrarily on the campus or inside of Chuc Thanh pagoda.
  • Entering the Buddha hall, you should not wear shoes, chew betel nut, smoke or bring hats, towels, bags, sticks, gloves
  • No running back and forth, talking, commenting, sitting or lying in the Buddha's road. Do not arbitrarily sneeze nose, spitting ... around the Buddha statues.
  • It is forbidden to make noise or to say disrespectful words to Buddha and Saints, nor to show disrespectful attitude like pointing at Buddha statues freely.