An overview of Old house of Tan Ky

An overview of Old house of Tan Ky

Old house of Tan Ky Hoi An  is a well-known destination with incredibly picturesque architecture which attracts thousands of tourists coming every year.

Its beautiful interior details will absolutely make an exclusive impression on tourists at first sight.

Old house of Tan Ky‘s location and history

Located at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in the Old Quarter of Hoi An Ancient Town which is one of the main commercial paths in the 18th century, Tan Ky of the old house was built 200 years ago by a Vietnamese traders family. This house was extremely well preserved by seven generations. In particular, the name “Tan Ky” originated in the second landlord’s desire for enjoying a wealthy and prosperous business. Over two centuries,  Tanky ancient house still remains the same structure as the first day of construction.

Cultural Site by the Ministry of Culture and Information granted the title “ The first old house in Hoi An”.  This event created a  wave of tourism so the old house of Tan Ky becomes a  must-visit attraction. Its structure is so marked: in front of which connects with Nguyen Thai Hoc street to be convenient to trade and the back overlooks the river bank to facilitate the owner’s business.

The owner invited all skillful local craftsmen in Kim Bong carpentry village to build the house. Conventional materials such as wood, stones, tiles… is main raw materials that contribute to set up the blend together perfectly with Chinese and Japanese styles. Its attractive and well-designs give Tan Ky old house a cozy ambiance.Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town

Why is Old House of Tan Ky special?

Despite the business of the town decreased and the vast impact of numerous historic floods, all families have continuously made a strong effort to keep the house intact, Tan Ky is seen as the most well-preserved house in Hoi An.

The architecture of the house has remained almost undamaged as a challenge with the time. The house is strongly represented by Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese architectural styles. Thus, the Old house of Tan Ky Hoi An is considered as a vestige of the well-off commerce and cultural exchanges during the late 17th century.

If domestic and foreign tourists have a visit to the Hoi An ancient town, you have to discover this Old House of Tan Ky to explore antique and traditional features of “ Faito -Hoai Pho” in the past.

What to see at old house of Tan Ky

The old house of Tan Ky Hoi An is one of the typical architecture of old urban areas. There are no windows everywhere, the only place to welcome the light of the house is a yard called a skylight and a large wooden door with yin-yang symbols. However, when entering this old house, visitors did not feel stuffy. The host used the entire Bat Trang Bricks and titles to cover the floor. Inner furniture was made of jack-fruit trees and ironwood. Wooden walls help keep the house cool during summer and warm in winter. Besides, the house also retains many majestic scenes and priceless treasures, especially “ Confucius Cup”.

The Old House of Tan Ky is divided into four small apartments with its special functions. However, all rooms were packed with various beautiful antiques made of mainly wood. There is a total of four rooms. The central apartment was used with the view to welcoming the Chinese merchants. The second room is the living room, the courtyard seemed to be the next room and the bedroom is the last one. Visitor can have visit all rooms, except for the last one.

Tan Ky of old house

Tan Ky of old house

Tan Ky old house of Hoi An is the harmonious combination of Vietnamese, Japanese as well as Chinese factors. The three communities lived together under the roof of the house during the 16th and 17th centuries. The most distinctive feature is through the architecture, the host had skillful reflected features of Oriental philosophy. There are two horizontal bars overlapping each other, symbolizing heaven and earth. Moreover, five vertical bars resemble five fingers, representing five elements: metal, wood, water, fire , and earth. According to Eastern philosophy, these factors represent basic natural parts. The harmonious architecture of the house shows a dream about the harmony between people and nature. Numerous ornamental carvings on the edge of the roof, tables, chairs, motifs, and patterns all bring meaning and colorful messages of Eastern philosophy. Another special thing that made the reputation of the ancient house of Tan Ky is many beautiful paintings and parallel sentences. This place also contains a collection of "Bach Dieu" at the Tan Ky House's central courtyard considered to be unique. The pieces are written in 100 strokes, each with a flying bird. With the one hundred birds, the owner wants to emphasize the absolute perfection.

Moreover, Tan Ky is also an antique house in Hoi An honored to be an interesting stop for  Presidents, Ministers, Government, domestic or abroad politicians, along with many film crews.

How to go to old house of Tan Ky?

Japanese Bridge -Cau Bridge

Japanese Bridge -Cau Bridge

Paying a visit Old house of Tan Ky Hoi An at the outset or end of the day is so exciting. Walking leisurely with a cup of coffee bought on the street is very romantic while learning about the history and culture of thriving business land in the past.

That will absolutely bring us a feeling of excitement and joy and also help you get away from the hustle and bustle life. If you want to gain in-depth knowledge about this place, don’t forget to seek a local guide, he or she can tell you all the detailed story of the old house.