Celebrating Tet holiday in Hue Vietnam weather January

Celebrating Tet holiday in Hue Vietnam weather January

Hue Vietnam weather January is in wonderful condition, which is perfect for spending a holiday trip there. Especially, Lunar New Year celebration, Tet holiday happens this month and promises to be one of the best experiences you will never forget.

Hue Vietnam weather January overview

Unlike the inconsistent of December, Hue Vietnam weather January enjoys a more pleasant and ideal condition for any kind of explore activity. The temperature is rather cool with the average ranging between 19 °C to 25 °C. There is still plenty of sunshine during the day, with about 5 hours/ a day. And it’s considered that January is the driest month of the year with the average precipitation of 56mm. And the humidity drops down, which won’t make you few any uncomfortable like before. This weather is suitable for any outdoor activity, thankfully, as many Vietnamese will head out to the street to prepare and celebrate the Tet holiday. Below are a few suggested things you can do during the holiday.

Few suggestions for Tet holiday

Visiting the flower market

Celebrating Tet holiday in Hue Vietnam weather January.

Visitors come to the flower market

In Hue, after the 23th day in Lunar Calendar, there are usually flower shop open alongside the North side of Huong river, the Central Cultural Center, Nghinh Luong Dinh park, Nguyen Dinh Chieu path. And there are a variety of flowers on display there, the whole town looks lit up with many bright, vivid colors of the flowers, like the Bai Dau daisy, dahlia, Nguyen Bieu tuberose, Duong Xuan apricot blossom,...

Celebrating Tet holiday in Hue Vietnam weather January.

There are variety of flowers in the market

You can also go to Phong Dien, there are the Dien Hoa apricot blossoms and the spring market with spirit of Hue significant specialties. It’s a must that one should come visit the flower market for once to enjoy the atmosphere of the people and the flowers sight.

Visiting Hue local market before Lunar New year Eve

Celebrating Tet holiday in Hue Vietnam weather January.

Before the New Year

On the 30th day in the Lunar calendar, Vietnamese tend to prepare a special meal for honoring the ancestors, go shopping for food and treats for a week-long of Tet holiday. Because of that, during a few days before the Newyear's Eve, people gathered around many local markets for groceries. You can visit those markets to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere and get to know the traditional dishes and ingredients of South Vietnam. Especially, you can find many cultural specialties of Hue’s Tet holiday like Thanh Tien paper flowers, Sinh village painting, Chuon village Tet cake,... and many other traditional dishes and sweet treat, too.

Visit temple and pagoda on the First day of the New Year

Celebrating Tet holiday in Hue Vietnam weather January.

People visiting pagoda the First day of New year

Hue is known for its many enchanting, heaven-like view pagoda. And on the First day of New Year, Vietnamese people have a tendency to visit pagodas or temples to pray for good luck and health. Besides, when you are there, you will get to see the sacred view and atmosphere of Vietnamese religious places; also you can enjoy some traditions like the “Give words calligraphy”. Some of the already well-known temples like Thien Mu pagoda, Tu Dam pagoda, Dieu De pagoda,... you should go and visit.

Ganh Lang hill

Celebrating Tet holiday in Hue Vietnam weather January.

The sceneric view of Ganh Lang

Apart from the hustle and bustle of the city, Ganh Lang brings you some amazing and peaceful experience. And in Hue Vietnam weather January, this is a perfect choice for tourists. Come to Gang lang, you will live in a Homestay spending your day exploring the life of the local villagers. They will take you fishing, cruising on fishing vessel, and you can also try to do the dishes and enjoy them in the end. This is something you won’t get to do often. The amazing thing when you arrive in Ganh Lang is to immerse yourself in the natural life, admiring the ocean reefs and get to know the friendly, generous local people.

Hue Vietnam weather January is in one of the best time to visit this place. It’s an amazing opportunity that you don’t want to miss. For more information on traveling in VIetnam, check out our website Gonexp.com