Typically when we travel, the hotels we stay in are little more than a place to lay our heads at night. (And the source of a buffet breakfast in the morning, if we’re lucky.) A convenient location and, of course, a safe and comfortable room are all we usually look for when deciding where to stay.

Typically when we travel, the hotels we stay in are little more than a place to lay our heads at night. (And the source of a buffet breakfast in the morning, if we’re lucky.) A convenient location and, of course, a safe and comfortable room are all we usually look for when deciding where to stay.

Our trip to Hoi An was a little different, though. For the first time in a very long time, we took an actual vacation. You know, the kind where you stay up late and sleep in, leave your days mostly unscheduled, and consume more calories than you expend? Yeah, that kind.

This departure from our usual travel style meant we’d be spending quite a bit more time in a hotel than we usually do, so the search was on to find a place to stay in Hoi An that we’d actually regret leaving every morning. That was when we stumbled on our perfect match, Lasenta Boutique Hotel.



Situated in the countryside about a mile outside of the Ancient Town in Hoi An, what initially drew us to Lasenta Boutique Hotel was the view.

Beautiful bright green and yellow rice paddies stretching towards a range of misty mountains in the distance – not a bad view to have while enjoying your first cup of tea of the morning, right?

The fact that we could be within walking distance of the city, but still be surrounded by scenery such as this was almost enough to have us booking a reservation before we’d even properly taken a look at the hotel itself.

Inspired by their idyllic setting, Lasenta, which means lotus leaf in Vietnamese, has taken the natural beauty outside their doors and continued it within the theme of the hotel.

Colonial-style in design, natural accents adorn nearly every corner and every surface in the hotel, from the water lily ponds in the open-air courtyard to the live plants and flowers that make you feel like you’re living in a tropical oasis.

Add to that all the natural light that filters in through the large windows in the guestrooms and the sound of birds singing continuously throughout the day, and you have a recipe for the perfect indoor-outdoor experience!

The ground floor of Lasenta Boutique Hotel features a courtyard cafe, a small boutique clothing store, a spa, the hotel’s main lounge and restaurant, a business center, and the reception lobby. Above the ground floor, 73 spacious guestrooms are spread out over six more floors. On the fourth floor you’ll find a stunning outdoor infinity pool (keep reading for more on that), as well as a fitness center and another lounge and bar.


After arriving at the hotel and being warmly welcomed with a drink and enough information on Hoi An to keep us busy for weeks, we were shown to our room.

We had booked a Deluxe Triple Room with a balcony overlooking the rice fields for the three of us. Maybe it’s because we are still used to shoebox-size spaces after traveling in Europe for so long, but the first thing we noticed about our room was its generous size.

There was more than enough space for two comfortable beds, a work area, and even extra seating. (Such a novelty!) Even with our suitcases lying flat on the floor and all of our stuff scattered about, we still had plenty of room to walk around.

Just like throughout the rest of the hotel, natural elements form the basis for the modern, minimalist design of Lasenta Boutique Hotel’s guestrooms. Our room featured dark and honey-colored wood floors and furnishings, bamboo light fixtures, and delicate floral accents for an understated pop of color.

The simple elegance of our room, paired with the scenery outside, certainly made for a very peaceful stay.

All guestrooms at Lasenta Boutique Hotel come outfitted with free WiFi, televisions with English channels, and robes and slippers for use during your stay. Also provided free of charge are a selection of teas and coffee (each room has an electric kettle), as well as fresh fruit.

I don’t normally get too excited over hotel bathrooms, but I made an exception for these. With three separate marble-tiled areas, each with the ability to be closed off from the other for privacy, we were able to get ready in half the time we usually do when only one person can be in the bathroom at a time.

This is genius, you guys. Definitely a game-changer for families who travel together.

All the usual toiletries were provided – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and dental kits – as well as a hairdryer and a scale. (Honestly, who weighs themselves on vacation?)

All three areas of the bathroom were quite a bit roomier than anywhere else we’ve ever stayed, and I especially loved that the shower room featured a gigantic bathtub separate from the rainshower. I was sad to leave such fancy bathroom digs behind when it was time to go home.


Moving on to one of the most important aspects of any hotel stay – the breakfast.

A complimentary buffet breakfast is served for all guests in the Lúa Lounge and Restaurant, the main restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel, every day from 6:30am to 10am. (A wonderfully wide window for those of us who are on vacation and will not get out of bed for anything less than a giant plate of pancakes served with a side of bacon.)

The Lúa Lounge is made up of two separate rooms, one of which has a variety of seating arrangements and large windows overlooking the rice fields. The other plays host to a network of no less than five buffet tables full of food, as well as extra seating for when breakfast is at its busiest.

Speaking of the food, it is amazing, and the selection changes every day so there’s always something new to try. A variety of local dishes, such as fried rice and noodles, were offered when we visited, as well as western fare like pancakes, sausages, bacon, potatoes, and baked beans.

There was an entire buffet dedicated to fresh fruit, and a cereal/porridge/granola station for those who prefer a quick in-and-out breakfast. Crepes and eggs could be made to order if you liked, and there were more breads and pastries to choose from than I should ever be allowed around.

In other words, it’s almost worth staying here for the breakfast alone.




Besides a beautiful hotel, spacious guestrooms, and a stellar breakfast, Lasenta Boutique Hotel has quite a few other perks to offer as well.

First, we have to talk about this infinity pool and the gorgeous views you’ll have while in it. It’s the same scenic view you’ll have from your guestroom if you choose a rice field-facing room, but there’s just something extra special about enjoying it while kicked back on a sun lounger or swimming laps in the pool. If you’re worried about the mile-long walk to the Ancient Town, there is a solution for that. The hotel offers free transfers to and from the city center and An Bang Beach multiple times a day. A schedule of where their shuttles will be and when is posted by reception. I suggest taking a photo of it with your phone, then you’ll be able to get where you need to go without having to pay taxi fees every time. Complimentary bicycle rentals are also available, so if you don’t want to have to stick to the shuttle schedule and you’re confident in your bike-riding skills, that’s another way to get around Hoi An. (Plus, a bike ride is a great way to explore the surrounding rice fields!) If you’re an early-riser, you should definitely take advantage of the free outdoor yoga classes offered at the hotel on Tuesdays. Classes are held at 7am by the pool and fitness center, and afterwards you can dig into breakfast before the rest of the hotel’s guests even wake up. And finally, that Lasenta Boutique Hotel is extremely affordable, even for budget travelers like ourselves, just might be the greatest perk of all. Room rates will vary depending on the season, but you’ll most likely get the best deal by booking early.

To break it down in simple terms, if you’re searching for a great place to stay in Hoi An on a budget, or you’re traveling with a family and need lots of space, or you’re simply looking for a quiet place to stay with a beautiful view, you can’t go wrong with one.