What is beautiful in Mai Chau Hoa Binh? Listed 11 beautiful virtual living places in Mai Chau

What is beautiful in Mai Chau Hoa Binh? Listed 11 beautiful virtual living places in Mai Chau

If you think that Mai Chau Hoa Binh is not beautiful, then you probably don't know all about these wonderful beautiful check-in places. Join Gonexp.com to discover the 11 most beautiful locations in Mai Chau!

Thung Khe Pass - Nordic hill


Being likened to the Nordic hill of Mai Chau, coming to Thung Khe Pass, you will be lost in the European winter scene with white space of mountain rocks and fog covered.

From the top of the pass, you can embrace the northwestern mountain forest in the lens. This is a check-in point not to be missed when coming to Mai Chau

Mai Chau flagpole


Crossing Thung Khe Pass, the cloudy sky is covered with the bright yellow sunshine, Mai Chau Column, you can see the whole valley from above, far away is white clouds. on the mountainside. Arriving in Mai Chau without checking in Flagpole, it was a pity.

Bản Lác Mai Châu


If you ask which one is the most beautiful Mai Chau, then it is definitely Lac. With hundreds of stilt houses aged up to 700 years, Lac village is a blend of tradition and modernity. To Ban Lac, you will be able to relax and check with hundreds of different floors, mixed with many colorful brocade stalls.

Mai Châu Ecolodge


Mai Chau Ecolodge is a 4-star resort with 20 bungalows located on Na Thia hill facing the rice field, which is one of the most beautiful photography spots in Mai Chau. Each bungalow is sophisticatedly built, mixed with nature. In addition, the Ecolodge has a large swimming pool and restaurant on the top, where you can watch the sunset and dawn of Mai Chau.

Sol Bungalow Mai Châu


This resort is located behind Lac 2 village, in Chieng Chau village. With beautiful small wooden houses, Sol Bungalow is the ideal place for you to live virtual.

Bản Lác 2


Located on the other side of the field, passing Luoc 2 bridge is where you set foot in Lac 2 village. The bustling version is not bustling like that of Lac 1, but in return is peaceful and relaxed space. Around the village are small streams and bamboo forests.

Bản Pomcoong


Bản Nhót


Located deep behind the Lac village, peaceful Nhot village with regular stilt houses, hospitable people and friendly coal

Chieu Mai Chau Cave


Hang Chieu is Mai Chau's famous cultural attraction, from Mai Chau town you must conquer 1200 stone steps to reach the cave. Every afternoon when the sun shines on, countless stalactites in the cave glisten like a paradise. You can also view the panorama of Mai Chau town from here.

 Mỏ Luông Cave


Not as high as Hang Moi but Mo Luong Cave is equally beautiful with countless stalactites with many unique shapes.

Gò Lao Waterfall


Going down the road to Son La, Go Lao waterfall is a small waterfall in the area of Phuc Mon commune of Mai Chau, and more and more white water flows to Hoa Binh lake, this is a must-see place for your favorite photographers. image.