In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

Hue Vietnam weather December marks the beginning of winter season, and the end of the rainy season. This is the perfect time heading to this place to travel. We want to advise you some ideal place to visit in Hue this December.

Hue Vietnam weather December overview

Hue Vietnam weather December starts into winter time and is the end of the rainy season. Luckily, the climate in Hue is not as harsh as it is in Northern Vietnam, but the temperature drops quite low. The average temperature is ranging between 18.0°C to 23°C, and decrease during the night. And you still get a lot of sunny days with 5 hours of sunshine per day. However, there will be some rain occur in between as it is still raining season. Visitors should check the weather forecast daily to prepare for the rain shower. Due to the amount of rain, the humidity seems pretty high at the start of the month but rapidly decrease till the end of December, with an average of 60%, but don’t worry the temperature will keep you feel comfortable. This is the month that you can plan to spend more time outdoors with some explore activities, without worrying about the rain much and there is no storm at all. 

Amazing destinations for Hue Vietnam weather December

Visit all the Imperial tomb

The Imperial city of Hue is already known for its majestic and ancient history and architecture. Besides that, there is also another sight of the Nguyen Dynasty architecture, it’s the Imperial tomb. There are 13 emperors in Nguyen Dynasty but there are only 7 tombs built and each has significant differences from one another beside the delicate and justification carving. Partially, we have to mention Tu Duc tomb, Khai Dinh tomb and Minh Mang tomb.

Minh Mang tomb

In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

Outside Minh Mang tomb

Located in Cam Khe mountain, Minh Mang Tomb is twelve kilometres away from the Imperial City. This Imperial tomb is hard to misplace for the well-proportioned architecture,the synchronization of the artistic and poetic space with the natural space of variety trees and flowers. It represents the majestic, solemn also the romantic side of the king.

Khai Dinh tomb

In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

The view of Khai Dinh tomb architecture

Being built on Chau Chu mountain, Khai Dinh Tomb is the rest in peace place for the 12th Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Even Though, the Tomb is rather smaller than other one, this is considered a very well-constructed and delicate Tomb, that took ten years to build. 

Khai Dinh Tomb is the only one that has the architecture crossover between East and West. IT’s clearly shown in many relief and carving meticulously put with glass and China, there is the appearance of tea trays, crowns, and much modern decorations.

Tu Duc Tomb

In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

the poetic sight of Tu Duc tomb

Located in the vast hill of Duong Xuan village, Tu Duc Tomb has one of the best surrounding views compared to other Emperors' one in Nguyen Dynasty. Mostly thanks the enchanting sight of the mountain and river with the Tomb’s superior large architecture. Surrounded by green trees, next to a large pond, Tu Duc Tomb appears to be immersed into the scene and have the peaceful and serene feeling.

Nguyen Dinh Chieu Pedestrian Street

In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

The street during the day

Right in the centre of the City, and alongside the peaceful Huong River. With Hue Vietnam weather December, it’s a good choice to stroll down the Pedestrian Street with friends and family. Especially, this is the place, as the local said, “that have everything.” You walk down the street and at the same time can get to know about the local daily life, local specialties,.. Nguyen DInh Chieu Pedestrian Street is the place to gather around, admiring the scenery, or where many events take place. Beside you can left out the exciting culinary cuisine and street food. Most of the stores are owned by the local people, serving Hue and Centre best dishes. You must try some of the significant dishes like: banh beo, mussel rice, banh canh, sweet soup,..

In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

The Street is lighten up during the night

Bach Ma mountain

In Hue Vietnam weather December - What more can you explore?

The view across Bach Ma mountain range

Bach Ma mountain or Bach Ma mountain range is the natural border between Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang. This mountain range is known for possessing a variety of endangered species and plants of the tropical land, many grant waterfalls and dense forests. If you want to go explore by hiking or trekking, Bach Ma is the top choice, as there are many curvy routes that you can take while admiring the surrounding majestic scenery. You can stand on the top of a mountain and look to another mountain with the dense forests as the home of many species of birds flying around. And below are the fiercely flowing waterfall, and sometimes event the cloud floating around.

Hue Vietnam weather December has the advantage for less rain than other month, which makes traveling to this city even better when the temperature drops. Come to Hue in December to enjoy the most amazing time you never forget.