Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

Hue Vietnam weather March see a wonderful season for New Year Festival. Below are some notable events that occur around this month we have gathered for you.

Hue Vietnam weather March overview

Hue Vietnam weather March have a wonderful condition to do any outdoor explore with many events going on. Almost all the festival happen outside, with sunny days and clear blue sky, it's a perfect time to attend. There are plenty of sunshine during the day with an average of 6 hours per day. And the temperature is consistent around the average from 19°C to 26 °C with dry atmosphere. There will be less rainpour than other month, come with light rain shower, visitors should carry an umbrella or a raincoat, just in case. The humidity is lower than all the previous month, make the climate bearable and easy to adjust.

March is said to be the month of festivals in Hue. With the nice weather like this, it’s hard to miss out on all the excitement from all the events.

Some Festival in March

Visiting Hue Imperial city

Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

Hue Imperial city in spring

Out of all the places that you should go to during the Tet holiday, HueImperial city is definitely on the top of your list. During the Tet holiday, the  Hue Monuments Conservation Centre opens for many meaningful activities for visitors.

Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

Put on Neu tree

The tourist will take part in the preparation traditions for Lunar New year, go on a tour to visit all the significant places in the Palace like Ngo Mon gate, Thai Hoa palace, Hieu Lam Cac, Cuu Dinh,.. Or Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities. Also during the holiday, there is a tradition that is reenacted, Thuong Nieu ceremony in The Mieu temple and Long An palace. The ceremony is one of the ancient Vietnamese religious rituals to inform the New Year is coming. By putting on a Neu man-made tree, about 15 meters long. On the top of the Neu, there are some charm and seal for praying to the gods and chasing away the ghosts, all for a new blessing year for the people.

The fishery praying ceremony

Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

The elderly are performing the ritual

As a result, the fishery praying ceremony takes place every 3 years. Start with the Cung than Hoang ceremony as to remember the ancestor who founded the business and the villages, Truong Quy Cong. Then all the following ceremony and rituals begin

Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

Boat racing competition

This ceremony has been a tradition for 500 years in Thai Duong Ha village, as to pray for the blessing of the gods and ancestors, for a wonderful year, less storm and the fishermen can return home safely.

Also, there is an entertaining program, where all the tradition games on stage like traditional performing reenacting the scenes of the boat leaving the shore, cruising peacefully and praying for the fishermen good luck. Then there is the boat racing on Tam Giang damp to welcome a blessing year heading to the sea. All the activities are perfect to play outdoors in Hue Vietnam weather March.

Portswing festival in Gia Vien village

Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

The elderly performing the ritual

The Portswing ceremony in Thua Thien Hue was kept for a hundred years, with the purpose to encourage people to exercise, praying for a peaceful year on the sea and abundant harvest,...

According to the elderly in the village, this is one of the significant cultural traditions of the fishing village near Bo river. The port swing game playing is a popular sport among the villagers during the Tet holiday. Before Tet, people have put on two straight bamboo trees, with a festival flag on top, and connect them with a rope, so the players can climb up as high as they can.

Enjoy Festival in Hue Vietnam weather March

The portswing competition gather a lot of attention

At the beginning, one of elderly of Gia Vien in tradition Ao Dai costume, plays the drum and performs the traditional ritual, and then the festival start. Each competitor will show up their skills with the cheer from the crowd. The more skillful and gracefully you swing, the more points will be added. This is considered one of the favorite festivals in Hue

Hue Vietnam weather March is in wonderful condition for any festival activity happens. These strings of events usually take place once a year, so you should definitely take the opportunity to travel to this amazing place.